The Visitor

The Visitor

Shared by George Clinton Denniston, MD

Solutions to problems on Earth provided by a visitor from another planet.

A Space Ship landed in a large field a few miles north of Fairfield, Iowa. A single being walked down the steps into the recently cut hayfield. He was left standing there as the space ship took off. Cars passing by witnessed the event, but most were too frightened to stop. 

However, a Professor at a nearby college in Fairfield was fascinated, and did not hesitate to stop. He got out of his car and slowly approached the individual in the field. As he did so, he noted that the individual was about his size, and had a similar body plan, but there the resemblance ended. He looked friendly enough, and stood there peacefully.

The Professor spoke to him in English, but the spaceman did not seem to understand. Then he tried some sign language; then he simply gestured, Are you hungry? At this, the spaceman put his hands together in front of his chest, as if praying. To the Professor, who often greeted his friends in the same manner, this gesture meant, “I recognize the Divinity in you!” He was so surprised that he gestured for the spaceman to follow him, and get in his car. 

He drove into town where a faculty meeting was underway, and introduced his new friend to the assembled faculty, who were blown away, but made every effort to take it in stride.

The agenda turned abruptly to concentrate on what should be done next with their visitor. After much discussion, with the spaceman sitting peacefully and quietly by, it was decided that they must teach him English as a second language.


And so it was that the spacemen was enrolled in the small college, and every effort was made to protect him from a clamorous press. A Professor who had experience with radio and television was delegated to represent him to the press, while he learned English, and as much about our world culture as he wanted to digest. The spaceman seemed pleased, but not surprised by all the attention, and learned rapidly.

Thanks to the support of all the professors, he was able to range over a huge landscape, and to choose the areas where he felt he could shed some light as a result of his culture being hundreds of years ahead of the cultures on Earth.

At the end of an intensive year at the supportive University, he was ready for his first interview, which was conducted on live television, so the world could learn why he was there.

The interview was conducted by his English teacher, who had discussed at length with him the questions to be asked before beginning the interview. It was recorded for publication and was viewed by millions on CNN Television.


Where did you come from?

I was born on a planet near the outer edge of our mutual galaxy, the Milky Way Galaxy. My planet is many light-years away from here. We cannot travel faster than light, but we have discovered a warp in space-time that we can traverse that makes our journeys much shorter and therefore much quicker. This warp was discovered after we discovered quantum entanglement. 

Before I departed, my people replaced the water in my body with glycol, so that I could be frozen safely. If they had not done this, the freezing would have killed me. They placed me in a refrigerator, and shortly before landing, took me out, thawed me out, replaced the glycol with water, and here I am!

Why did you come to earth?

On our planet, we have, in addition to telescopes, sonoscopes that can detect noise on distant planets. When we focused our sonoscopes on your planet, we heard bombs exploding constantly for hundreds of years. Finally we had heard enough. I was sent as an Ambassador to tell you about our civilization, and what it is possible for highly evolved beings to accomplish. We suffered through the same sorts of problems hundreds of years ago, but we have been free of war now for several centuries. All of our people, happy and content, have a strong desire to share our results with other planets that might possibly want to be peaceful and happy.

Your Professors have explained to me many of the beliefs you have, and the things you do, and have asked me if we have similar issues. In many cases, we have, and we have solved many of them, since our planet’s people have had more time to evolve.

I want to emphasize at the outset that you have many wonderful things going on on your home planet, Earth. I am here to make suggestions about issues that might be improved by seeing them in another light. I hope you will take my criticism to heart, because you are at a critical turning point in human affairs, and if you do not get it right, there may be no future for your descendants.

What would you like us to know?

I have learned here, while learning English, that there are already people on this planet that have the same creed as we do! They are the Parsi’s of Mumbai, India. The creed is: 

“Good thoughts, good words, good actions.” 

I will add - Be kind to everyone. Always strive for Excellence. That’s it!

But to get there, we had to change many of our attitudes. I will give you an example: Instead of fearing others, we learned to “celebrate diversity”! We encourage our children to be curious about other ethnic groups, to study them, and to learn from them. We have visitors come to school, and talk about the country from which they come. In return, we put these visitors from foreign lands up at our homes, and enjoy their company. After the children grow up, and begin to travel about our planet, they want to learn other languages, so they can converse with and enjoy those people that they had learned about as children.

This creed and the two other phrases are by far the most important ideas for you to take to heart if you want to be peaceful and happy while you sojourn on your pleasant planet.

We also came to realize that when a person said something negative to us, it was his problem, not ours. We were just fine; it was he who was disturbed.

