Sep 28 , 2020


   michael white



Intelligent Questions That People Are Now Asking

Why are deaths across the US down for March compared to years prior?

Why has all government officials framed their narratives like every death is shocking and something that can be avoided when hundreds of thousands of citizens die each year, in every country? Why such a push to frame "normal deaths, in normal populations, from normal end of life conditions" as something we all need to suddenly fear and focus all our attention on? https://bit.ly/3exWyZ4

Why has this medical doctor and state senator come forward to prove that the US federal government is paying hospitals to declare that anyone dying at or entering the hospitals have CV-19 without any confirmatory testing? https://bit.ly/2yfAJgc

Why is the same doctor coming forward to declare that hospitals in the US are being paid $19,000 for EACH falsely claimed CV-19 patient and $39,000 for EACH request of a ventilator? https://bit.ly/2wFxH4i

Why is this medical doctor explaining that giving any patient a ventilator, who can't breathe, can actually kill the patient? The pressure of ventilation can easily kill any patient is respiratory distress. In turn why is the governor of NY screaming for these ventilators and why is the US federal government incentivizing their use? Why is NY a hot spot of CV death? Could it have to do with a) falsely classifying CV patients and CV infected without any testing and b) placing patients in respiratory distress (because they're just old and sick) on ventilators, which only worsen their existing conditions? https://wb.md/2V9v5VE

Why has Italy reported that 99% of people who died over the last 3 months had at least one prior diagnosed disease, while 53% who have died had at least 3 prior diagnosed diseases? Most being old and simply dying of natural causes. Given 1800 people die every day in Italy (680,000 natural deaths every year in Italy) why is the media advertising that every single death of a human, in each respective country, means something other than normal deaths, in normal populations, by normal end of life conditions? https://bloom.bg/2K75Gps

Why does this medical doctor clearly explain that any testing of CV-19 is being done with a test that has no reliability to confirm CV or not and that the inventor of this test actually said it should NEVER be used to identify any specific disease? This means if the test was applied, it's not accurate plus at the same time governments are incentivizing and monetizing CV death and infection reporting which boils down to "guessing and eye balling" each CV death or infected patient. Is science about a faulty test and eye balling the cause of death, while at the same time paying hospitals and doctors to side step accepted and standard scientific protocols? https://bit.ly/3ciwFdK

Why are hospitals empty across the world if everything is as bad as the media and governments say it is? Even in my home town, there's one hospital 40 minutes North and one inside the town. The country hospital is usually busy and the inner city hospital is always busy, standing room only most days. A family member had a potential broken arm 6 days ago. He went to both hospitals. Not one person at either in the waiting rooms. Zero. No one. Not one person. Same reports from around the world. If you're going to shut down the entire world, start telling people they can't feed, clothe and house their families to acceptable standards.....should the reason provided not be concrete and undeniable? https://bit.ly/2Vv4j9l

If governments care about our health, why are the liquor stores open, when alcohol kills 3 million people per year? https://bit.ly/3a9EDEG

If the governments care about our health, why are cigarettes still for sale, when nicotine kills 7 million people every year? https://bit.ly/2XAvGRU

If the governments care about our health, why are fast food restaurants open, (many inside our own hospitals) when junk food kills 11 million people every year? https://bit.ly/2VIUTr5 Why do governments serve junk food to patients inside their own hospitals? Is this consistent with the claim, "we're shutting the world down and destroying the economy because we care about your health?"

If alcohol, cigarettes and junk food kills 21 million people per year combined, why are all world governments flying the flags of, "we'll destroy your economy, jobs, freedoms, liberties and your way of life to save 130,000 people. This hurts us more than it hurts you, sorry for your pain, your jobs are gone, ours remain. Tune in tomorrow from your house for your latest update." That 130,000 CV death toll as well on a planet where 53 million people die annually regardless. Many of the 130,000 CV death count mere fabrications or confirmed with a test that was never designed to diagnose disease. Is this science and why are highly questionable science czars now running our country, acting as elected officials....when no one elected them what so ever? http://tiny.cc/d7v2mz

Why are some governments talking about vaccines as the only way life can return to normal when the doctors and PhD scientist at this added link explain clearly that vaccines actually reduce immunity, increase disease and damage or kill children, adults and seniors on a regular basis? How does a needle full of documented pollution, toxins and poisons....decrease disease? https://bit.ly/3clw1fG

Why are the liquor stores open when alcohol is proven to increase all types of infection and worsen disease? https://bit.ly/2K79EOS

Why are all media platforms censoring every piece of information that questions the official state and media narrative? Are the public not smart enough to decide for themselves what is true or not? I believe they are. If the government is lying every time they speak, does the public not have a right to know? Why is the speaker at this added link getting censored world wide over the last 7 days and what's he saying that the government doesn't want anyone to hear? You may want to find out. https://bit.ly/34DiM79

Why are the same media platforms trying to censor this doctor, Dr. Shiva Ayyaduria, when he clearly explains that our world governments aren't acting in the best interest of the people? Is doctor Ayyaduria not permitted freedom of speech, to give his opinion? Why does highly questionable authority figures only want us to hear the official state narrative, which doesn't warrant the current government overreach....and especially when what we're being told through official channels makes no sense what so ever? Maybe listening to Dr. Ayyaduria may add clarity as to why he's being censored. https://bit.ly/3bbKaLX

Why is the public not being told of a recent documentary proving that governments and media purposely fabricate stories to control the thoughts, behaviors and ideas of the public? Is that going on now and if it is, what's the end goal with locking people in their homes and destroying the economy, based on fabricated numbers and weaponized media fear? Are we all under attack? Can this documentary give us the information we all need to be free? https://bit.ly/2RDSBbq


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