Listening to Dan's chat with Michael White
- this was such an interesting call for many aspects. I find myself really wanting to look at my own breathing mechanics, identifying and improving what needs to be improved. I can see where a set of assessment like techniques may be helpful in identifying the overall functioning of someone's breathing system. Something I think I will spend some time digging into!
- I loved one of the initial comments that “when the mechanics of breathing come together, spirituality naturally occurs”.
- I also loved the way he described breathing in spirt - it can come in in a balanced way, or a distorted way depending on your breathing mechanics.
- “Your voice is your second face”! - his comments on getting his singing voice back reminds me of the Yogi vocal breath…

Mike Pelletier - Colorado
"I do think your breathing techniques are better than all the other breathing methods I've run across. Thanks for sharing all that you've learned!".

T J Forsythe, Famous Volleyball Player
"I recently had the opportunity of being put through an optimal breathing athletic performance workout by Michael Grant White of and it changed the way I condition my body inside of the gym.  
He uses natural oxygen produced by the best oxygen machines money can buy.  
Mr. White also uses amazing breathing strategies/techniques MADE FOR ALL PEOPLE to help the body recover naturally as a regular person, pre and post workout as an athlete, or if you have issues. Crazy thing is, he has also helped heal many people with diseases such as Lyme Disease using these techniques! 
Personally, I felt the best I ever have when using these techniques during my workout and afterwards. It felt like I never worked out even after he pushed me to my limits.  
You guys have to go check it out and connect with Mr. White if you have any questions, concerns, or want to get your health back in control! 
He is an expert in his field. Go take your health back today!”

"'A recent client age 63 , 6'1' 119 pounds with a severely worsening bronchiectasis, a 25 year history compounded by bad breathing most of his life came to my office bent over and out of breath after walking the 50 feet to my door. He left 11 days later 2 pounds heavier and walked the streets of NYC for 90 minutes during a parade looking for a taxi. "

Jim G
I had a history of chest pain. After many tests my doctor concluded that I was not breathing properly and was tensing up my chest muscles at the same time. After practicing from Optimal Breathing I was able to eliminate this pain.

Judith P - Interior Designer - After five years of using prescription drugs to unsuccessfully control my high blood pressure, your breathing exercise finally got the job done. I feel great

Torey T.  
I'd like to get the manual to learn more about other breathing exercises. .now I am doing the one from the video with the strap everyday and for the most part the occasional wheezing that I was experiencing has gone.

Amanda Smith - designer V
Dear Mike: You took professional interest in my health situation, and have given me so much helpful information. I am forever grateful! For over 50 years, I have taught aerobics, water exercise, swimming, dancing, and helped people to relax to reduce their pain. Your breathing information would be a help in ALL of these activities and situations as well as improving health and enjoyment of life.

I have just started Ex 2 a few days ago and I wanted to get back to you. Both of these CDs are absolutely amazing for many reasons. I am very much impressed with your work. I can see you have put your heart and soul into this life's love, and I know that, that isn't always easy to do. It takes a great deal of love and commitment, and sometimes being on your journey alone, but thank you, I really appreciate that you did it.

CHARLIE BOYLE  A personal hero of mine. 

Allen Gaskell
I believe that the work with you has added a dimension to my work as an addictions counselor that I wouldn't have thought possible had I not experienced it firsthand. In addition, I think that my own practice of optimal breathing as taught by you - has been personally transforming on a number of levels. I would recommend your training and breath-relate products to anyone, anytime.

Dom Hooper
I wanted to feed back to you how helpful I have the found the DS (and strapping technique,) that I ordered from you over a year ago.I have been doing the DS exercise virtually daily for just over a year now and have gradually built up to ten seconds on each inhalation and ten on the exhalations too. It has really helped me become more relaxed, breathe deeper, easier and more from my diaphragm, just as you said it would. Many thanks for this great product!"

Wanda Chafin
I would like to thank you very much. I am a changed person. I watched the video and did the first exercise it was just what I needed. I sleep better, look better, and think better, all because of the video#2 and exercise #1. I will try the others later, You are really doing some wonderful work. I need to read more of the manual. God bless you for the help, its just wonderful. Thanks again

Mike White
I, (Mike White) at age 11 was asked to sing acapella for my 500 grade school student body members. The next few years I experienced severe trauma via beatings and a sledding accident. I lost my singing voice and spent the next 40 years yawning, unable to catch my breath and mostly in a hurry. My breathing was the issue. This is what got me into studying breathing as a life's purpose and showed me how little knowledge there was about healthy natural breathing development.

Bruno B
Aloha Mike! I am ordering your CDs and DVDs because my Dad has had great improvement in his health with them. He was having chest pains (after two bypass surgeries) and high blood pressure, both of which subsided/went down, after practicing the breathing exercises #2 for a month. He is 73yrs. and sounded very pleased and enthusiastic - the best I've heard him in years!

Peter. B
"Twenty years ago while living in LA at sea level a lung specialist told me " you have the worst scarred lungs I have seen in my 17 years of practice . I since retired and moved up here to Jackson WY elevation 6,200 feet I experienced shortness of breath and your oxImeter reading of between 88 and 92 most of the time. Your exercises have raised that to about 92 to 94 most of the time and while doing the exercises i can bring the oxie meter easily to 98 ...and no more shortness of breath"

Bonnie Weston ND Strongsville
"Even though I have been practicing in the healthcare field for over 28 years, I was stunned by the data Michael Grant White presented in his Optimal Breathing Manual and DVDs. His work is so well researched and presented that it should be a 'must-read' for anyone who breathes.