Similarly, instead of believing that fate was dumping on us whenever we faced hardship, we came to realize that each experience was an opportunity and a challenge to deal with. If we did not deal with it in this life, we came to learn that we would have to deal with it in the next life. That was a big shift.

I have some good news for you. Our people have traveled to many inhabited planets, and have discovered a wonderful truth. It seems that everywhere the people are friendly, and that the universe itself has our best interests at heart! What could be more wonderful than that?

We have learned that beings everywhere have the same goals. They understand that they have received this opportunity of life in order to grow and to help others to grow and evolve.

What else would you like us to know?

Well, it’s only a question of where to start! I have been fascinated to learn about your culture, and I have many suggestions for you to contemplate.

Let’s start with Work. 

Most of you spend a major part of your lives working. It is very important for your health, happiness and well-being that you enjoy, if not love, your job. This means that, if you are unhappy in your job, it is not the one for you, and you must look about and consider what to do next. Do not leave your present job until you get a new one, for it is much easier to get a job when you already have one. But do not stay in a job you don’t enjoy any longer than you possibly have to.

Your Eastern philosophies contend that there is one thing that you are uniquely qualified to do while you are here on this planet. You may not find it right away, but keep looking, and when you find it, do it! Do not let anything get in your way. Everyone wants to have a meaningful job.

Bosses need to know how not to create stress, either for themselves or for those under them. Everything they say to a person under them must be positive. This reduces stress and increases productivity. Criticism is rarely necessary; one can get better results through encouragement. Also, on any given project, if you act as if failure is impossible, you will likely be more successful, and work will be more gratifying.

Speak to us of Employment

First there is the question of pay. The workers, who actually generate the money for a company, should of course have enough money to live a comfortable life. In order to do this, greed must be controlled by law. It is outrageous that a CEO of one of your companies makes 200 times as much money as his employees. There must be a consensus about this, and salaries regulated so that everyone has a sufficiency.

Studying is a part of work, whether it be work-related or for pure knowledge. Scholarship should be honored, and scholars should also teach. We recognize that learning, and the consequent personal growth, is one of the main reasons why we have materialized on our planet, and it is why we are where we are today.

It would seem obvious that your women should be paid equal wages for equal work, yet your corporations have been getting away with underpaying women for hundreds of years. Especially today, when women are often heads of households, they should receive equal pay. A good way to achieve this would be by law, so that there will be a level playing field when everyone has to pay women and men equally for equal work.

Speak to us of Gardening.

On our planet, almost everyone has a garden. Usually it is a community plot where people can get outdoors, work a bit of ground, and socialize. All gardens are organic, and every child learns how to maintain them, often from someone whom they admire other than their parents.

If you plant a tomato plant, and give it little nourishment, it will still look like a tomato, but its nutritional value will be far less that a tomato grown in rich soil. In your stores, organic food may cost twice that of non-organic foods, but it often has three times the nutritional value, so you are actually getting more for your money with organic.

We garden not only for the fresh food it provides, but for the opportunity to get out in nature, and watch its wondrous ways unfold.

Most of our professionals, who have learned how to make and tend a garden of fruits, vegetables and flowers since childhood, take a little time off from their busy schedules several days a week to tend gardens and provide organic food for their families. They maintain contact with nature, of which they are a part. As a result, their professional lives are far less stressful.

Speak to us of Infrastructure

You could make inroads on preserving your infrastructure by forming a youth corps that most everyone joins for two years between high school and college. This would of course also reduce the unemployment rate, and give youth an opportunity to be out on their own where they might decide what they really want to do. Under the close watch of skilled engineers, they could repair structures that can be saved, while companies with skilled work forces could build new structures, if the present ones have deteriorated too far. 

Too few bridges have been cared for like the Golden Gate, which is constantly being painted, so that it will not rust, and can serve millions for years to come.

A youth corps could also perform tasks in this country, just as the Peace Corps did in other countries. When they have completed their service with pay, they will be better prepared to take advantage of all the opportunities in colleges and universities, if they decide to go there. 

Speak to us about Bricks.

When I heard that London had lots of bricks, I was quite interested, because our planet has similar building blocks, and our professionals regularly take time off to participate in what you call bricklaying. Many enjoy this skilled work and the sense of accomplishment that goes with it, and it de-stresses them.

I have been shown many photos of London, and it amazes me how many bricks there are. Miles and miles of railroad lines come into London on brick overpasses. Each one has a multitude of brick arches underneath, often used for some business or storage space. These brick structures were built over several centuries, by a vast unknown number of masons.

