OUTCOME SWITCHING also known as Fake Medical News

For years I wondered about how well the clinical studies were including breathing in their insights and conclusions. I discovered that all the ones I investigated had nothing including breathing and its effect on their conclusions. What I call UDB  was not even thought of. I created an award called "Unclear on the concept Award". Lots of recipients. Little has changed

The Economist recently published an article related to how many medical researchers move their goalposts halfway through a study. Dr. Ben Goldacre of COMPARE see Ted Talk - Battling Bad Science  in a more broad-based way is doing much the same thing and alerting the publishers of the studies of their inconsistencies or outright change of outcomes based on an arbitrary set of circumstances having nothing to do with the original goals of the study; some justified, most not.

Vimeo  http://www.nextworldhealthtv.com/videos/important-to-beware/scientists-under-attack.html

The teaching world is beginning to pay more attention to our insights from 85,000 Optimal Breathing Free Breathing Test Takers. 
My Optimal Breathing kit has been integrated into the Doctorate program for Advanced Athletic Training (DAT) at the University of 'Idaho.  "As the nation?s first Advanced Doctor of Athletic Training (DAT), this program is designed to improve your clinical practice through advanced manual therapy techniques and analysis of patient outcomes in an applied research focus. Gain valuable clinical experiences with opportunities to conduct original research in a flexible format that combines online and on-campus instruction."