Lynne Goss
Optimal Breathing has allowed me after 12 years of chronic awful pain to face the other levels. I don't believe I could have done that without your guidance and knowledge. Usually the lock up after any type of activity would make me fear more movement. I hope you know how grateful I am.

"Dearest Mike--
Bless you and the discoveries you've made and the work you do making them available!
I've been quitting smoking for over a year now (a year of hell!) and, bad as it's been, I've been forced to learn quite a bit.
Just recently I unearthed some things about breathing -- first with William P. Knowles' booklet.
So when I happened upon your website (which I found while researching nasal vs. mouth breathing) and read a short handful of your articles, I knew immediately that you had the FULL and true understanding of what was going on with breathing.
I knew I was in the right place.
Thank you so much for making the OBW and relaxation exercises available immediately online. I've been working just now with the OBW and lengthening the exhale and, WOW!, it works immediately!!
In fact, it works much more quickly, easily, and reliably than the Buteyko breathing I had been doing to ward off shortness of breath. Just this simple exercise alone eliminates the physical sensations (tension, jitteriness in the belly) completely and leaves me, instead VERY relaxed. 
I'm SO glad I bought this package and I look forward to receiving full online access soon.
Yours gratefully,
Dan Bear'

Katherine K.
"Seeing astounding results from the Calming breathing practices! I am keeping a before and after spreadsheet measuring FVC, Niff, and volume (i'm an engineer...). Anyway each time I see at least a 250ml jump on the spirometer. My right lung hasn't inflated in over six months and after the third practice it has started to kick in. Crazy." Katherine K.  
One week later. How is the calming page you have been using working for you? 
Really great. I have been doing the exercises twice a day and finding a lot of change in the general mechanics of my breathing. Not to mention my general frame of mind throughout the day. I have also been doing C8 for 30 minutes for the past two days and find it interesting that, despite there being no distinct focus on breathing, it has as much positive gain on volume as C24/25. "

Master Michael Brooks
"This work is very beneficial for my Tai Chi students as it opens up their breathing to natural full expansion and thus frees up blockages in the chi flow throughout the body. I feel it will accelerate their progress in Tai Chi and help to stabilize their life energies."

Patricia D
I do not know if you remember me as it has been a while since I have emailed you. I have been using your video for many years and have gained tremendously for doing so. I am 60 yrs. old and have been on oxygen for 8 yrs. 24/7. My lungs according to my doctor have remained stable, thanks to you.

Joan P. MFCC
Working with you I’m able to access feelings stored in my body that I can’t access with words.

Gary Hagman
Mike has the skill, the depth of experience and the commitment to guide you beyond yourself to new horizons of capacity.

Katherine H - Computer programmer
Weight Loss - 
I learned to breathe better and right from the start I had more energy and felt more like exercising.

Rich C., Brahma Bull Rider
My vertigo is gone after 10 years of unsteady walking.

LT - Retired - Chronic Pain - 
My pain is manageable without medication. I sleep better too

Joan P. MFCC - Psychotherapist
Working with you I’m able to access feelings stored in my body that I can’t access with words.

Rose W - Retired - Better Sleep - 
I can sleep all night for the first time in 20 years.

Mark B
Sleep Apnea - My sleep apnea is gone after twenty five years and my asthma is lessening.

Jeff S - Triathlon contestant - Triathelete  
After the last session with you my running really smoothed out and my recovery time is much lower.

Joan R
Workshop Attendee - 
You mean all I have to do to feel this good is to breathe?

Kelly K - Trial Attorney
Phobic Trial Attorney - I just crossed the San Rafael bridge doing your breathing exercise and my fear of crossing bridges is gone.

Dennis M - construction worker
Asbestosis - My asbestosis symptoms are much better. Thank you, Mike.

Karen B
Hi, Michael. I wanted you to know that I tried the first CD, the one with the simple exercise where you lie on a pillow to open your chest up, and when you start to take a breath, take control of it and take an intentional one, and then with no pause, just let go of it. I used the CD only that once, but I got the best night of sleep I've had in eight years! THANK YOU, MICHAEL!

Jim Franks
I have read all the materials and tried all the exercises. I definitely see now how important breathing is and how much it affects my mood moment to moment. I'm very optimistic having gone through your materials. I've tried so many modalities and breathing feels like the missing piece for me to better self regulate and stop my anxiety and feel good.

Michael D. Yates 
Just wanted to let you know that I've started on the breathing program. I've had it several weeks and have been taking my time to learn the exercises and to feel the breath and breathing. I am really amazed at the reflex breath. It really works and is much better than just taking a deep breath. I have been able to incorporate this into my daily activities and it really helps. I do the other exercises also but have not set up a daily routine to do everything. The diaphragm exerciser with the strapping techniques has been an immediate help to my breathing. I did a set of reflex breaths and one set with the diaphragm exerciser/strapping this morning before attending church and I could observe much easier breathing all morning. You were right - breath is something you have to experience. Thank you very much for a great service to me.