About 150 years ago, the first tunnel under the Thames River was completed. As they dug the tunnel, the material they dug out was sent to a brick factory and turned into bricks, which were returned to the tunnel for its construction! This tunnel is still in use today, and carries fast trains under the river.

Speak to us about Voting.

Everyone in a democracy has the right to vote. You currently have a political party that wants to only represent the 1% who have the most money. That is because their Congressmen are bought and paid for. They do many things to suppress the vote. They remove from the list of eligible voters the names of those whose name is identical with a felon. They lose ballots. They modify the voting district boundaries to change the balance of power, and much more. By voting to limit gifts to candidates, you can get big money out of politics.

You must make it clear that everyone needs to vote! That is the best way for individuals to get what they need. In Australia you have to vote, by law. I recommend that you use many forms of persuasion, and educate the people about their choices, rather than coercion.

I have been told that anyone can run for office. This means that a lawyer who is unsuccessful in his law practice can run for Congress. He is not necessarily a leader, nor does he probably care about his constituents. You need to have a more integral method of choosing leaders. They need to grow up in the district, and prove themselves as leaders before they can run. I have been told that that is the way Barefoot Doctors are chosen in China. They grow up in the district, prove that they want to take care of people, and are then sent to a school of medicine. When they have completed their training, they return to their district. It makes a lot of sense. They serve people they know with a sense of honor.

Similarly your Congress must be protected from its own narcissism. There needs to be a law or a Constitutional Amendment that says that any law Congress makes must also apply to members of Congress. No special perks for them. There is honor enough in serving their constituents.

Speak to us of Corporations.

I understand that many of your corporations are beholden to stockholders. The stockholders own the corporations, and the officers act to serve the stockholders. This system makes corporations into psychopaths. They really do not care for their consumers; only the stockholders. They have twisted your Constitution, the 14th Amendment, into recognizing that corporations have the same rights as a person does. In no way is a corporation a person, nor is it mentally healthy! The 14th Amendment never had any such idea, and so it must be twisted back to its original intent, which was to give real persons due process. I have no idea whether or not this can be accomplished.

Corporations need to achieve a new balance: they need to serve not just the stockholders, but the customers, their employees, and the community where they live.

A valuable alternative to for-profit corporations is the non-profit corporation. This type of corporation can make a profit, but it must be used for the purposes of the non-profit, rather than go to the government in taxes. Many hospitals are non-profit.

Voters need to realize that many corporations are not paying their fair share of taxes, and need to elect people who will take care of that.

Another thing that corporations do that all humans need to be aware of is to suppress useful inventions, because they would be competitive for that particular corporation. Perhaps the most important example is the suppression of the electric car many years ago. If it had not been suppressed, everyone would be driving an electric car right now, and the world’s pollution would have greatly decreased.

Speak to us of Banks.

Your banking system has been explained to me, and I have a suggestion for its improvement. The basic fact is that it is your money that a bank is entrusted with, yet bankers use it as if it is their money. So someone should set up a non-profit bank with strict rules of conduct. There would be no need for advertising because word of mouth would be sufficient, and there is the internet to promote it for free. The people who work in this not-for-profit bank have your best interests at heart, because your best interests are written into the transparent rules the bank lives by! As people learn about this type of bank they will move their money; then other similar banks, certified because they have identical rules, will start up. I do not know enough about the details of local lending to comment, but with care, the people’s money, loaned locally to businesses, should bring in more interest for that money. With complete transparency so that the public knows exactly what percentage is used to run the bank, and with backup insurance from a federal commission, money will be more likely to serve the interests of the owners of that money.

Speak to us of Affluence.

The very rich are not affluent. They are greedy, and many of them are very unhappy. Many of you are affluent. You have a sufficiency; you are grateful for it, and you are generous with it. You realize that the universe is abundant and that there is enough for everyone. Since the very rich do not know this, you have to make sure that abundance is the case. You must vote for Congresspeople who will tax the rich, so that everyone can have a sufficiency. They will have to regulate the salaries of CEO’s and assure that all working people are adequately provided for. That is what is possible in America.

Speak to us of Money.

I have learned that a few people, approximately 1%, have far more money than they know what to do with, and most people do not have enough to live comfortably on, even if they work hard. Apparently this has been the case for thousands of years on Earth, and is quite severe in your country at this time. You all came from the same distant ancestors; you are all related, so this clearly is not right.

The rich are living off the efforts of everyone else. Whenever possible, those who own a business must pay their employees more adequately, which is a win-win. Other rich will have to be taxed at a reasonable rate, and the money used for projects that benefit everyone. 

