Optimal Breathing Self Mastery Kit

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The Breathing Mastery Kit is a complete guided breathwork course to help you ease your problems through breathing right. Includes CDs, DVDs and tools for self-mastery training, techniques, exercises, ergonomics, statistics, holistic health and wellness.

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Optimal Breathing© is the most advanced and versatile natural guided breathwork course in the world. You do not need an expensive coach or trainer.


  • Wake up rested
  • Enhanced learning ability
  • Improved digestion
  • Reduced asthma symptoms
  • Strengthened immune system & performance skills
  • Reduced cardiovascular risk
  • Reduced agitation, anxiety & depression
  • Improved regulation of blood sugar levels
  • Helps to prevent neurological & circulatory issues.
  • Improved recovery following exercise or exertion
  • Reduced attention deficits & hyperactivity
  • Pain relief from headaches, migraine, back pain, sciatica, neuralgia.
  • Consider: Intelligence is a lot about adaptation.

Buy the Optimal Breathing Self Mastery Kit and learn the whole 9 yards all in one place about developing healthy natural breathing and how that impacts everything in life including health and lifespan.


Package Includes:

1 DVD 1 Fundamentals of Breathing- Teaches you everything you need to know the basics of breathing, from A-Z.
2 DVD 2 Techniques and Exercises - Contains over 35 detailed techniques and exercises drawn from Tai chi, QiGong, Falun Gong, Yoga, Classical Voice Training, Breathing Coordination, Carola Spead's Breathing Work, Rolfing, Rebirthing, Reichian Therapy, Mofacial work, Postural Integration, Alexander Technique and more to help you improve your health and your breathing, demonstrated by Michael White.
3 Supplemental CD 2 booklets and 2 books, and multiple articles on breathing.
4 The Way You Breathe Can Make You Sick (CD) Teachings on
  1. Sleeping and Snoring
  2. Building Healthy Lungs Naturally
  3. Secrets of Optimal Natural Breathing
5 Breath of Life (CD) Discussion between Michael G. White and Rusell J. Martino, radio talk show host, on several key breath-related factors that you must know to lead a long and healthy life.
6 Better Breathing Exercise 1 #120 (CD) Teaches you how to have longer natural breathing pauses, deeper, easier breathing and better relaxation.
7 Better Breathing Exercise 2 #130 (CD) Exercises for deeper, focused relaxation, energy, vitality, stamina, and quicker recovery. Also contains a special breathing exercise aid.
8 Breathing Self-Esteem Exercise (CD) Contains breathing exercises to help you feel better about yourself and give you an increased sense of confidence and positivity. This CD contains music from Tibetan singing bowls, which helps in self-understanding and helping you become more comfortable with personal expression.
9 The Watching Breath #150 (CD) These exercises help with mental focus and deepened awareness and concentration. It contains a special mind development practice handed down for 4,000 years from Himalayan monks and spiritual teachers.
10 Peace Within #160 (CD) It contains sacred sounds of Tibetan "singing" bowls. These help in self- healing, meditation, and deep relaxation. Also assists in detaching from tensions and worry and to access your deep inner self.
11 Optimal Breathing Pattern Stabilize(The Blue Velcro Strap) #910 The strap helps to offset the tendency of breathing too high into the upper chest. It also rebalances the nervous system and gently guides the breathing to be more where it is supposed to be.
12 Diaphragm Strengthener An important breathing resistance/ training tool to help you enhance your primary breathing muscles and increase its excursion (rise) to allow for deeper yet stronger and more balanced breathing.
13 Special Breathing Tools
  1. Tool to safely expand the rib cage
  2. Cloth tape to measure rib cage expansion
  3. Theraband to augment better breathing exercise #2
  4. Blue Velcro Strap
  5. Guidebook and card system with detailed pictures and explanation of exercises to guide you throughout


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