Alon B
It has been one month since my post. I can practice the Optimal Strapping Techniques with ease, the tension around the upper chest area has diminished! I also practice C5,10,12 regularly during the day. I aim for about one hour practice 6 days a week. The anxiety and panic attacks have diminished. My breathing seems much slower at rest - around 9 breaths per minute, I make sure I breathe through the nose 24/hours a day. I'm all around more calm and relaxed. It was very difficult for me to wake up in the morning, it seems like I need less sleep lately. Some days my energy levels are better and I'm much more active!

Bud S
I have progressed significantly! When I first got the Audios and book I was at about 89 for the extended exhale count, now I am at 130+ . I was having breathing problems before. For example, every time I went to visit my Pop who has Alzheimer's, I would come back wheezing and coughing from the change in relative humidity and who knows what else. Since I started listening and practicing the Tibetan Caffeine (Better Breathing Exercise 2) I have a more relaxed and cyclical breath.  
I've got a long way to go but I feel better. Before I got the Audios I used to lift weights three or four times a week and was particularly proud of my bench press of 400lbs+. After listening to the Audios I kept hearing you say "never hold your breath" and I thought about how I did just that each time I held the barbell straight up for a few seconds before I would "rack it". Well, I haven't been anywhere near the health club for 6 months and I don't really miss it. I feel better, more relaxed in spite of many trials and tribulations (trust me on that) 
I also purchased some orthotics for my feet and that has helped me as well. I have also modified my diet to restrict carbohydrates and starches to one meal containing carbos-starches-per day. The other two meals I eat salads and some protein (tuna) and sometimes bacon and eggs for breakfast (Judging by what you say on your Audios about devitalized foods you probably don't agree with the bacon and eggs). As a result of the change in eating patterns I have lost weight as well (15 lbs). 
The net affect of all these things is that I feel as if I am getting younger! I am still a bit of a porker at 225lbs, but I don't get the chest tightness that I used to and I feel lighter on my feet. I think that God has put all of these programs in front of me exactly when I needed them. It sure is fun getting younger. Now if I could only get back to lets say... 
25 yeah that's a good age (about half of my physical age). I spent 3 hours shoveling snow this afternoon and I still feel great! Cant Complain. When I get the blues I take St. Johns Wart. If I am having tightness or circulation problems I take Cayenne pepper. I also take some Chondroitin Sulfate and Gluchosamine Sulfate for my "creaky knee" It works GREAT. If you know of anyone with Arthritis, I highly recommend it. peace and happiness-Keep up the good work!

From Mike White:
I gained too much weight. So to test a program. I did nothing but add the Optimal Digestion Program to my regular program, which does not include much exercise other than breathing, and dropped 12 pounds in 3 months. My appetite and therefore my food consumption plummeted to %60-70 of my previous intake. This particular enzyme formula makes absolutely sure you are utilizing ALL your food so that your body does not cry out for sustenance it does not really need.

Chris Shute - Australia
I've had your DVD1 and 2 and Optimal Diaphragm Strengthener and a Voldyne for about 4 months. For about 20 years I have been very aware of my breathing and have read so many books and got a few things from each but no one can see the overall picture like you can. I've always gone for safety and flow and smoothness and quick recovery rather than radical techniques. I've met a few yoga teachers who were attracted to more radical practices and each time you see them they look more and more high strung and nervous. One of the first books I read had a warning that some practices are using the lungs as a jackhammer and if you don't know what you are doing you can damage the tool and the user. I am doing quite well but I have the feeling I can do way better. I can count to 180,exhale for about 65 sec, inhale about 3400 on the voldyne (at 53 yrs & 5'8") and have a good pause after in/exhale and do 6-7 secs on the diaphram strengthener. One thing I don't do too well is hold a steady tone while moving my stomach in and out. I have only improved in subtle ways but I get excited about any improvement. I'm working on recovering after exertion and becoming more consistent. One former world champ said that surfing is karmic and if he had a shitty surf it meant there was shit in his life that needed attending to. I think that your breathing shows this up even more. Can you tell me what computer equipment I need to do an online consultation with you? Skype is what you want for that . Videocam and Skype. I'll just write down all my questions the next 6 months or so and keep working on the basics till then. THANKS, finding your work has cut many years and dead ends off my own search.

Jade Bergum
My wife and I have both found even the three basic exercises at the beginning of the video make a big difference. I felt more clear-headed and relaxed, I had more energy and could breathe easier. We're looking forward to continuing to work with the exercises. I tried a lot of different things EFT, TAT, Healing codes. I have had the aha moment more then once with these techniques. When I tried the first 3 exercises it was an aha moment. I have a heart mummer caused by a missing flap in the aortic valve. I believe your breathing program along with exercise, proper nutrition, vitamins & energy work will greatly help the murmur. I have a heart Doctor appointment in 6 months. I will work on your breathing program & I bet it is the missing part of my recovery. Thank you again

