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Optimal Energy

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Optimal Energy Program

My Optimal Breathing kit has recently been integrated into the Doctorate program for Advanced Athletic Training (DAT) at the University of Idaho.

"As the nation's first Advanced Doctor of Athletic Training (DAT), this program is designed to improve your clinical practice through advanced manual therapy techniques and analysis of patient outcomes in an applied research focus".

It is my hope that the medical community does as Drs. Ben lynch of www.seekinghealth.org, Hyla Cass  www.cassmd.com and Mary Lu Coughlin co-founder of www.WellnessWorksGlendale.org in California have, and it begins to embrace the particularization of breathing as a formal subject valued just for itself and not as an appendage of some other paradigm or modality that will invariably distort the essence of natural optimal breathing..

Energy is the very essence of our beings and without it we simply cease to exist. The very breath we breathe is an integral part of our energy input and output and how we get, store and use energy is very dependent on how we breathe. Our Optimal Energy Program will teach you how to make the best of every breath to reduce fatigue, boost stamina, and improve clarity and level headedness simply by breathing better.

Each Optimal Breathing Mastery Kit includes ALL of the themes. Choose the theme you prefer now and change it over time if and when your goals change.

Reduce or eliminate fatigue, lift depression, strengthen vitality, enhance Yoga, Tai chi, Qigong, Pilates and ALL sports performance.

Develop your breathing NOW for:

  • Faster recovery from fatigue
  • Improved health
  • Strengthened immune system
  • Improved sleep
  • Reduced depression
  • Strengthen a winning mind set
  • Conserve endurance & reduce fatigue
  • Shorten recovery time
  • Flexibility without stretching
  • Increased productivity
  • Develop a smooth easy pace
  • Become more focused
  • Improved decision Making
  • Better Stress Management
  • Greater Enthusiasm & Positive outlook of life
  • Become more Open & Optimistic
  • Increased Sexual Energy
  • Breathing Exercises for more Oxygen more easily
  • Become more aware of subtle body sensations--such as gripping your phone or clenching your jaw during a tense conversation
  • Pushing human limits
  • ALL sports including extreme sports

$200,000 worth of videos, animations and proprietary information. 

Energy and sleep


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Energy and sleep

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What others are saying

Brian S

I did both sides of the Breathing Exercise #2 aka The Tibetan Caffeine tape all at once. I could not believe the response i got from my body!...i feel completely energized, relaxed and at peace....All along i thought that when my fatigue was cured, my breathing would return to normal. I never thought that my incorrect breathing could be the cause of this until i read your web site.

Phil Madeley, Arizona

After working with Better Breathing Exercises 1 & 2: Realizing how restricted my breathing is..., Wonderful tingling sensations all over my body during the exercises, Greater awareness/connection with my breath (glimpse of where I should and am actually breathing from), A glimpse of something (non-physical) I have been blocking for a long time

Mike White

I, (Mike White) at age 11 was asked to sing acapella for my 500 grade school student body members. The next few years I experienced severe trauma via beatings and a sledding accident. I lost my singing voice and spent the next 40 years yawning, unable to catch my breath and mostly in a hurry. My breathing was the issue. This is what got me into studying breathing as a life's purpose and showed me how little knowledge there was about healthy natural breathing development. In 1996 a thankful client suggested I buy Breathing.com and the rest is history.