Mortgages on homes are a strange thing. Why should a third party benefit hugely from the sale of a home. If anyone is to benefit, it should be the seller. Safeguards need to be in place to protect the seller, but most of the money needs to go to him, rather than a bank. Instead of the buyer having to pay for the home three times over, the house sells for less, and the seller gets the interest over the years.

In your country there is a solution that is not available to many other countries on Earth. You can vote. This may well be the best way to serve the 90+% without a lot of money, and to control those with too much. You must elect people to represent you who have the guts to stand up to the greedy rich. Greed must be controlled by law, because greed has no end.

Speak to us of Education.

I am amazed to see how little regard you have for higher education for everyone who is qualified. Your students get into a college, and are saddled with debt that takes decades to pay off to independent companies that are out to make money! If the debt were carried by the college, then the college would get all that interest, which is currently two to three times higher than the interest on a new car. 

But if you truly valued higher education for all, you would find ways to pay for everyone who qualifies for a higher education. Some of the top private universities are already doing this. For example, Princeton, which ranks among the top universities, admits qualified students first, then supports them according to their needs. None leave with debt. If this concept is applied widely, you will find that supporting students who qualify is cheap at the price.

For the past few hundred years, your education has been geared to preparing a person to be a cog in the wheel of progress. With Artificial Intelligence and robots doing a lot of the repetitive jobs, you will have more time on your hands, and also more money. Education needs to make a shift to teaching young people how to be creative, for that is the most important and delightful skill that will be needed.

You should also want to teach young people how to think. You already have teachers who know how to do this. They are the Jesuits, and you would do well to have them teach teachers their techniques, so that everyone can benefit from this skill.

Speak to us of the News.

Most news that I have watched since I have been here is house fires, police arrests, accidents, and war. These events repeat themselves with little variation day after day, and have no socially redeeming value. That is the definition of "obscene." More and more people turn to the computer to get information that is relevant to their lives.

On our planet, we have graduated to watching something new every day. For you this would be to watch a science program that describes a new invention, how it works, and how it benefits people. Sometimes it takes several days to cover all the information on the new gadget. But it is never boring, and we have little advertising, because we are not a materialistic culture, and are quite happy with a sufficiency, refusing to add baubles to our lives at every turn. Newscasters on our planet enjoy their work more because they are always working on something new and different.

Speak to us of Welfare.

You have a welfare system that is helpful to a lot of people who are poor. Your Medicaid program helps them when they are ill. But it is hard for me to understand the logic of the richest family in your country being permitted to be the biggest beneficiary of welfare. The Walton family, whose father, Sam Walton, created and grew Walmart, by undercutting prices on everything, is by far the biggest beneficiary of your entire welfare system. Walmart does not pay its workers enough to get by on, so they use Medicaid, and food stamps to do so. The money the family saves by doing this runs into the billions of dollars. 

So they must pay their workers a living wage. In fact, it makes good sense to pay all individuals who work a living wage.

Speak to us of War.

Sir Julian Huxley, brother of Aldous and one of the world’s great biologists, said, “War is the ultimate detergent. It will wipe us all off the face of the Earth.” 

War is actually worse than that. It is humanity’s greatest crime. We already know that many people can go through life without killing. They know how to negotiate for things they want, and they do just fine. In war, you kill first, then negotiate. War is entirely unnecessary. 

Think of what you could do with the money wasted on war. Everyone could have a sufficiency. You could fix your entire infrastructure: roads, water plants, sewage plants, bridges, airports. You may give all the excuses you want, but on my planet, everyone is clear that war is useless and tremendously wasteful and tragic.

One of the great seers of this age on your Earth, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who introduced Transcendental Meditation to you, and who created Maharishi International University where I have spent the past year, said that the solution to war is that each one of us must learn how to be peaceful, and then there would be no need for war.

Speak to us about the Ozone Hole.

Few humans know that they recently escaped an event that would have eradicated all life on earth! My professors explained it to me. Apparently some British scientists discovered a large hole in the layer of Ozone that surrounds earth in the upper atmosphere. The hole was originally over Antarctica, but it was spreading. If it continued to spread, too much ultraviolet light from the Sun would be able to get to the Earth’s surface and wipe out all life. The American space agency, NASA, realized the danger, and persuaded governments to take action, because the hole was a result of human activity. Chlorofluorocarbons (Freon) used in refrigerators, when released into the air, float upwards and interact with the ozone layer, destroying it. By outlawing this chemical, the ozone hole stopped expanding, and is now contracting. All life on Earth missed becoming extinct by 2040, thanks to your science, and to human intervention. 

Speak to us about Overpopulation.