I’ve been searching for information on better breathing for a long-time including taking yoga classes for many years, reading books on pranayama and breathing workshops. I’ve gotten your program and have been going through it recently and it is the best I’ve ever seen. I was feeling exhausted this morning and no amount of rest helped. I did some of your breathing exercises and felt energized.
I’ve been a chronic poor breather my whole life. I believe that breathing is a real key for me and that you have put together a very effective program. For example, now when I do yoga classes, breathing in the postures is not such a mystery as before. I was doing some Qi Gong exercises this morning and it felt like it was really working. I believe that what you teach are the fundamentals of breathing that are both powerful in themselves and can make other breathing practices more effective. 
I live in the L.A. area and was wondering if you are ever going to be in the area, or have some breathing coaches here? Am also interested in attending some of your training sessions. I would be appreciative if you could send me some information. Thx,

Shirley Haddon
I bought the "Better Breathing Exercise #1" CD and have been listening to it for about a week and a half now. First of all, it is a very soothing, calming sound and is neither too overwhelming nor too vague. The background music is not complicated at all, and doesn't force you to listen to it (as opposed to listening to a classical music CD, where the music can be so complex that you can't listen to your inner world -- you're too busy listening to the music!). The bells sound soft and clean, yet not bothersome or annoying. On the contrary, when I breathe with the bowls and bells and your voice I find myself slipping into a tranquil, relaxed state within one or two minutes. I just concentrate on the bowls and am not only relaxed, I am truly meditating, because I am AWARE of my breathing. This is a very unique and absolutely thrilling thing about this CD. Most meditation CDs are great and relaxing, but they all put me to sleep within 15 minutes, no more. The "Better Breathing Exercise #1" CD keeps me aware of my breathing, which is essential to truly meditating and not simply relaxing or falling asleep (although, like I'd already mentioned, it does relax me quite deeply)

Doru Anghel
This is Doru Anghel, 48 yr old male, I came across your website 4 months ago when I first took the free breath test and started following your programs and advice. The problems that brought me to you are excess gas, bloating and pain in my abdomen (IBS), waking up tired most of the time and general lack of energy. The initial breath test opened my eyes to just how dysfunctional my breathing was and the one I took 3 days ago showed great improvement. Besides the test, I'm happy to report feeling better overall, more energy and better coping with everyday life. When I exercise I have better endurance (by breathing more correctly) so it's not the pain and suffering it use to be. And it feels good afterward. For the last few years, my vision has become somewhat blurred and I thought "well, it's time for glasses". But now I believe my vision has improved. I still have some way to go in my recovery which is why I intend to continue with your program. I feel much more optimistic about my life now. Thanks a lot !

Michael Davis
Greetings from London, England. I thought some positive feedback might be of help.  
I have been practicing TM since October of last year. I have also been practicing your Breathing Exercise #1 for the past few weeks since ordering the kit.  
I enjoy TM but find it's effects variable and occasionally quite negative (although this was pointed out as being natural by the excellent tutor). 
Your DVD2 on the other hand has been a total revelation from the word go. I have been an asthmatic for 38 years and in just a few weeks of assiduously practicing this one exercise I have received more benefit than in twenty years of practicing all manner of other breathing techniques. Now here's the really good bit. I decided I would try using the "Waking Breath, - Breathing Exercise #1 - whilst doing my TM even though in basic TM practice there is no conscious breath control (the mantra itself is supposed to encourage shallow almost imperceptible breathing). 
The result is a totally positive quality of experience both in the meditation session and afterwards. I can't speak for other TM practitioners but the moral seems to be that whatever practice you are engaged in get your breathing right first and it will help and support everything else. It really is the place to start. 
I can't thank you enough. (And yes, I am now going through the manual.
Later in the week. 
It is early days for me in studying optimal breathing but here is a significant fact. After practicing Exercise #1 I can hit 650 on my peak flow instrument every time (I've just tried it four times in a row without so much as a wheeze). Now that's what I call progress. 
Ann Hurt

"Like many people, I thought breathing was just something we did naturally....until I took some voice lessons, and learned a little about breathing correctly. Your Breathing Kit DVD2 is teaching me even more."

BettyVonn Snapp
Around 10 years ago, a Pulmonary Function Test concluded that I "probably" had mild Emphysema. Around 6-8 years ago, with some shortness of breath, I asked my doctor to order another test. This time, I was diagnosed with Asthma and the MD gave me an Advair inhaler, which came with instructions to immediately rinse my mouth after using it. My question was, "What about my lungs? If it will harm my mouth, why do I want it in my lungs?" 
I threw it away and learned about your breathing exercises. I ordered the full set, because I was also diagnosed with Central Apnea and the doctor wanted me to wear one of those terrible face masks when I slept. That is another goofy story. The important thing is that last week I finally went to an Asthma specialist because a bout with sinusitis and bronchitis left me with a worrisome cough. 
The good news: My breathing is so powerful and good and my lungs so absolutely clear that the technician questioned whether I had Asthma at all!!!!!!!!! I told her about your breathing exercises and how my good sleep and daily activities without shortness of breath began 6 months or so after I began the breathing routine!!!! I am 76 years old, a singer, and living an active, enjoyable, and productive life.  
THANK YOU! The DVDs and CDs were worth every dollar I paid for them.

Raymond Francis
Of all the essential nutrients needed by the human, oxygen is the one we must have on a moment to moment basis; we can’t live without it even for a few minutes. yet, this is the one nutrient most people don’t associate with deficiency problems. Nothing could be further from the truth.. One problem is that oxygen concentrations in and around major cities have been measured as much as 30% below normal. That means that each breath brings in less oxygen. As if this weren’t bad enough, most people have developed poor breathing habits, thus further restricting oxygen intake. The resulting oxygen deficiency is having a negative effect on our health and our overall performance. Oxygen deprivation can be associated with all kinds of chronic diseases, including cancer. Michael White is an extraordinary breathing coach who teaches people new patterns of breathing, helping them to bring in more oxygen. These techniques help to improve health, stamina and even voice quality.

