Bag Accessories

10 ft Bag to Mega-Flow Mask 

Connector Hose

Bag to Mega-Flow Mask Connector Hose is a large connector hose that connects/transports O2 from the Reservoir bag to Mega-Flow mask. Plug/cork stops O2 leakage when the system is not in use. The bag comes with two hoses to fit the dual mega flow mask. For each mask, two hoses are required as one can be used to extend them or allow two persons to use the bag simultaneously.

It is recommended to add 2 hoses to your cart. This also includes 1 copper connector for every 10 feet hose.


  • Included with Turbo Oxygen System

  • Component of Reservoir Bag; includes TWO hoses

  • Requires TWO hoses per mask

  • No need of cleaning the hose

Adjustable Bag Stand Horizontal/Vertical

Adjustable bag stand can be used to hang the reservoir bag horizontally or vertically.


  • Foldable and Flexible

  • Made with Aluminium Alloy and Plastic


  • Extended Length: 210 cm

  • Folded Length: 68 cm

  • Maximum Width: 300 cm

Turbo Bag to Mega-Flow Mask 


Turbo Bag to Mask Hose Extender/Joiner connects two hoses for extended length. A maximum length of 30 feet can be obtained. One joiner is required for each 10 feet.