The annual revenue of the vaccine industry is forecast to be at least $41.85 billion in 2018 with Pfizer, Wyeth, Sanofi Aventis, Novartis, AG Merck Company and GlaxoSmithKline as the top producers. The vaccine industry is constantly engaged in marketing new vaccines, pressuring state and federal politicians into mandating vaccines for everyone, and disseminating propaganda for the purpose of engendering in the public a religious-like faith in vaccines.


Poliomyelitis is an inflammation of the gray matter of the spinal cord that causes paralysis and can also occur in the brainstem (bulbar polio). Provocation polio refers to polio caused by a polio injection and wild polio refers to polio caused by the natural polio virus.

Between 1912 and 1970 incidence of polio was very low compared to other diseases.
The wild polio virus was never the big killer or paralyzer the public was led to believe. Before the intro- duction of the polio vaccine, incidences of polio were in a steady, steep decline. It disappeared in countries where the vaccine was never introduced.


The polio virus existed naturally in human bowels for millennia. In a paper published in 1964 by J.V. Neel, PhD, outlining his studies of a remote Xavante Indian tribe in Brazil, members of that population, untouched by civilization, not only had the antibodies of the polio virus but had immunity and no paralysis.


Monkey kidney cells, newborn calf serum, phenoxyethanol (used as antifreeze, toxic to all cells), formalde- hyde (can cause paralysis, cancer and is toxic to the liver, respiratory, nervous, reproductive, and gastro- intestinal systems), neomycin (can cause epilepsy and brain damage), streptomycin (can cause neurotoxic reactions like respiratory paralysis) and polymyxin (an antibiotic which can cause mild to life-threatening reactions).


For many decades, DDT poisoning caused paralysis and was labeled polio. DDT enhances the release of intracellular multiplication of the poliovirus, turning a benign gut virus into something harmful. Food, water, soil and clothes were inundated with DDT for decades. Phasing out DDT initiated the decline of wild polio and between 1940-1970, polio peaked and declined according to pesticide production.

High exposure to DDT and the modern Western lifestyle of eating refined sugar and processed food, consuming alcohol, eating pesticide-laden fruits and vegetables, receiving vaccines and taking antibiotics, reduced, and, in some children who were vaccinated, eliminated their natural immunity to polio and caused paralysis. The majority of children vaccinated had the polio virus antibodies and so were immune and did not get polio from the Salk vaccine introduced in 1955 that contained live viruses.

Arsenic drugs for syphilis were known to cause polio-like paralysis. Despite warnings from the inventor of the arsenic drug Tryparsamide of its dangers, The Rockefeller Institute, which licensed it, continued to push it even as polio epidemics rose.


In the 1940s, Frederick R. Klenner, MD, had 100% success rate treating polio-like symptoms with intravenous vitamin C. At the same time, in Australia, Sister Kenney successfully used physical therapy with polio victims who were probably paralyzed because of arsenic exposure. Cattle in Australia were routinely dipped in chemicals, including arsenic. She was hounded and persecuted by The Rockefeller Institute researchers because of the incredible success she was having.

She refused to be bought off or intimidated by them and the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis (now the March of Dimes) who feared she was damaging their pro-vaccine ambitions.


The origin of the epidemic is suspect and cannot be absolutely proven. Simon Flexner and others at The Rockefeller Institute in New York were experimenting with the polio virus and developed a lethal strain in their lab, a few blocks from where the El train stopped. It’s suspected someone working on or near the virus in the lab traveled to 3rd Street and 5th Avenue in Brooklyn where the first victim was infected and then the virus spread.

The epidemic affected approximately 23,000 people and caused 5,000 deaths in New York, New England, Delaware, Maryland, Vermont and the District of Columbia, with a few cases in Vermont and Canada.
The fatality rate of 25% was the highest ever recorded for a polio epidemic.

This epidemic was instrumental in preparing the public to accept a polio vaccine.