One of my Professors told me some amazing facts about your planet. It took 500 million years from the beginning of life on Earth to create humans, 3,000,000 years or more for humans to reach 2 billion on your Earth at the same time, but it took only 80 years for the population to double twice, to 4 billion and now to 8 billion people on Earth at the same time! That is 8,000,000,000.

This is tragic because the surface of the Earth is finite. Seventy-three percent is covered with water, and of the remaining 27%, only 10% is arable. You are converting the diverse biomass of this beautiful planet into people! It is just fine to want lots more people on this planet, but not all at the same time!

Some years ago, The Club of Rome initiated a study to model the dynamics of life on Earth. They discovered that, if Population and Capital were not controlled, overshoot and collapse would be the result. This means that the population would continue up for a while to an undetermined high, and would then collapse to approximately one-tenth of its maximum size. Now that you know what might be in store for you, you have the opportunity to work to prevent that from happening!

Many of the suggestions that I am making for you in this extensive interview will be of use to those few who survive the Nearly Extinction. They will need all the help they can get.

If all insects were to disappear, life would end, but if all humans disappeared from the Earth, life would thrive. You are in the unenviable position of destroying the home you live in. This, I must tell you, is a form of insanity.

Speak to us about Birth Control.

Every man and woman has the right to use some method of Birth Control. This right has just appeared in the past 50 years on Earth, and it is a great human advance. Birth Control methods, backstopped by abortion, give human couples absolute control of their fertility. Now they can have exactly the number of children they care to raise.

It was the decrease in death rates that caused the population explosion. In order to allay the pressures of over-population, you must decrease birth rates.

You have already accomplished two important goals. You have discovered a number of effective birth control methods, and you have a natural experiment that demonstrates that birth rate reduction is possible. In Europe, all 17 major countries have been declining in natural increase for some years. (This does not include in-migration from countries that have not controlled their growth!) The simple reason for this decrease is that European women have access to birth control and are using it to have the children they want and feel they are capable of raising. The sum total of this sensible thinking is a decrease in the birth rates in Europe.

One of the very best methods of birth control is not available to most women, precisely because it is so effective, and because it does not cost much. This is Quinacrine Sterilization, which one of my professors has been trying to get approved for decades. Tiny pellets of a well-known drug, Quinacrine (Atabrine), are inserted into the uterine cavity through a straw. No surgery is needed. The pellets melt, and chemically burn closed the two tubes coming into the uterus. It takes about 3 minutes for the insertion, and needs to be repeated one month later. Women need to insist on this because it is their bodies that will benefit from this simple procedure, developed by the world’s most effective contraceptive researcher.

Another popular and highly effective method for limiting family size is Vasectomy, which simply prevents the sperm from leaving the man’s body. Men sometimes put this procedure off, which often means that their wife will have an abortion. Making the decision to have a vasectomy promptly after the number of children desired is a great gift to a man’s wife.

It is ironic that those who oppose abortion also oppose contraception, which prevents abortion. So those who oppose abortion are directly responsible for many abortions.

Women and the men they love must use the vote to get what they want and to prevent dismal humans from depriving them of this great advance in human living conditions.

Speak to us of Health Care.

Your present system is bizarre. It is set up in such a way that it cannot possibly achieve its goal. Its goal should be to keep people as healthy as possible. With fee for service medicine that you have, doctors are motivated to do procedure after procedure to make money. They are not motivated to practice prevention.

If you had a single payer system, the money would pay salaries to doctors and lump sums to hospitals. Doctors would then be motivated to help keep their panel of patients as healthy as possible, so they would have more time for their families, and for sports like golf. This system would cost much less. The money spent on paperwork in the present system would pay for the health care of all the uninsured in this country. Most doctors are in favor of this system, because it will let them practice their profession more effectively.

Virtual medicine is going to improve your health care as it becomes more widely used. Using the computer and programs like Skype, patients will be able to have closer and more frequent contact with caregivers who know them. In this manner, many issues will be taken care of at an earlier stage, and thus prevent a lot of grief.

Speak to us of Birth.

We have found that the proper beginnings of life are critical to a happy life. Women need to be in control of their own births, and these births need to be without trauma. Right now I am told that 95% of your births are traumatic. It is no wonder that you humans have so many problems growing up. If parents knew how joyous it is to have and to raise a child who has been born without trauma, they would go to the ends of the Earth to achieve it.

I have been shown a marvelous film masterpiece, Birth As we Know It, by Elena Tonetti- Vladimirova. It describes water births, where the infant comes out of a water environment in the womb to a warm water environment on Earth, without trauma. During labor, instead of pain, the mother is having orgasms. No one ever told her it could not be that way.

