Oxygen Enhanced Exercise and Rest


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Exercising while breathing supplemental oxygen may greatly increase the amount of oxygen in the blood plasma, i.e., the nearly colorless liquid carrying the red and white cells. This can be determined by testing the blood-oxygen levels in the arteries or veins. Quite often after 15 minutes of exercising with oxygen, there is a dramatic “pinking” of an exerciser’s skin.

If this can be seen by simple observation, then it follows that the tiny capillaries, the blood vessels tinier than a strand of hair, are carrying extra oxygen not only to the skin’s surface, but to all the cells in the body. Energy, vision and mental clarity may improve immediately. Streaming, energy currents, buzzing, tingling, and breeze-like sensations may be felt in different areas of the body.

Many contemporary scientists say you can’t increase the oxygen in your blood by breathing extra oxygen. We disagree. What they most likely mean is that you can’t increase the oxygen in your red blood cells, which are responsible for transporting oxygen to the tissues. The reason many say the amount of oxygen in the red blood cells cannot be increased is because, under most circumstances, they are already 97.3% saturated with oxygen.

So they say a three-percent increase will make little difference, and the red blood cells won’t accept the extra oxygen anyway.

William Campbell Douglas, MD in his landmark Stop Aging or Slow the Process: How Oxygen Enhanced Exercise can help has clarified this. While the red blood cell info is true, the role of oxygen in the plasma needs to be considered. Many (but not all) people can, by taking lots of slow deep breaths, cause the oxygen content of the plasma itself to be significantly increased, and thus oxygen will be “pushed” into the body’s cells without the aid of the red blood cells.

Dr. Douglas shows that it is based on the “Law of Mass Action,” which states that if you build up the concentration of a certain component in a chemical mixture high enough, chemical combining will take place with other elements in the mixture, which under normal circumstances wouldn’t happen. In this way, the normal “shunting,” or oxygen’s bypassing cellular uptake, is partly reduced and the cells get extra O2 anyway .

Transformational breath work (where one lies down and gently increases their breathing rate for a period of time) works a great deal in this manner, and this partly explains why so many “healings” occur by just doing more good breathing in a safe and supportive environment. Most of the oxygen in the plasma under these high-saturation circumstances will be shunted/bypassed and “wasted” in that it will not be absorbed by the cells, which normally expect to be “fed” oxygen by the red blood cells.

But if only one-tenth of one percent of this oxygen gets through, and you offer your cells this extra O2 dose every day, there will be an extensive increase in your total tissue-oxygen levels. Our goal is to keep the oxygen level of my blood as close to optimum (100% on the pulse oximeter scale) for as long as possible—and ideally, for life. Majid Ali, MD in his Oxygen and Aging is to me the best information source on all this. He is a pathologist (blood specialist) and has performed over 20,000 tests using the High Resolution Bradford microscope.

The Bradford (dark field) magnifies 12,000 times while conventional microscopes magnify 400 times. At 12,000 X You can learn a lot about blood that most others do no know about. Ali shares many powerful insights and some great pictures of live blood analysis in his DVD about Fibromyalgia OXYGEN KILLERS .

The most punishing oxygen users for the body are heart weakness, poor posture, tension in neck and around shoulders, acute and repetitive trauma, too much exercise, chronic inflammation, poor digestion, poor diet, negative attitude, fungal, viral or bacterial infection, toxic stress, chronic sinusitis, food allergies, sleep apnea, snoring issues, shallow or unbalanced breathers, asthma, emphysema, heart attack, stroke, lack of exercise, dehydration, chemical sensitivity, cancer, chemotherapy, acidic body pH, weak kidney’s, high stress levels (especially when accumulated over time).

Operations have an instant draining effect on the C02. Within 24 hours, C02 drops below the danger zone and, according to an MD I know, it can take 50 days or more to make a reasonable recovery. I suggest that (when practical) surgeons put their patients on Oxygen Enhanced Exercise before and after surgery. We recommend that Oxygen Enhanced Exercise be used to enhance the healing effect of most treatments between visits.

CANCER loves a low-oxygen environment and so, although chemotherapy and radiation may be killing some cancer cells, they are quite possibly encouraging the growth of more cancer, because these interventions rob the tissues of oxygen. Either the cancer starts growing again or a new type of cancer can start. Perhaps that’s why with childhood leukemia, while the leukemia appears to have gone away after chemotherapy, often a new cancer, such as lymphoma, can develop and kill the child.

Oxygen Enhanced Exercise may make a nice addition to the fight to prevent cancer.

It also may be associated with:


  • Reduction of susceptibility to disease
  • Cancer and cancer relapse prophylaxis (stabilization of immunodefense)
  • The increase of general circulation stability
  • Conditioning at permanent job stress (restorative training for the manager)
  • Conditioning before predictable intensive physical or psychical stress (operations, delivery, several hours of artistic, political or sporting events)
  • Conditioning after intensive stress to minimize the aftermaths (danger of heart attack also in younger years, fatigue, the difficulty of breathing, reduction in vitality and so on)
  • The increase of mechanical performance reserve strongly reduced at ripe old age and therefore increase of individual expectation of life (reduction of the „biologic age“ by average 10 years)
  • Intensification of holiday effect by treatment during the holiday period
  • Fighting Illnesses and Suffering
  • Amelioration of degenerative phenomenon’s in the eye area
  • Reduction of frequency of angina-pectoris attacks by the support of perfusion of coronary vessels in coronary heart disease
  • Strengthening of aspiratory muscles in pulmonary emphysema
  • Amelioration of bronchial asthma and shortness of breath
  • Influence on certain liver diseases, support of detoxifying function of the liver at toxic load
  • Combating circulatory disorders in extremities (intermittent clotting, prevention of amputations)
  • Reduction of frequency and severity of migraine attacks
  • Acceleration of wound healing/contribution to renormalizing low blood pressure
  • Acceleration of rehabilitation after serious illness (after a heart attack, operation, infection, intoxication)
  • Reduction of side effects and increase of the main effect of drugs
  • Amelioration of the toxic side effects of conventional cancer therapies (operation, radiation, and chemotherapy)
  • Increasing performance reserve reduced by a lack of exercise after serious illnesses (especially such as paralysis, arthritis, rheumatism and nursing cases) 
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