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Testimonial from Mike White:

If I was stranded on a desert island and could only bring one food with me to help me survive, I would without a doubt bring spirulina

I dropped 5 pounds in a week eating nothing but 3 ounces of the fresh frozen Spirulina in an 8 ounce glass of Kambucha several times a day. It tastes like healthy soda pop. My energy soared. YUMMY! The response from this page has been astounding. MANY more have started using Spirulina because of its lack of taste and ease of mixing in anything you wish to drink.

Chlorophyll and oxygen, vitamins, minerals, detoxifying, etc, all have effects on conditions of the body. It most cases the body has the ability to recover and or heal if there is the proper nutrients and if there is chlorophyll and dark green foods to produce oxygenized environment in the body. My daily lap swimming tripled from 50 laps to 150 in a 2 weeks time. My hair got thicker. My memory improved, and weight dropped. I soon began to sense I could push my self farther and faster and then be able to use or two or three ounces of liquid Spirulina to recover.

Two Japanese PhD researchers, on request of the Emperor testing for new foods desperately needed by Japan lived in a cave on nothing but a natural lake source of Spirulina and water for several years. It is probably the safest, most complete food second to mother's milk and in a brand new fresh frozen state for one and all. Spirulina has absolutely no toxic properties. It is an alkaline forming protein containing ALL necessary amino acids is known for pulling heavy metals and radioactivity out of the human body.

New customers may call orders in 888.223.1441 Pacific Tme zone and receive a %20 discount by mentioning michael white and code MSW-20 PLUS, when you order if you let me know you did so I'll send you a PDF download of the 202 page Spirulina: Food for a Hungry World that was autographed for me by Christopher Hills who partnered with Hiroshi Nakamura to develop the farming techniques used to take Spirulina out of the wild into large football sized water tanks for mass growth and harvesting. But the dried fishy flavor never gained widespread



usage. Times have changed. ours 

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Spirulina Health Benefits

The State of Spirulina Research:

The serious scientific research on the nutritional benefits of spirulina began in the 1960s, when the French firm Sosa Texcoco was investigating it prior to opening their Spirulina harvesting plant at Lake Texcoco in Mexico. During the 1970s, many scientists were hopeful that that spirulina’s exceptionally high protein content would make it a candidate to feed people in the protein-starved third world. But Spirulina research since the 1970s has focused more on its disease-fighting- and-prevention potential than its starvation-prevention potential.

Many medical and educational institutions are looking at Spirulina, and following its progress on their websites:

Oregon State University reports on a 2005 study headed by The University of South Florida’s Paula Bickford, PhD. Dr. Bickford and her colleagues at James A. Haley Veteran’s Hospital and the National Institute on Drug Abuse found that, following induced strokes, rats which had been given diets supplemented with Spirulina showed brains lesions 75% smaller than those of control group rats. The rats fed Spirulina also recovered mobility to a greater extent.

The Health Information Center at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles references a second study by Dr. Bickford’s team in which the brains of aged rats fed Spirulina supplements maintained their neuron function much better, and showed far less free radical damage than those of rats fed cucumbers. Bickford’s research is significant because it indicates that Spirulina may be helpful in warding off the free radical damage related to aging diseases like Parkinson’s and Huntington’s Disease.

Kansas State University’s International Food Safety Network has published a 2005 article from the Decca, India Herald reporting that Spirulina is approved by both the FDA and the World Health Organization for use as a health food, and mentions it as a source of five essential amino acids which the human body cannot manufacture. The article also refers to Spirulina’s high mineral content, in particular the amount of iron it contains, its abilities to reduce gastro enteric distress by promoting the growth of intestinal bacteria, and to help prevent gastro enteric infection; and its cholesterol-reducing effects.

The abstract of a 2002 study by the Department of Animal Sciences at India’s University of Hyderabad from the US National Institutes of Health’s research data publication site, also cited by the University of Maryland Medical Center, explains the process by which Spirulina is able to inhibit the elevated levels of Cycloxygenase-2 associated with inflammation and cancer.

A second 2002 study (pdf) at Havana’s Ozone International Center showed that phycocyanin from spirulina acted as an anti-inflammatory in protecting live mice which had been injected with arthritis-inducing Zymosan. The mice showed no cartilage damage and an inhibited inflammatory response after receiving Spirulina for eight days following their Zymosan injections. The animal nutritionals maker Pharma Chemie of Syracuse, NY has since gone on to patent a compound containing phycocyanin, which gives Spirulina its blue-green color, as an anti-inflammatory for use in animals.

