Nov 21 , 2018

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I am interested in breathing because I have had asthma most of my adult life which is now gone because I went to a herbalist instead of an md as I had severe stomach problems also and a friend of mine recommended this man (he's a doctor in China). In two weeks he had helped me when no doctor had been able to do so for some 40 years(I'm not young - 69). So now I use him and an acupuncturist for all my health needs here in Florida and in NYC. Its expensive because its not covered by medicare but its worth every penny. It also cured my asthma attacks usually brought on by colds which turned into bronchitis. Now I still get coughs but they don't turn into asthmatic breathing. I also did some yoga breathing exercises on my own - very effective. So I haven't had an asthma attack in over a year, and I don't have to take antibiotics which make me ill, give the illusion of a fast cure which did not prevent the asthma or really stentorian breathing.

But I know I don't breathe as well as I could which is what interests me about your site because I believe proper breathing is a huge help in maintaining health especially as you get older. I also smoke which is not good but it is a habit I have been unable to break except once in a while - during bronchial illness or asthma attacks I don't smoke - I'm not insane just addicted. So I'll read your articles and see what you say. Its a good site, I've seen much worse done by experts. And maybe when I've decided I want to stop smoking, I'll consider your program although I lean towards hypnosis which I like for bad habits. Thanks again for your sensible response which made me believe you are intelligent, considerate and not a fraud - there are a lot of those out there. Sincerely yours, Mona R

From Mike:

You can improve but you will not NOT regain your breathing until you work directly on the mechanics of breathing.

Herbs, Chinese medicine and stopping smoking will help greatly but it still will not regain what you have lost.  That is where the significant health and longevity is. You can though regain what you lost but you MUST work at it. So you do not get caught up with an inferior approach read about the fallacies with Buteyko then proceed from there