Breathing Mastery Supplemental Documents PDFs

War on Health - Life Extension

Theme   1  Better Breathing
Nose Breathing  Noisy breathing

Theme   2  Calming Relaxation, De-stressing
Anger   Depression

Theme   3  Energy Vitality, Stamina, Recovery
Exercise-aging well   Aerobics   Michael Phelps

Theme   4  Memory, Focus, Concentration

Theme   5  Sleeping and snoring
Sleep/snore booklet  Nose breathing  Apnea  Back sleeping

Theme   6  Weight Management
Metabolism  Digestion

Theme   7  Shortness of breath
Shortness of breath  Singing helps COPD 

Theme   8  Singing and speaking
Optimal breathing and voice  Science looks at singing

Theme   9  Meditation Enhancement
Meditation is easy

Theme 10  Smoking or Smoke Recovery
Smoking of smoke recovery

ALL Themes
Rosetta stone  Easy smooth weight training  Breathing statistics  Clinical studies  The way you breathe  Physical therapist insights  Holistic health

Building healthy lungs  Making old age measure up  Secrets of Optimal Natural Breathing

A Poem

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