Right now, many of the Obstetricians in this country are doing most things incorrectly.

They are performing far too many Caesarean sections (30% vs a maximum 6%).

They are inducing labor with powerful drugs instead of waiting until the infant is ready to greet the world.

They cut the opening, which leads to worse tears than if they leave it alone. All they need to do is control the head through the opening slowly. Never let it pop!

They immediately cut the umbilical cord, which would continue to pulse for some 20 minutes, putting blood and many other valuable compounds into the fragile newborn, who needs all he can get to survive.

They interfere with a woman who is “in the frame”, and prevent her from the tremendous experience of empowerment that she desperately needs in order to raise the child for the next 60 years, for you can never be an ex-mother!

Summing up, too many obstetricians fail to adequately respect the woman in labor. Women would be wise to avoid them.

There is an important female hormone that has a lot to do with successful birthing. Oxytocin helps to contract the uterus during labor. It is involved in breastfeeding. Interventions during birth often disrupt the effectiveness of Oxytocin to the detriment of mother and child.

Lastly, but far from least, your American doctors perform a procedure that defies all logic, and in fact is an atrocity. They cowardly remove half of the normal skin from the normal penis of a newborn boy, his most pleasurable and sensitive organ, depriving him of ever knowing what normal sex is like. It is amazing to me that they are still getting away with this, and not reviled like the pedophile priests, who actually do less harm to the organ itself.

I have learned about all these tragic errors in America. I know little about what other countries are doing regarding birth practices. But I did learn that the NHS, the National Health Service of Great Britain, recently said that healthy women should no longer give birth in hospitals. Instead they should give birth at home or in a birthing center.

Speak to us about Big Pharma.

Usually a person makes purchases based on what he wants and how much money he has to spend. In the case of medicines, someone else makes the decision to purchase (the doctor) and the patient gets to pay for it. There are thousands of examples of how the drug companies take advantage of the consumer on this basis. Here is one: A man has dry scalp. His doctor prescribes a salve that costs his health insurance $900.00. He checks to see what the active ingredient is, and finds it is ketoconazole 2%. He goes online and finds a shampoo product with the active ingredient Ketoconazole 1% that will cost him $16.95. This is fraud.

Speak to us about Medical Specialties.

Having doctors specialize in a part of the body sometimes has its advantages, because the doctor can know more about that part than most anyone and can keep up with the latest developments. However, each specialty has its own peculiar reasons for doing harmful things to their patients.

Pediatricians routinely perform only one operation on their patients, because their specialty is not a surgical specialty. The surgery they perform is not really surgery at all; it is mutilation (circumcision). If they do not operate themselves, they still do nothing to prevent the mother’s obstetrician from harming their patient, the infant boy. This is the behavior of a wimp!

Obstetricians do most everything wrong; they live in a world of orthodoxy which has more to do with bringing in money for their hospital and themselves than it does for helping their patients (see Birth). American women should not go to them at this time, if they want to have a birth that they control. Rather, they should contact a seasoned midwife.

Urologists, who have sworn to protect their patients, instead approve of cutting off, for no good reason, half of the normal skin on the organ they are supposed to be taking care of (circumcision). They are often consulted for prostate cancer. They will invariably recommend radical surgery, because that is what they were taught to do. Radical surgery has a less than 50% cure rate and is very painful, while radiation, which is not painful, has a better than 80% cure rate, if done carefully. That Urologists do not tell their patients about the better treatment is fraud.

Cardiologists refuse to accept chelation therapy which reverses coronary artery disease so that a person can live longer and healthier. Their orthodoxy overrides what is best for the patient. Denying the efficacy of chelation is no longer an option.

Ophthalmologists (eye doctors) are in denial of the usefulness of eye exercises to improve vision, yet Aldous Huxley found that it helped him a lot. The eye is not just an optical device; what it sees has to be translated by the brain, and exercises do help.

Orthopedic surgeons have been operating on backs, even though in many cases, the results are worse after surgery. It got so bad that responsible insurance companies had to set up strict guidelines which, if not followed by the surgeon, would result in his not being paid.

Family doctors are the best type of doctor to see if you are a family. Yet they too circumcise, even when it should be unheard of that a parent makes a decision to operate; not the doctor! Obviously the individual doing the procedure has the responsibility to make that decision after all those years of training, and seeing patients every day; not the parent who knows little or nothing about the harm they are doing to their own precious infant.

Then there are the dentists, the holy mouth men whose offices are little more than cash-making machines. Dentists must be brought under the health care umbrella, and their prices regulated, so that everyone can have their teeth maintained at a reasonable price. Dentists have kept inventions off the market that prevent dental decay. Using these products would permit people to keep their teeth until they die.