Researchers needed to convince the public that a vaccine was needed so they created a very loose protocol of diagnosis. Some of the diseases that were diagnosed as polio before 1954 because they caused paralysis were:

  • Enteroviruses such as Coxsackie and ECHO• Congenital syphilis
    • Arsenic and DDT poisoning
    • Transverse myelitis
  • Guillain-Barre syndrome• Vaccine injections
  • Hand, foot and mouth disease• Lead poisoning
    • Lyme disease
    • Aseptic meningitis

Before the Salk vaccine was introduced, all patients who experienced paralysis for at least 24 hours were diagnosed with polio. After the vaccine was introduced, a patient had to have paralysis for at least 60 days or it was not considered polio.


The drug industry showed in the press frightening images of children struggling to walk in braces in order to scare the public into welcoming a vaccine. Brutal, unnecessary therapies were used, such as casts, splints, electrical treatments, transplantation, iron lung machines and tendon cutting. By using these cruel therapies, doctors often induced paralysis in children who never had polio.


In 1955, when the Jonas Salk polio vaccine was unveiled, 80 million people donated to the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis (NFIP). Their budget grew from $3 million to $50 million, supporting an entire generation of researchers. Salk contended he gave the vaccine away for free but the truth was the vaccine didn’t meet the standards for being patented at that time. The NFIP was bringing in plenty of money without it.

The NFIP was intimately involved with The Rockefeller Institute and all researchers were from that foundation. Albert Sabin was mentored by NFIP’s founder and developed the oral vaccine still in use in India. Thomas Francis of The Rockefeller Institute headed the Salk vaccine trial of 1954.

This was the first time a disease charity became intimately involved with Big Pharma –a precursor of things to come. All disease charities are now associated with Big Pharma.


When the first Jonas Salk injectable Inactivated Polio Vaccines (IPVs) were introduced by the Cutter Laboratories, they caused a massive epidemic of polio. The vaccine had been fast-tracked (a record two hours to approve). To help it along, Jonas Salk redacted negative data from the lab reports. Researchers who cautioned against the vaccine were ignored or risked having their careers destroyed. Researchers had discovered that the amount of formaldehyde in the vaccine did not inactivate the live virus but Salk and Dr. Thomas Rivers, director of The Rockefeller Institute, were adamant that more formaldehyde not be added.

Rivers – “If you put more formaldehyde in, you’ll make it so damn safe it won’t be any good.” Thus, a vaccine with a live virus was put on the market in spite of warnings. As a result:

  • 220,000 people were infected by the live virus• 70,000 developed muscle weakness
    • 164 were paralyzed
    • 10 were killed
  • 75% of children injected with Salk’s vaccines from the Cutter Lab were paralyzed for life• Not all of the Cutter cases were reported because of a strict time limit allowed to report.

The vaccines became more and more diluted as time went on but vaccine-caused polio continued to rise. The largest peak occurred in 1955 but 1956-1959 had peaks as well. It was discovered, but not addressed, that the virus in the vaccines could reactivate on the shelves weeks or months later but nevertheless continued to be injected into children.

Other labs produced the live virus polio vaccine and sold it in the U.S. and other countries and caused paralysis in children as well but Cutter took most of the blame. The dangers were hidden from the public for 50 years for fear people would lose trust in their public officials.


  • Polio increased 300% in states that had compulsory vaccination.
    • After the vaccine was introduced, diagnoses of polio narrowed considerably, driving down the statistics of polio.
  • Brutal treatments like iron lungs, casts and braces were eliminated, having successfully accomplished

their marketing job.

  • The physical therapy treatments of Sister Kenney, scorned by vaccine companies while they were building

public pressure for vaccines, became the norm.

  • Requirements for accepted cases of vaccine-caused polio became extremely stringent and people had a

difficult time receiving compensation.


Edwin Lennette, MD, Director of California State Department of Health: “In general, vaccines could test negative in the lab and in test animals, yet behave differently in humans. You just put in some formaldehyde and inactivate the virus, and you do a few tests, and if nothing happens in the animals, then you think well, we’ve got a vaccine. But you put it into a man, who is the ultimate susceptible animal, and then something else goes wrong, and you’ve got a problem.”


The SV40 virus, an active ingredient in polio and other vaccines, lives naturally in the green monkeys that are killed to provide tissues for the vaccines, but causes cancer in humans.


