Health Professionals and Modalities


While Google and Facebook are being accused of penalizing many alternative health sites we can take some solace with mainstream publications like Time magazine that Alternative Medicine is no longer to be relegated to quackery and treated like a bastard child.
The boundaries between alternative therapies and conventional medicine are blurring. Treatments once found only at the margins of health care are now being embraced in major hospitals.
And of course all alternative therapies are not equal. There are some pretty woo woo ones but there are some very, very, very effective ones as well. In fact probably the majority of them do some good providing you have a skilled and ethical practitioner.

Here is a list of several that I know about or I've heard good things about depending of course on the practitioner involved.
These are ones that will most likely benefit from attending our school. Our training will improve their breathing as well as professional skills to better compete in an ever tightening market by positioning themselves to get better results than their competitors. 
The best source for alternatives is usually by referral from a friend or trusted advisor.

Continuing Education?
We are already qualified to deliver CEUs for Massage Therapists and The American Naturopathic Certification Board.
For those willing to handle the paperwork for your particular modality we offer a large training  discount that includes full certification as an Optimal Breathing Development Specialist.

If you practice a modality not listed above, let us know what it consists of and we will most likely add it to the above list.