I fasted for the 10 days straight first time in 1978, on my own. It is safe to say that the body tolerates a fast much better than a feast. 

That said, these days I prefer a "FEAST" as in JUICE FEAST.  

Water fast, dry fast, juice "fast", lemonade fast, watermelon fast etc etc etc and we also have the EMAIL FAST 😉.   The three square meals a day is losing its allure and used to be mostly for a farming lifestyle requiring lots of hard physical work and calorie burn. Plus "an army travels on its stomach". Well, sort of. Nowadays we often let our drones do the walking LOL.  

Fasting allows our body's natural defense systems to focus on things that might be toxic or harmful. It is not to be toyed with and some professional supervision is often a good idea.  Plenty of pros on the net. 

Lately, and hopefully a way to lessen cravings for lifeless processed foods and excess sugar, intermittent fasting is gaining traction and legitimized by Dr. Jason Fung in Canada. It makes a lot of sense to me and is much more manageable than total food abstinence or heading to a fasting clinic which I have done by the way, and LOVED it.  Total immersion has its very strong points ie: Costa Rica mountains, pristine drinking water, massages, sitting in the gentle sun or shade while watching wild monkeys climbing in the nearby trees. Visits to the ocean included. Frisbee on the sand. NICE! 

Hmmm, maybe fasting is something to consider during this forced antiviral vacation we are having.