The UMM site also goes on to mention a Kerala, India study of eighty-seven human subjects in which 45% of those exhibiting oral cancer lesions caused from chewing tobacco experienced complete regression of their symptoms after receiving one gram of Spirulina fusiformus daily for twelve months.

The NYU Medical Center Hospital for Joint Diseases has, on its Center for Children website, a review of some of the research and claims made concerning the health benefits of Spirulina. The NYU site mentions that Spirulina has shown preliminary promise as in fighting HIV; and its potential against HIV and other viruses was demonstrated in a 1998 Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard Medical School study.The NYU site also references other numerous but preliminary test tube, animal and human studies which suggest that Spirulina might help lower cholesterol and reduce hypertension; prevent cancer; strengthen the liver’s defense against toxins; and alleviate allergic reactions.

Spirulina’s effectiveness in fighting allergies was shown in 2005 UC Davis research in which thirty-six rhinitis sufferers were treated with Spirulina supplementation, and those who took two grams daily experienced a significant reduction in their allergic symptoms. That research followed a 2000 UC Davis study which showed that when incubated Spirulina dilutions, cultured human mono nuclear blood cells, including macrophages and lymphocytes, are able to mount a stronger immune response.

Proponents of spirulina’s health benefits certainly have reason for optimism, but it seems clear that many more human studies, on much greater numbers of subjects, will be necessary if spirulina’s potential is to receive mainstream recognition.

General Nutritional information:

100gr Fresh Frozen Spirulina:

Total Protein: 6.40 gr,

Total Carbohydrates: 1.50 gr,

Total Lipids: 0.60 gr,

Total Minerals: 0.90 gr,

AMINO ACIDS: Histidine: 90.00 mg, Isoleucine: 316.67 mg, Leucine: 503.33 mg, Lysine: 296.67 mg, Methionine: 130.00 mg, Phenylalanine: 250.00 mg, Threonine: 276.67 mg, Tryptophan: 73.33 mg. Valine: 350.00 mg, Alanine: 410.00 mg, Arginine: 413.33 mg, Aspartic Acid: 566.67 mg, Cystine: 56.67 mg, Glutamic Acid: 916.67 mg, Glycine: 286.67 mg, Proline: 216.67 mg, Serine: 266.67 mg, Tyrosine 230.00 mg VITAMINS, Vitamin A (as 100% ß -Carotene): 13333.33 IU, Thiamine HCl (Vit. B-1): 0.01 mg, Riboflavin (Vit. B-2).27 mg, Niacin (Vit, B-3): 1.43 mg, Vitamin B-6 HCI 0.07 mg, B-12: 9.33 mcg. MINERALS. Calcium: 43.33 mg, Iron:5.67 mg, Phosphorus: 100.00 mg, Iodine: 4.00 mcg, Magnesium: 30.00 mg, Zinc:.13 mg, Selenium: 2.00 mcg, Copper: 33.33 mcg, Manganese: 0.30 mg, Chromium: 9.33 mcg, Potassium: 163.33 mg, Sodium: 83.33 mg.

Frozen Spirulina Vs. Dehydrated

What makes whole (raw or frozen) Spirulina nutritionally superior to spray dried Spirulina?

Currently the most common method of distributing Spirulina is dehydrating. This is a great way to extend it's shelf life but it is bad for the light and heat sensitive elements that make Spirulina so incredible. The most economical way to dehydrate is by spray drying. When this happens the Spirulina is subjected to extreme heat and pressure. Upon entering the rotary atomizer of the industrial dryer the delicate cells are crushed under pressure as well as being oxidized by exposing it to very hot air. The nutritional value is reduced proportionally to the temperature used for drying. The higher the temperature the greater loss of nutrients. Our method of harvesting and freezing Spirulina captures the life force of the cells and suspends the nutritional contents until you are ready to use them. If you mixed our Florida grown whole, raw, live Spirulina with water and gave it the right growing conditions, it would start growing again – it is “live” food – and just like all raw fruits and vegetables the sooner you consume them the more nutritious they are. This fresh and fresh frozen Spirulina is also much easier to mix with water, juices, or other foods. It has no taste because it was not damaged during processing so it is clean and free of harmful residue. And because the cell walls are not damaged, the entire contents of the cells are intact and completely available for absorption.

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New customers may call orders in 888.223.1441 Pacific Tme zone and receive a %20 discount by mentioning michael white and code MSW-20   PLUS, when you order if you let me know you did so I'll send you a PDF download of the 202 page Spirulina: Food for a Hungry World that was autographed for me by Christopher Hills who partnered with Hiroshi Nakamura to develop the farming techniques used to take Spirulina out of the wild into large football sized water tanks for mass growth and harvesting. But the dried fishy flavor never gained widespread usage. Times have changed.

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