re. Corona virus Press Conference by Front line Doctors. 
I wrote this outline - copying some of the big words from the internet.
A "frontline doctors" group was  commenting on preventing covid-19 using the drug Hydroxychloroquine, which they use in their practices in low dosage in combination with zinc and an antibiotic azithromycin? (sp).  They said the drug builds up in the lung tissues and helps to eliminate the virus (or something like that)  They said there are studies from Yale and other organizations about this combination of treatments.  They said the dosage is 200 mg once every other week. (don't quote me on the dosage but they referred people to their local physicians)  The zinc you take daily and I don't know about the antibiotic. 
One passionate woman doctor in the presentation claimed this combination is a "cure" for the disease.  She claimed she has treated over 100 patients with the protocol.  She was very passionate about the issue and were upset with Dr Fauchi being critical because he is not actually practicing and treating patients.  She said Fauchi is waiting for a vaccine and in the mean time many people will die and live in fear.
The group of doctors said the drug  has been used for many years to prevent malaria.  
To me the key was the low dosage for prevention and it's use in catching the virus in the early stages.   In the later stages they said there are other treatments.
I think Hydroxychloroquine has not been proven to work as well in higher dosages.
The informal presentation in front of the supreme court was criticized by the liberal media
Huffington Post this morning.  (I felt the review was harsh and not totally accurate)
President Trump is still promoting the drug as a treatment.  While I do not support president Trump's reelection- I think he is  promoting a treatment which may be working for some physicians. 
Frankly I was really glad to hear the video because we need a solution to this problem.
The doctors said the country is living in fear and they are right.
I worry everyday I go to work....I might get the virus.
The video was not polished and professionally done... one of the doctors was excessively emotional but you could tell she believed what she was saying. ....but I got the feeling the doctors came to Washington DC to make the presentation and to meet with VP Pence.   They made a second presentation the next day in the same location.
There is a possibility that the whole event was staged to promote a "cure" and boost President Trump... but if that was the goal 
the event had no lasting effect.  It is difficult to know what to believe these days.  It did give people some hope which is why it was so popular.  The doctors did refer people to their local physicians and said the drug should be available and not be banned.
It's interesting the tech giants pulled the video after only one day.