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The Perils and Promises of 2020 and "The Great Reset": Sayer Ji's Analysis, Review & Suggestions

The bigger the lie is, the harder it is to disprove it. Scientism (think confusions between good and bad science) is the religion that devours all others. 

Values are number one. Health is true wealth. You will cut yourself intellectually if you stay in the realm of right and wrong or black or white, of skin color instead of character.

Focus on solutions instead of harvesting negative energy stemming from divide and conquer via race, religion, gender, socioeconomic class, our belief systems about wearing masks or not.

To the degree we get polarized on only one or more segments is the degree we dehumanize ourselves and become more subject to being manipulated by our ignorance, anger and fears

See a world with more kindness, greater creativity, emotional intelligence, physical and mental health, lower stress, deeper spirituality, greater self-awareness and higher consciousness.   

 It all starts with your imagination and intentions, then, according to Michael Grant White, comes breathing.