Sandi S
Dear Mike: I received your package this past week and I started with "Begin Here", and have worked my way through all the material at least once. I am learning the DVD 2, and have only tried the straw, squeeze and breathe, and belly/chest breathing before going to sleep. I need some help with the strapping, and I will continue to practice from the DVD. I just wanted to share with you some big changes in the week I have started with your program. My heart no longer pounds when at rest. I stopped using Ativan to sleep, I no longer feel helpless and full of anxiety because I just squeeze and breathe and I am okay again. My cloudiness/brain fog has lifted, and I know many other good things will follow.

Randall Langston - MD
Non Reversible Airway Disease.  
I am a 69 year old MD Ear Nose Throat specialist who developed adult onset asthma and "non reversible airway disease". I could not get any real help except inhalers. I came across from Stephen Sinatra's Newsletter. I ordered the kit and have had tremendous improvement. I do not get winded doing simple tasks. My wife and I do Tai Chi at 5 AM everyday. I also agree with Mike regarding the raw food diet and drinking a lot of water. I believe that chronic dehydration is another key to aging and in my case lung disease. I plan to take the breathing school this year and become involved in helping people help themselves. That proper breathing is the first step in wellness seems so logical but is most frequently overlooked. Keep up the good work Mike

Phil Madeley
After working with Better Breathing Exercises 1 & 2. 
Greater dream recall, and a couple of interesting dream awakenings
Realizing how restricted my breathing is. (constantly blocking it by poor posture sitting/ standing even though my posture seems good... I definitely feel blocks which are intrinsically linked to my current breathing patterns
Wonderful tingling sensations all over my body during the exercises
Greater awareness/ connection with my breath (glimpse of where I should and am actually breathing from)
A glimpse of something (non-physical) I have been blocking for a long time
An understanding of how breath holding during pranayama is actually VERY restrictive, how to explain this to others is quite another matter!!
Recalling as a child my mother told me I used to hold my breath until I fainted.... I probably still have the blocks from that time.

Wanted to share a quick note with you. 
I have been listening to your Tibettan caffiene (BBE2) CD on and off fore several years.
The times when I did the exercises I always had more energy.  
I recently took a job out of state -about a fifty mile commute each way, each day.  
Well, the other day, Thursday, a Nor-Easter hit us.  Within 10 minutes I was in gridlock situation.  
This continued for seven hours. 
Fortunately I brought a can of almonds to munch -some peanut butter and a plastic spoon, drinking water, (sand just in case I got stuck), apples, bananas, a flashlight, a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread and some Tibetan Caffiene in the form of your CD which I had purchased several years ago.  
The net result was that I arrived at work seven hours later fresh as a "spring bud"- I am not kidding!   I went on to pull an all-nighter until 6:00 A.M. the next day, popped in the CD again for the ride home and arrived home feeling fine.  
You are not kidding when you say that proper breathing can support tremendous emotional, mental and physical stamina. Thanks Dude !

Joy T. Jacobs - Cordova, TN
Just wanted to express my deep appreciation for your great help in improving both my health and singing ability. As a young woman I had had a professional career in both opera and concert. Although I had had excellent teachers and coaches in New York, Vienna, Austria and Milan, Italy, I had never been completely happy with my breath support. After marriage and having two sons, I settled back into singing in church and more local jobs. Then, about three years ago I discovered your web site and ordered your Better Breathing Exercises 1 & 2, as well as the manual. Well, they are truly marvelous! They've made me more aware of my posture, for every time I think of breathing deeply, it reminds me to stand more erectly. I had given up public singing except at family parties, or other such joyous occasions, but, as I began to practice in the shower with my new breath support, the voice was much steadier, and with a lovely tone. So-o-o, the next time I was asked to sing in church, I did, and they really liked it. Since then, I've been singing solos and duets quite frequently, and it gives me enormous pleasure. Why is this so amazing? Well, though only my family and close friends know (because I look about 60),1 confess that I'm 75 years old. Just married my childhood sweetheart 20 months ago. (We hadn't seen or even heard from each other in over 50 years), but he is the love of my life. 
Your CDs and DVDs have also helped improve my health. Although I've always been into holistic health, eating nutritiously, exercising, and the power of prayer, positive thinking and gratitude, your help with better posture and deeper breathing has been the added fillip that I needed. I especially love your "Better Breathing Exercise 1". It's so relaxing...marvelous before meditation, or before any possibly stressful situation. In fact I sometimes work with it when I wake up in the middle of the night, and have difficulty returning to sleep. I just turn it down low so that I can just hear your voice, and pay no attention when you tell me to keep my eyes open (if! tend to fall asleep.) Usually I am off to dreamland before the Tibetan singing bowls begin their chimes. 
Then, when I know there's an especially busy day ahead, I love your "Breathing Exercise #2" to get the energy flowing. One of these days I hope to be able to take one of your classes.