You will note that many of these harmful decisions have to do with making money. With a health care system where doctors and hospitals are given a regulated sum of money to care for their patients, the more people they can keep healthy, and the more money they will have to spend on the ill. They will want to practice preventive medicine. As is true with so many things, without money in the equation, doctors will really try to do the right thing and keep their patients healthy.

Speak to us of Chelation

Your diets are such that your arteries tend to be narrowed by a buildup of fatty plaques. This can cut off the blood supply to vital organs and often requires by-pass surgery, where a vein is used to take blood around a block, especially in your heart arteries.

I have been told of a technique that reverses this process and removes the block without surgery. It is called chelation, and has been given a bad name because it is so effective, and cuts into profits made doing surgery. All you have to do is sit quietly for three hours while a drip goes into your arm containing a chelation agent, which pulls heavy metals out of the plaque, and collapses it. This needs to be repeated many times, but it is nothing compared to the trauma and risks of by-pass surgery, and is longer lasting.

Speak to us of Hematomas under Finger or Toenails.

During my stay here, I dropped a heavy metal case on my left big toe, and a blood clot formed under the nail, producing pressure and pain. My teacher took me to the Emergency Room of the local hospital. The doctor took one look at my toe, and went for a paper clip. When he returned, he straightened it out, and then using a match, he heated one tip, while holding the other tip in his gloved hand. As soon as the match went out, he placed the hot tip on the middle of my nail, directly above the pool of blood below. Careful not to push too hard, because he did not want the tip to plunge thru the hematoma and hit my sensitive skin underneath, he held it there. As soon as the tip penetrated the nail, blood rushed out and the pressure was relieved. I thought this was brilliant, and I also thought that anyone could do this simple procedure without having to spend a fortune at the hospital.

Speak to us about Breathing.

On our planet, we have a technique of strengthening the diaphragm, which is the main organ for healthy breathing. I have learned that you have discovered this technique also, and it is written up in a book called Dr Breath!

A healthy diaphragm can do 80% of the breathing, and when it is working well, the entire trunk is involved. The problem is that the diaphragm cannot be exercised voluntarily, because it is usually run automatically. So here is how you exercise your diaphragm. You lie flat on a comfortable, but firm, surface, and breathe normally a few times. Then, when you are taking another breath in, you increase the intake to full. Then you start counting aloud by tens, until you no longer have any breath. Keep track of the number of sets of ten that you were able to say. Breathe a few more times normally, and repeat. Over time, you will be able to count to 100, and your diaphragmatic excursions will increase with each breath. That will dramatically improve your health, and your athletic abilities. Eventually, it is possible to count to 300 on one breath, like Dr Breath.

A second technique is most useful for athletes who run out of breath, say in a 400 meter race. At the end of the race, instead of breathing in, breathe all the way out, then let your body breathe in for you. Then breathe out again, as needed. This will improve your performance, because you will not be as concerned about running out of breath!

Dr Breath, also known as the late Carl Stough, taught these techniques to American athletes at Lake Tahoe while they were training for the 1968 Mexico City Summer Olympics, and they took more medals than ever before!

Speak to us about Smoking.

When I see someone sucking on a burning cigarette, and drawing smoke into their beautiful lungs, I realize that they have no idea who they really are. If they did, they would never consider harming themselves like this! They are dishonoring their amazing human body. They have no idea of the pain and suffering that they will likely undergo in years to come.

We teach in our schools how to recognize and ignore advertising for harmful products. 

If you never start smoking, you never have to give it up. I have watched, and heard about many smokers that have given up smoking countless times. What a hassle! What a waste of time! What an insult to your amazing body that only wants to serve you.

Take your cigarette money; save it for nine months, and then take a trip to Hawaii with it.

Speak to us about Death

Death, like birth, is a transition. Your body is no longer of any use, but you continue into a life between lives, where you meet your loved ones again. How much easier is it to handle a loved one’s death, if you know that you will see that person again, and again.

Death, if you can just believe the thousands of people who, under hypnosis, have told you what it is like, can now be met, not with grief, but with solemn joyousness.

Speak to us about Euthanasia.

On our planet, and in a few countries on Earth like the Netherlands, people have control of their own deaths. This has been the case for some time, and it works just fine. If a man has some pills that he can take when he decides to depart, he is less likely to shoot himself because he feels he might lose control. So the availability of legal Euthanasia actually prolongs life in general, and shortens it for those with intractable pain. 

This gives each individual control of his own death. It is the humane thing to do!

Speak to us of Suicide.

