The Truth About Vaccines TTAV

From Ty and Charlene Bollinger.

The Truth About Vaccines documentary was a huge success.

 Why do we say it was a “huge success”?

  • Because over 2 million people watched all or some of the 9 episodes & roundtable
  • Because eyes have been opened 
  • Because the flame of liberty has been fanned
  • Because we are all ready to draw the line in the sand and say “NO” to forced vaccines
  • Because many who were previously “sleeping” on this issue have been awakened
  • Because the momentum is just beginning and NOTHING can stop this freedom movement!

Thanks again for taking this journey with us, and thanks for taking a stand for health freedom!

Yours in liberty and freedom,

 Well, here we are with the most important subject in the last 100 years. The right to choose whether we are vaccinated or not.  Who owns our bodies, us or the state. 

I beg you to watch these two Roundtables and forward this page to every one you know. This vaccination oriented content is rapidly being censored and these videos were taken down but I had saved them.
Know that  VIMEO is the culprit. Amazon, Netflix, MailChimp, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter have taken down/censored pages about vaccinations that had gone viral and tried to eliminate our right to informed consent. 

The prescription drug industry, Bill Gates, The World Health Organization, and Center For Disease Control are in favor of World Wide Mandatory vaccinations. 





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