Stress Management in the Workplace

The superficial nature of most conventional stress management solutions doesn't cause a lasting internal transformation of the individual. When a person lacks a strong baseline experience of inner happiness and positive energy, he or she becomes too dependent upon the environment for psychological well being. Enter the dragon (prescription drug based corporate health-sick care.

60 or so years ago the corporate world started "paying" for medical expenses. This seemed like a good idea at the time. What occurred over the years is that the individual has abdicated personal responsibility and let the "father/mother image of the corp "take care of them".  The corp paid the bills "so why pay that much attention on health".  These  days rising insurance costs, rampant obesity and chronic illness stemming from stress has made this relationship unworkable and unaffordable in its present form.

Meanwhile the pharmaceutical industry has added to the power of "mom and dad" and convinced the corporate "parents" that it is doing great due diligence with its alleged clinical studies and "harmless" side effects to take care of its "health care" which is actually mostly sick care.

There is a relationship between your stress coping skills and immune system. According to the Trimbos Institute in the Netherlands, acute stress (sudden, short-lived) actually improves our immune system temporarily. But chronic stress (long term) decreases the effectiveness of our immune system. They point out that depression is particularly detrimental to our immune system. Chronic stress occurs when problems outweigh our coping skills. Stress reduction and coping skills may need to be an integral part of one's agenda, especially with today's increasing appearance of adolescent depression."

When you feel good and in control of yourself and your life, you transfer that energy to your life, work and work-force. The results are more personal and work satisfaction, improved performance, reduced work days lost due to personal illness, less desire to change jobs or less stress when one does. Acronyms like JOB that stood for “Just Over Broke,” now stand for the “Joy Of Being.”

Optimal Breathing® will consciously show how easy it is to make one’s self feel good and have lots of extra energy, a second wind even when they thought they were exhausted. One’s life-force is one’s primary energy reserve. The least energy we expend attaining that reserve is often the most efficient means of going that extra mile. Optimal Breathing™ replaces many stress inducing exercise regimens and shows chronic over-trainers an exercise style that strengthens and conditions rather then stresses. We have recently added several seminars for the corporate environment 


Biofeedback can be very effectively used to establish a baseline and track progress as well as refine inner sensing abilities; on an as-needed or wanted and affordable basis. Many Optimal Breathing ® techniques and breathing exercises can be delivered to from 1 to 100,000 simultaneously. A greatly reduced cost over Transcendental Meditation (TM) and biofeedback.

Business, education, and government utilization of simple stress management and personal development skills will foster the opening up of feelings of caring, and motivation for self advancement due to improved self image, a sense of happiness and being supported by one’s inner self; a healthier bodymind. A bottom line of more satisfied trainers, useful managers, contented employees, and responsible citizens.  The foundation for all of which is intention, a little quiet time, and simple breathing development.

Whether or not you are sick and if you just want to maximize your energy in the most efficient way possible, here is my list of priorities:

  1. Rapid Breathing-Improvement. Develop your breathing FIRST.
  2. Fortify your energy
  3. Use specific breathing exercises to relax or energize or concentrate and focus.
  4. Detox
  5. Maintain optimal nutrition
  6. Supplement with vitamins
  7. Get plenty of rest
  8. Eliminate "surprise" foods that may be harming you.
  9. Learn as much as you can about breathing


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