"The secret of life is creating energy then managing it." michael grant white

The Optimal Power Nap and Brain Trainer™

Optimum learning, Oxygen Boosting, Blood oxygen transport, Breathing development, Comprehensive Nutritional Evaluation. Any combination or all 5. 

Studies of “planned napping” demonstrate the significant benefits of a short daytime rest break.  These benefits include mental and physical renewal, enhanced memory, heightened creativity, greater efficiency and even systemic protection against a wide range of health risks. Integrate that with properly chosen and timed exercise and you also magnify the brain's ability to remember (we train you here and/or show you how to do that at home).

Personal applications of this program are wide-ranging. It can be a vital addition for those seeking self mastery, mind/body healing and a deeper sense of well-being plus for those who are:

  • Not getting enough restorative sleep at night
  • Jet lagged from traveling between time zones
  • Fatigued from driving long distances, needing to re-alert
  • Recuperating from an injury, surgery or illness
  • Working on a creative project or studying new material
  • Addressing health challenges
  • Tapping into physical reserves, need to replenish energy
  • Increasing sexual energy and libido
  • Wanting more personal power or  direction in life
  • Wanting to be refreshed for more activity

Including  an incredibly easy to use high tech state of the art tool using LED stimulation, multiple voice instruction, subliminal training, deep relaxation to delta and theta brain wave states, and embedded tones for a frequency following effect. 700+ programs for custom training such as, weight loss, achievement, performance,  brain training, learning, sports, health, wealth. 

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Personally trained in your home or office OR:

100% self help anywhere in the world including planes, trains, buses or automobiles.

1. The Optimal Brain Trainer  700+ downloadable programs.  Rest and awaken to your highest potential

Look around the programs and download a free audio-only sample or buy a MindFit now


To order the in-stock LED/AUDIO combo headset or with any questions call us at 704.597.6775 EST ask for Mike or Kim

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Voiceamerica's Jessica Alstrom PDF of interviewing Dr. Porter April 16, 2015


Each headset system has a mini computer called the "ZenSync Decoder," which converts the ZenSync encoded signal embedded within each SMT session. The user is guided through the brainwave entrainment process designed specifically for that session.

The headset is also considered a portable achievement device. It uses SMT sessions that gently guide the user from the wide-awake state into the optimum learning state.

  • Access a deeper meditative state without years of disciplined practice
  • Increase mental clarity of thought and develop your intuition
  • Enhance sleep so you can awaken feeling rejuvenated and energized
  • Reduce your stress, worry, frustration and irritability while achieving emotional stability, mental harmony and balance
  • Attain the right mindset to achieve your life goals
  • Overcome bad habits, fears, and phobias
  • Significantly decrease negative self-talk and self-destructive impulses
  • Explore and expand your self awareness and higher states of consciousness
  • Attract and learn how to manifest your desires
  • Enhance concentration, memory and recall
  • Reducing unresolved trauma/PTSD and a propensity towards conflict and war.


2. Inexpensive Oxygen booster for exercise and rest  (The brain uses 25-40% of your oxygen supplies).  A few benefits of oxygen supplementation

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3. Super Blood Oxygen Transporter Booster Food called BrainON.  Natural, organic and Kosher energy. Most feel its natural energy and sense of wellness within 10 minutes of taking it.

4. The Optimal Breathing Self Mastery Kit

Individuals who work in high stakes, life or death situations do so accidently or are trained to breathe better, because if elite warriors and first responders, or top athletes and leading executives freeze or panic, if they falter or fail, people can get hurt or worse, and millions of dollars or more can be loss. But too much of this is still TOO MUCH and regularly needs to be properly brought back into balance.

The average person is not trained to breathe. They are left to deal with their challenges and stresses without the benefit or the advantage that optimal breathing training brings.

The way we breathe fosters clear or confused thinking, makes us excited or calm, tense or relaxed and worsens or improves every health condition possible. You can manage something better if you can measure it. It is our intention to provide the knowledge and materials that can improve the lives of millions of human beings. We start with breathing, then add everything else.

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5. Complete our 30 page questionnaire covering nutrition, internal cleansing and lifestyle programs customized to your needs. Download and fill out this forms then call us at 704.597.6775 for a consultation.

If you are unsure where to start take our free breathing test

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