Man or Woman - Which Breathes Better?

   Nov 14 , 2018

   Michael White

i would appreciate something in the range of comparison between differences in athletic breathing for men and women. regardless of equality claims, it seems that reality discovers subtle differences in all other areas. perhaps there are none but at this point i am unsure.
thanks for the spinning article it should be very helpful to your readers. by the by, i prefer the CLEAR PASSAGE  strips which i feel are an improvement upon the original product. should you and others continue to push breathe right, they will be gone and i shall have to make my own.
personally, i find the gym bike to be a boring entree to fitness. my primary task in that area is on the speed and heavy bags which i preface with a little BBE2 in between 3-round sets on the heavy bag i do abbreviated sets of lat pull downs, dumbbells, and leg machine routines.

From Mike:

I observe that women breathe deeper, easier and more balanced in general.  I suspect that historically less stress and having babies hopefully gets the breath back in balance or stronger but not always and often is worsened, unless C Section intervenes and confuses the issue.
But these days stress is hitting the female sex as well. Women's lib and the #metoo movement as valuable as it is is getting hoisted on its own petard with the added stress levels.
Empowered women are very much needed in our society and women are getting more freedom to be who they want to be. I love it. My grandma broke horses while as a young girl in the Dakota territory in the 1890s. My mom opened one of the  first if not THE first slenderizing solon in Beverly Hills in the 1940s.  But that comes with a price and the price is the stress of the hunter/warrior that the man used to have to shoulder alone.  We must ALL learn to 
re-establish and maintain our maximal breatheability