Turning Geeks Into Jocks

For many skilled techies, IT has become both a blessing  and a curse.

You make good money for sure, but we all know that sitting in front of a TV or computer for hours at a time slowly causes our body to deteriorate. We put on weight, we  lose energy, our health declines, we age faster.

There are simple efficient and inexpensive ways to keep the weight off and stay healthy. Our Geeks Into Jocks program has self help, skype, and live-in (accommodations included in price) education and training options. You can have your own personal trainer (Mike White), private on site residence and internet connection.

It does not matter if you are a geek or not. Come and stay as long as you need and leave with an exponential shift in body, mind and spirit. Get the body you could have had if you hadn't spent all your time staying smarter then others'.  A long lasting custom made program with guaranteed success.

80% of success is showing up.

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My Optimal Breathing kit has been integrated into the Doctorate program for Advanced Athletic Training (DAT) at the University of 'Idaho.

"As the nation?s first Advanced Doctor of Athletic Training (DAT), this program is designed to improve your clinical practice through advanced manual therapy techniques and analysis of patient outcomes in an applied research focus."

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