Linda B
I have been sick all of my life with anxiety, shallow breathing, I actually felt, for lack of a better example, when you drink too much you have a hangover and I felt like that every day, I could never feel really rested.  
I read in one of Prevention articles that how you breathe effects how you feel and I tried it back then but didn't get great results, so I had it in the back of my mind and when I put breathing in the search engine and found your website I was excited because I thought maybe I hadn't done it right. 
I got your DVD 176 and I tried some of it but my breathing felt choppy like I was forcing it in a way then I read about letting go of the muscles and when I did that I would breathe longer and a lot easier, not quite as deep though, but I remind myself all the time because it's made such a difference in me, I just turned 60 and had suffered all my life. I am now benefiting from my sleep, and can rest in between, so Thank you so much for the information I'm sure that it saved my life. Thank you,

Patrick H - Kentucky
I would like to share with you what has happened over the last two years since I began to use your products, suggestions, and materials. I considered myself pretty healthy, until I contracted a virus in my heart sac, pericarditis, from drinking milk. I forced myself to a local doctor. He scheduled an EKG immediately thinking I was having an heart attack. By mistake, the nurse thought the doctor wrote something about giving me a breathing test. In turn, the nurse tested my breathing volume and pressure. The doctor laughed, but said since I have these results I will tell you about them. He said that my inhale was slow and that I was not breathing right. I thought to myself, I have been singing since I was five. How can I not be breathing right? This was the start of my adventure to learn more about breathing. 
After little time on the internet, I came across I called you and asked you what product I would need. After a few minutes of talking to me, you said, “slow down, you are too anxious.” You began to question me. I rambled with untrue answers because I was unable to see I had a problem. Finally, I began to tell you I wore my belt tight to look thin. You said, “Now, you’re talking.” You immediately began to read my life with statements like, “You get anxious too easy,” “You have difficulty with premature ejaculation,” etc. I was floored. You suggested that I start with Breathing Kit, so I did and faithfully commented myself to the suggested exercises. I saw some results, yet I later called you again. You still heard a little anxiety in me. So, you told me to put down the phone, inhale, hold it, bend down, and do a yoga roll back up, then release the breath. You asked me how I felt. Still not satisfied with my answer, you told me to repeat it. That I did. Unsatisfied again, you suggested that I order the Blue Velcro Strap. I did and wore it religiously. Although it felt like a bra, I wore it.!  
After some time, I began to sense a change. First, I my voice colored with tone and breathing pauses in my sentences were precise when speaking. My family and friends wondered what happened to me.  
It wasn’t long until I called you back to praise you. You recommended that I use the Diaphragm Strengthener and get The Watching Breath CD. I did. Tremendous results happened!! Everything began to fall in place! After listening to the C.D. twice a day, I began to sense my breath or breathing consciously throughout the day. During the moment on the CD when you said breathe through your toes and feel the breath all the way to your head, it hit me. I realized I could feel the pauses on my exhales and inhales, the rise and fall of my diaphragm.  
Also, I have ejaculation control. Public speaking and singing has become easier. With singing, there is a flow from head to chest registers. I can sense when I am not sitting correctly. Meditation and yoga is relaxing, not tiresome. Mike, thanks for sharing, “The Light of Breath” with me. I will forever be grateful to you.

Pat Walsh
Just dropping a line to let you know that I was looking at that animation of the lungs in operation, and then I started to try and imitate the animation - that is, I tried to actually breathe as I was observing on the screen. (I had just looked at the streaming-video cybercast, where I saw you describe the myriad benefits of proper breathing). 
Hell, did I notice a difference or what!!!!!!!!  
I can't believe the difference it is making to my level of anxiety. I feel a hell of a lot better. I feel convinced that I can bring (as is pointed out in the cybercast) about a significant improvement in my frame of mind.  
I know its only a minor effort in comparison to what I can get from studying the kit or attending a workshop (which I intend to do), but, I am now committed to learning to breathe, whereas before I only understood it on an intellectual level. .......Now I KNOW it works.
I hope in the near and far future I can find ways to get the word out to as many people as possible. I am off to send the site address to some friends. Thanks for getting the message out. You're the Man!

Len Saputo - MD
Our modern medical paradigm bases pulmonary function on factors that relate to the anatomy and physiology of the lungs. At times, the mechanical relationships of the chest cavity and of the diaphragm are considered important, but for the most part, they are rarely considered in the ordinary management of most pulmonary diseases such as emphysema, asthma, and restrictive lung disorders.  
The bulk of our management of these kinds of disorders is aimed at pharmacological intervention. While this is a reasonable approach that often is quite valuable, it fails to appreciate the potential role of posture, rib flexibility or diaphragmatic excursion as independent factors that can improve lung function. This can be life saving to people with severe pulmonary insufficiency.  
It would be unheard of in the development of opera singing, powerful public speaking, or world class athletics to ignore the importance of respiratory faults, accessory breathing muscles, and breathing coordination. When the pulmonary reserves of these highly trained specialists are examined, they are clearly superior to that of the average, untrained population. There have been but few clinical studies undertaken to explore the seemingly obvious benefits of this kind of training..  
It seems prudent to me to explore this safe, non-invasive, and easily taught approach, to patients who are willing to invest a minimum of money and time especially when the potential for a negative effect with selected exercises is zero. When conventional therapies have little or nothing to offer, searching for additional possibilities becomes our responsibility.

