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requires a special  quote.

Below is a general outline. We can customize to fit your needs. Call 704.597.5775

Below is a general outline. We can customize to fit your needs. Call 704.597.5775 for a quote.

Future plans include regular visits to various wellness/healing/retreat centers around the world. If you know of a facility that might be interested in having me added to their healing options please let them know of my intentions.  I am certified in Watsu, nutrition and massage/bodywork.

For remote/your locale USA Massage and Naturopath CEU/Contact hour units we design the program and charge the sponsor a daily fee that is paid to us. The sponsor then charges attendees what is usual and customary which is usually between $150 and $250 per day per person of 8 hour training or as part of a weekly or monthly fee arrangement.  Call us for ideas about how this can play out.

If needed, I can have an assistant come in from various parts of the world.

Examples of work associated with travel outside the USA
Sydney Australia - I worked with a world-class group of tutors that endeavor to increase a person’s IQ through training. Together with this group is Australia's leading Feldenkrais teacher who voiced his comments as being “deeply impressed with the change I made in his breathing and state of being.”

Singapore - I worked with a wealthy client and trained his personal wellness team for 7 days. The training cost only a third of what it would have cost for others offering the same training and the ability of being able to take care of his business at home was part of the benefits he cited in my given program.


If there are no medical support people in the immediate area and depending on the severity of the wellness goals or breathing condition, I may need to stay in the area (or return) until I locate, qualify, and train others to our mutual satisfaction. An additional one to three weeks or more for the length of stay will be needed.

Lecturing Large Audiences
We could give an introductory interactive lecture about optimal breathing development. This would include breathing tests and a few key exercises for up to several thousand people at the same time.

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