  • In 1960 virologist Dr. Bernice Eddy reported her findings that the SV40 virus was associated with cancer.
  • Federal agencies did not require vaccine companies to take the SV40 virus out of their vaccines.
  • Through the ‘60s,’ 70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s rates of childhood cancer continued to rise until it has become the

number one disease that kills children.

  • For four decades, the government insisted there was no connection between cancer and the SV40 virus.
  • In 1993 world-renowned researchers Dr. Harvey Pass and Dr. Michele Carbone were shocked that they

were forbidden by the vaccine industry to speak to the press regarding their discoveries of the connection

between the SV40 virus and cancer.

  • In 1999 Barbara Loe Fisher of the National Vaccine Information Center testified to a congressional

committee that “credentialed, non-government scientists in multiple labs around the world continue to identify SV40 in the human brain and lung cancers of children and adults and are finding that SV40 is also associated with bone cancers and Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphomas.”

  • In October 2002, The National Academy of Science Institute Immunization Safety Committee published a report that admitted the SV40 simian virus is in both the Salk and Sabine vaccines and causes cancer in humans.
  • Today, the tissues of monkeys are still ingredients in vaccines and the risk of SV40 infection still exists.


In India, where DDT is still manufactured and in use, children are inundated with Sabin’s oral vaccines (OPVs).

  • Cases of non-polio acute flaccid paralysis (NPAFP) caused by the vaccine (which would have been called polio before the introduction of the polio vaccine) are skyrocketing.
  • Blame is placed on the unvaccinated or children not having enough vaccines even though some are vaccinated more than 30 times.
  • Brutal treatments like braces and casts are again being used in India, Nigeria and Gaza to convince people to have their children vaccinated with the polio vaccine.
  • In 2011 there were 47,500 cases of non-polio paralysis caused by the polio vaccine.

In Pakistan, in 2016, there were 136 cases of polio and 107 of those children had been vaccinated with Sabin’s oral vaccine. The virus from the vaccine ends up in the child’ fecal matter and infects drinking water sources and spreads the disease to family members and the community.
Sabin’s OPVs have been phased out in Western countries because of the adverse

side-effects so they are being dumped on third world countries with the help of Bill and Melinda Gates, UNICEF, WHO and Gavi (The Vaccine Alliance).

Salk’s IPVs are still being injected into children in the U.S. and still contain cancer-causing monkey tissues. Because the polio vaccine is only one part of the massive amount of vaccines now being injected into children and babies, it is difficult to differentiate between the harm, paralysis and death being caused by any individual vaccine.

The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) was set up in 1986 after a massive amount of vaccine injury lawsuits threatened to put vaccine manufacturers out of business. Con- gress passed a law that absolved vaccine companies of all liability and denied citizens damaged by vaccines due process in courts of law. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Justice make it extremely difficult for people injured by vaccines to prove their case; nevertheless the NVICP has awarded over $4 billion dollars to people damaged by vaccines, paid for by taxes on the vaccines.


If not for the financially driven motives of Big Pharma and their vaccine manufacturers, humans’ natural immunity to polio would have continued and all the chemical causes of polio-like paralysis recognized and dealt with. But the goal of vaccine manufacturers and the March of Dimes has never been children’s health, only profit. Money that should be spent on improving sanitary conditions in developing countries is being spent on foisting vaccines on sick, poverty-stricken people who must yield control over their own bodies and those of their children to government authorities and drug companies.

Swedish virologist Sven Gard commented on the fact that the virulent, dangerous Mahoney strain of the Salk vaccine that had caused so much damage in 1955 was being diluted bit by bit: “I am now quite confident that the whole philosophy behind the Salk vaccine...is wrong indeed. When repeated filtrations are applied for removal of ‘aggregates’ one is only hunting ghosts. The effect of filtration is nothing but a gradual removal of virus, live and dead alike. It could just as well be substituted by plain dilution of the vaccine.”

That statement is an incredible indictment of the Salk vaccine. By using fear, lies and intimidation, parents were coerced into compliance. How ironic that history has distorted the facts regarding polio and the polio vaccine and created a myth glorifying Jonas Salk as a hero.

Suggested reading: Vaccination Condemned by Eleanor McBean (PRISM); Dissolving Illusions by Suzanne Humphries, MD; and Roman Bystrianyk.
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