Chi Kung
I wanted to tell you how effective I found your techniques for improving breath capacity and a sense of smoothing out the mechanics of both my inhale and exhale. I drew the best breath of my life when you used the "strapping" methods you employ. 
I also appreciate your efforts with the football players, and your work with the strength and conditioning coach that so remarkably improved their performance in the timed drills. The return to fluid movement, even after they had been pushed to exhaustion, showed how effective your techniques were in their improved performance and comfort under duress.

Torey T
Learn every day by reading your posts. I realize how lucky I am when I read of the problems of others. Twenty years ago I started going downhill in what was called lung capacity. First they told me I was 30% then twenty---and recently they just check to see if I need oxygen. They quote a figure of under 15 but say the figures men little as some who are 20 capacity can equal those who are 40. 
The interesting thing I have for you all is the past year--- I HAVE IMPROVED???? I owe it all to the internet and a person named Mike White whom I have never met. He is called the breathing coach and you can learn how to help yourself by reading his website. I can't wait for an appointment if he is ever in my area. Everything is cheap compared to hospitals medicines and not breathing well.  
The site is free and he will give you help free. I doubled my walking capacity within three months by reading his website and devoting an hour a day to his advice. After that I bought one of his inexpensive books and progressed more. I am excited. Look it over-- two Doctors have told me ---can't hurt. check . After a week you will say "There is something to it"

Gilligan J
Finally, I've started practicing your Breathing Exercise #2, and it's the best breathing exercise I've found yet. I mean, I'm really excited about it. I think it's going to change my life in a big way. I am also starting to practice hatha yoga. That plus your breathing exercises are going to really bring me closer to achieving my material and spiritual goals. I practice meditation regularly, but have experienced deep chronic fear for most of my life; only in the past three or four years as a result of spiritual growth have I been able to operate without being totally controlled by fear around survival issues. The meditation technique I use is very effective, but my breathing is terrible: not surprising given my history. I was guided to research breathing and have reviewed some programs, but yours is the best that I have found. Of all of the techniques that I've tried, the ones you teach are the ones I'm most comfortable with, and I really appreciate the care you put into the instructions on the CD and the tibetan singing bowls. Your work is excellent.

Daytime, night time, or even in the afternoon. In today's busy world, we all have so many things to do, and can't all ways stop, to go to the gym, or health spa. If you don't have the time like most people, then you need to use this amazing breathing technique.  
It will save you much more time and money in the long run. Those are the two things we all need more of. Instead of going to the spa, or the gym, you could be doing something you really want to be doing, and at the same time use the breathing exercise. It's like that old saying, "kill two birds with one stone", and have more fun doing it, too. More $money$, and more time!  
After using this special breathing technique, for about four weeks, or so, you won't want to go a day without using it. By the way try Air Jordans Shoes Daily sneaker news and info about your favorite shoes.

Phyllis Ross
One fine day last October it finally dawned on me, I do not know really HOW to breathe! With all of the Yoga, meditation, bodywork, no one has been able to really teach me "HOW TO BREATHE". So I got on the WWW and said help!!! Punched in "breathing" and Wa La came "" and Michael. Got Michael's Disks in his Breathing Kit. 
Breathing Exercise CD #1 was such a shock for me, what I mean is I had no idea there was a reflex action at the bottom of the exhale breath that actually "breathed your body". The shallow breathing that I was in the habit of doing had never allowed the development of that reflex action. So naturally I'm waking up at night breath holding, panic stricken and clueless why this is happening. My body has been oxygen starved and getting worse as I get older. EVEN THOUGH ALL OF THE CHILDHOOD ISSUES ARE WORKED OUT, GONE, DONE WITH, the old breathing habits had remained, I was not aware of something better.  
Breathing Exercise #2 was even more fantastic! The exercise uses what you have learned in CD #1 and gives you the tremendous tools and power over the physical disablement of being oxygen starved and emotionally stressed.  
Very soon after starting the CDs and DVDs, I visited Michael for 6 days in North Carolina to get private instruction. I can only tell you all that it was the best thing I could have ever done for myself. I am now of course still practicing proper breathing (50 years of bad habits), off meds, and have not awaked at night even once since starting the CDs and getting private skype instruction from Michael. 

Again Michael, thank you a million times over for actually dedicating your life to helping people understand the importance of the breath and actually in detail showing how to really practice it. 
Breath is the essence of life. When we expire, we lose life. When we are inspired, we gain life. When we form a conspiracy, we plan life together. 
The art of optimal breathing can provide a great contribution to the art of optimal living. Michael Grant White has been studying the science and art of breathing for two decades and is a masterful teacher. His training materials, workshops, and personal coaching sessions provide insights which can transform lives.  
I was amazed to learn how much benefit can be gained in chronic diseases such as asthma, angina, emphysema, anxiety, and insomnia thru the application of Optimal Breathing strategies.  
I’m glad to be able to endorse Michael Grant White’s highly-evolved program of optimal Breathing. However, as with any program that requires application, the benefits you gain are generally proportional to consistency with which you practice these principles. If you are ready to fulfill your life potential, I recommend you begin by fulfilling your breathing potential.”

