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 Most massage therapists are well aware of the breathing issues of many of their clients and many admit to needing working knowledge as to how to best address breathing development.  Michael G. White is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education provider under the category.

Professional Massage Practitioner As a Somatic Educator

Opportunities for massage therapists who are trained to work in clinical environments are rapidly increasing within the health care profession. For those who prefer private practice, the ability to treat patient musculoskeletal, neurological and psychosomatic disorders helps the massage therapist to develop and maintain a strong economic basis.  

Clearly, changing the breathing affects or controls functioning in the neocortex, limbic system, vagus nerve, autonomic nervous system, and all basic bodily functions and subtle energy systems. By appropriately and sensitively incorporating breathing development into a massage session, this can facilitate an incredible opportunity for empowerment and personal growth for both client and therapist. When it comes to safe, accurate breathing development, an experienced teacher or guide is indispensable.

The professional massage practitioner, as a somatic educator, is in an excellent position to help clients regain full breathing capacity and aliveness, while simultaneously adding to the respect of a most healing and empowering art form and science. 

Sub-Clinical  As Well As Those Factors Unaccepted By Mainstream Medicine

We know that the average person reaches peak respiratory function and lung capacity in their mid 20's. Then they begin to lose respiratory capacity: between 10% and 27% for every decade of life!  So, unless you are doing something to maintain or improve your breathing capacity, it will decline, and with it, your general health, your life expectancy, and for that matter, your spirit as well. 

By the time traditionally diagnosed respiratory dysfunction presents, most have lost a majority of their breathing. What was occurring from 100% to 50%? HOW DOES THAT INFLUENCE MANY OTHER TENDENCIES TOWARD DISEASE. 
It may not always be possible to identify the underlying causes of the problem, but often a number of contributory factors can be identified not the least of which is a psychosomatic disorder

We believe it is preferable to reduce the overall burden on the body using established massage therapist techniques augmented with Optimal Breathing.

The First Level: OBDSA - Optimal Breathing Development Specialist Apprentice Training -
Limited to 8 attendees per instructor - 2.5 day intensive plus private sessions. 
25 contact hours 
massage CEUs

Second Level: OBDS - Optimal Breathing Development Specialist - Limited to 8 trainees. Here we share and compare experiences from each other's private sessions and use advanced techniques based on the needs of the group.

Advanced: 3 full day intensive plus private sessions.  
25 contact hours 
massage CEUs.

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Touch Research Institute:  The awesome healing power of touch. Add the breath to this and WOW.

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