Breathing Festival Gift

My Gift To The Breathing Festival
LETTING GO, The Pathway of Surrender

 What follows are my highlights of Dr. David Hawkins’ book titled Letting Go, The Pathway of Surrender. He very often mentions “God” but to me he could have said Buddha, Lao-Tze, Jesus. Mohammed, Krishna, Meher Baba, or who or whatever one feels a supreme being is or could be.

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My goal is to share with you what stood out for me. You will have your own “highlights” thus I hope this will encourage you to get the book as well as my  Better Breathing Exercise #1 (also included in the Optimal Breathing Kit) audio exercise where I simplify the letting go process in a guided by my voice audio exercise. I created the audio in 1993 but never really knew how powerful letting go can be until 27 years later.  

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