Yoga and Breathing
In my own yoga practice, good breathing has always been confusing. I have had experiences with teachers that were helpful and not so helpful. The best pranayama class I have experienced was taught in a very relaxing way, mostly laying down, dim lights, with plenty of calming asanas first. There was no pressure to time the breath or to hold anywhere. It was refreshing as I had been used to a more ‘formal’ practice. Sometimes it is assumed that if one can perform the asanas well, then pranayama will come easily. This is not my experience. Firstly, the seated pranayama techniques can be difficult for people who are not used to sitting for a long time on the floor. In my own experience, sitting cross legged was not a good idea, because I had a Psoas imbalance that caused lots of tension in the breath. Kneeling with support was much more preferable, but I still did not feel very relaxed. From this I conclude that breath work works much better to begin with in the supine position. There needs to be no tension whatsoever, this can be assisted by a teacher who is calm and accepting of all students, adapting to their needs. 
Now in my second week of Optimal Breathing practice I can honestly say I am amazed by how it has transformed my yoga practice. The asanas have a flow, and ease about them. My jaw is relaxed and I am so much more aware of my body. Meditation comes easier, especially when preceded by the breath work, overall I have felt much more balanced in my practice, even in a class environment. 
As a yoga teacher I have often wished for more wisdom about breathing. I have heard so many different ideas and theories it is hard to work out what is the best way to teach. If we look at Pilates, for example, there are useful things to learn from it, however, along with the strong core, there needs to be a softness. This is similar to the masculine/ feminine idea, also the idea of strength and flexibility or effort and ease. There is a time for rest and listening to the body and there is a time to guide the body. I believe that resting and listening needs to come first, that way we work from our very own experience, not what we think it should be. What could be the use of being shown how to retain breath when that breath is in only one area of lungs, the others being shut off by tension? 
In summary, we need to know the basics first. So many people today are off balance in one way or another. They need to be shown their place of center and ease first, then they can proceed with more advanced practices at their own pace under experienced guidance if they so wish.

Personal Experience
For a long time, I had the experience as if my body was split in two, my upper and my lower halves. All the energy seemed to be in my upper half and it was almost as if I was floating everywhere. For a long time I had been looking for a way of carrying myself and being that was more relaxed, picking up bits of information up every now and then, but not quite getting the complete picture. 
Then I met the capacity of my lungs! The first technique involving a strap seemed so simple, but it was not. Breathing low down in my body was difficult, I was not used to it, just how could I relax my abdomen? Particular areas felt rigid and almost as if they were stretched to full capacity so they just couldn’t release anymore. I also noticed some fear of letting go. Then the amazing thing happened, it happened. Awareness and focus, the relaxation came, like a release. As my belly relaxed I was observing the next inhale, but there again my stomach was locked. Awareness and focus again, then release. This was obviously an ingrained habit. When the strap was gone it felt like my lungs expanded on and on, like I was taking up more space behind me. 
Next was the prone encouraged exhalation. I really enjoyed the space between the exhale and inhale, is there any air left in there? It was freeing to empty out. The inhale was pretty amazing after I had got over the assisting part. It rushed in like a wave. That is one of the things that interests me about breathing, the control part, the giving up part and the in between. Breathing against applied pressure was wonderful, in that it really gave me a focus, I could visualize where the air was going. What surprised me was how I felt like the breath moved into bits of my body where there were no lungs. The Muscles in my lower back, particularly the right side felt as though they expanded then relaxed. 
The next technique was forward bending sitting on a chair with legs to the sides. To have someone place their hands gently on the back to encourage areas to open was powerful. It required such focus, a concentration of mind and body to wake up certain areas. The right side of my body in particular felt more stuck, so again the process of gentle awakening begun. After this technique my center of gravity had noticeably changed as I seemed to be in the back of my body more. There was also a feeling of peace along with a sense of grounding that I had not experienced before. I felt my center, the energy in my body had descended, comfortably, I had firm roots. This feeling was centered more about my belly than my feet, which was a first for me. I also felt much lighter.

Professional Interest
As a hypnotherapist, when working with clients with anxiety I have been amazed how good the breath is at bringing people to stillness. It acts as a physical contact and in some cases it is a signal that ‘yes I am alive and ok’. As a yoga teacher I have discovered the importance of practicing with a relaxed breath, a breath that has no tension in it. If a student’s breath is disturbed, then something is in opposition. They need to pause and reassess.

As a sports massage practitioner I am watching the clients breath, it signals to me honestly, without filtering through language. I teach some breathing techniques but often think that I need more understanding, as so much I learn seems contradictory. I am also aware of advanced breathing practices which can benefit only a few as they need to be done very cautiously with great awareness that can take years to develop. So I am very interested in encouraging natural, simple breathing that takes people into their core and enables them to function comfortably.  
Another thought I have is of the relationship between the fascia and breath. If the fascia is restricted then the breath can reflect that. So, it may work in the other direction, if the breath is easy and deep the fascia would be more flexible with a healthier tone. This could mean that Optimal Breathing could team up quite nicely with deep tissue work such as Rolfing. 

From the sports perspective I am interested in the potential of Optimal Breathing in assisting greater performance. The role of the lungs during intense exercise is so important, it can make all the difference. In my own experience, my recovery rate when cycling was noticeably better after just two sessions of Optimal Breathing.
You were right - breath is something you have to experience. Thank you very much for a great service to me.