Muscle Spasms

   Nov 15 , 2018

   Michael White

Message:  Dear Mike,
What a fascinating website. I am suffering (with ever more symptoms) from muscle fasciculation’s. I suspect that I regularly hyperventilate. Needs a brand new link as the page is in process of rewrite since 2017??????  Anyway my muscles and nerves are hypersensitive and start to feel more and more painfull. I have checked out your website but couldn't find any references to "fasciculation’s" and muscle spasms. Could this as well be a problem of "bad breathing"?. Please help me, I feel more and more desperate and anxious, out of control. ( from the net: A serious neuromuscular disorder isn't usually the cause. Other more common causes can include sleep apnea, hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid), and abnormal blood levels of calcium and phosphorous. ) Apnea does relate partly to breathing so another reason to develop your breathing..

From Mike:
Bad breathing can cause or make some spasms worse, including seizures. Work with the kit

Do I Have Asthma?

"Over the last couple of years i have been getting sinusitus on a regular basis as well as other chest infections, but recently it has got worse and now my breathing seems more shallow and i feel the need to hold my breath in order to make myself breathe again.  my friend says her asthma is like this, and i had to attend hospital (a&e) the other night because my breathing is starting to panic me since it is constant, whether i am exercising or not.  The doctors seemed to fob me off saying there is nothing wrong with me but i really am worried because i feel like i am not getting enough oxygen, any ideas?"

From Mike: Very likely asthma or what is often referred as such. See  there are several components to most shortness of breath often called asthma. The MDs mostly miss one or two.  Get this program.