Fundamentals of Health and Well being

Iconic football coach Vince Lombardi said that “there are no new fundamentals”.

Without fundamentals in health and well-being we experience stupid, short-term, band-aid, harmful prescription drug side effects and in general, costly business profit-driven results.

Breathing, oxygen, diet, moderate exercise, sleep, rational fasting, loving relationships and spiritual principles are the fundamentals of health and well being. Overlook them at your peril.  

Breath is life. How good is YOUR breathing?

Oxygen. EVERYTHING needs oxygen. Even rocks. 

Diet. Makes us our bodies what we are.

Moderate Exercise. Movement fosters circulation = staying fit = energy = life

Sleep. Absolutely necessary

Spiritual principles. Energy follows thought

Energy. Thoughts follow energy. Especially peaceful ones

Rational fasting. From Water to intermittent; experiment. The body tolerates a fast much better than a feast.

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