Avinocort Most Powerful Adrenal Health Modulator

AvinoCort is a unique and powerful adrenal modulator that contains an array of growth factors, oligopeptides for the regulation of proteins and stem cell activators.

AvinoCort is a food supplement and pharmaceutically standardized source of peptide/amino acid growth factors in endogenous form. These peptides are not available in modern diets.

Growth factors are made of clusters of low-molecular weight peptides, which are quickly and easily assimilated and transported into the body to their specific receptor sites.

AvinoCort adrenal health supplement is concentrated in the amount of growth factors it contains. This is why only 100 mg are required per capsule to have a tremendous effect.Some of the growth factors contained in AvinoCort are IGF-1, IFG-2, FGF (fibroblast growth factors), NGF (nerve growth factors including BDNF), EGF (epidermal growth factors), CTGF (connective tissue growth factors), Thymosin Domain, and Follistatin peptides.

In my 30 years of practice, I have never seen a supplement like AvinoCort.
Now I realize that this is a pretty outrageous statement and you may be asking the question: Why would anyone put their reputation on the line with this seemingly outrageous statement?

Nutrients from foods can nourish tissues. Synthetic vitamins can achieve pharmacological affects. Herbs can nourish, promote cleansing and provide pharmacological effects but unique nutrient compounds found in AvinoCort can provide many building blocks including growth factors, regulating proteins and oligopeptides that can repair and rebuild very important substrates. These substrate proteins are the foundational building blocks of cellular proteins, hormones and neurotransmitters and they have powerful rebuilding, repair and hormone modulation effects.

How important is adrenal function? How many conditions today have their roots in stress elevated cortisol levels or low cortisol and DHEA levels? For many years now, we have been touting the benefits of nutrient sources that can help to modulate adrenal stress to improve health.

We are excited to introduce AvinoCort supplement as the most powerful adrenal health modulator we have ever seen. Finally, we have a better tool to really support and help repair the adrenals from the excessive stress of today’s over-amped society plus reap numerous additional benefits including increasing serotonin levels. Research using standard blood tests have also shown dramatic improvements in blood sugars and lipid level ratios with avian embryonic extracts.

Through your understanding of stress response, I know that you can appreciate the many short term effects and long term benefits of better cortisol to DHEA ratios including slower aging, lower blood sugars, improved insulin response and improved anabolic processes including muscle mass retention. AvinoCort is also a favorite of many of top body builders as their #1 go to supplement for its symphony of anabolic effects.

Imagine a product that can affect the vast majority of patients in so many powerful ways including:

Better stamina
Deeper sleep
Mental clarity
Improvement in blood sugar balance from improved insulin and leptin balance
Improvements in mood and neurotransmitter function
Faster anabolic activity for cell and tissue repair benefits.

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