Suicide is a huge waste of time. You have come on this earth to face challenges, and deal with them. If you fail to do so, you will reincarnate and have to try again. You will repeat this cycle until you learn.

A good example is the man who grew up and studied to be a district attorney. He wanted to help people, but he took bribes, and hurt people. Seeing no way out, he shot himself at age 36. He immediately realized that he had made a mistake, because now he would have to be born again, grow up, study again and try to deal with the issue once again. What a waste of time.

Speak to us of Energy.

One Professor explained to me a means of generating electricity virtually perpetually. I do not see why it will not work. Every home could have one. For this to work, you will need two electric motors, one large enough to generate 20 watts of electricity, and the other much smaller, but capable of turning the armature of the larger motor. You plug in the smaller motor, and get it to turn the larger motor. Then a wire from the big motor powers the small motor, and you can now unplug the small motor from the external source of electricity. Now you have 15 plus watts of electricity to draw on while the motors are running.

When you think about it, all energy on your Earth comes from the Sun, just as it comes from our Sun on my home planet. There is photo-voltaic, where photons from the Sun strike a metal or silicon surface, and electrons go wild, producing electricity. Wind can spin generators, accomplishing the same thing. These are inexhaustible forms of energy. 

During the past 100 years, you have used water going downhill to spin generators that electrify entire cities. But how did the water get uphill? The Sun heated the ocean, forming clouds that drifted in and snowed in the mountains. The snow melted every spring, and the falling water turned electric generators.

Then there is oil and coal, formed from decaying plant material originally grown under the Sun. Millions of years are involved in this process, and you are burning it up in one hundred years. Future generations will revile you for wasting a precious resource that can make recyclable plastics, and now carbon fiber airplanes. Lastly, there are biofuels, made directly from plants. An American inventor is using electricity to break down cellulose and release the sugars in tree leaves to replace gasoline. And finally there is human energy, made by eating plants, and by eating animals that have eaten plants.

Clearly, it makes sense to switch to an inexhaustible, renewable supply of energy, and not deprive your children, and their children, of precious resources.

Your electric cars can contribute to the distribution of energy. During the day, while you are at work, the roof of your office building’s solar array can fully charge your car. When you arrive home, your car’s battery can feed into the grid, cooking everyone’s food. Then, when the wind is blowing later that night, the wind generates electricity to charge your car, ready to go to work!

Alternatively, you could drive to work, hook your car battery to the building to run computers, leaving enough energy to get home on.

When you achieve fusion on Earth, the same process that makes the sun give off heat and energy, a building the size of one city block will be able to provide energy for your entire East Coast! In the process of doing so, the factory will be fusing hydrogen atoms into helium, and therefore totally harmless. 

With your current nuclear fission plants, you are creating poisonous radioactive materials with a half-life of almost 200,000 years in return for 20 years of lights at night. I should not have to tell you that this is insane.

Few know that you had a chance to use a less toxic isotope for nuclear power. Thorium has a much shorter half life and other advantages for use in power plants, but its use was blocked, because plutonium was better for military purposes.

Speak to us about Sports

On our planet, we have pretty much distanced ourselves from competitive sports, with thousands of spectators. Here on Earth it is another story:

“We won, we won!” 

“Who won?”

“My team won.” 

“What did you do?” 

“I just sat there.” 

We do have several competitive sports, but smaller numbers of fans. We have found that we would rather participate! Our people would prefer to be creative doing their own thing! There are all types and kinds of sports to choose from, depending on your abilities and age. In fact the sports we play are very different from the ones I have learned about in the year that I have been here. Most of ours are cooperative, rather than competitive, and we have found that they prepare young people better for life on our planet, where cooperation dominates competition. I will be happy to explain some of these sports, and provide you with our rules before I return home.

I heard of a study performed in this country recently where they selected 200 hotel maids, and divided them into two groups. They asked all of them if they got any exercise, and most said that they did not. Then they told one group that, according to what was known about the jobs they performed, they got a maximum amount of exercise just doing their work. Surprised, this group went on to become significantly healthier in the ensuing months. The other group, not informed, did not improve their health nearly as much. Everyone should understand that their job can improve their health if they use their bodies correctly doing physical work. Doctors would certainly let their patients know this if they were focused on prevention, instead of waiting until their panel of patients became ill.

Scholars, as well as most other workers, should be encouraged to participate in a sport or sports. In this way, they will stay in shape, and will be more effective.

Speak to us of the Physical Body

My body plan is essentially the same as yours, and I would like to describe yours in simplified terms from my perspective. Your physical body is essentially a cylinder with a hole running down the middle of it. It functions in a way similar to your automobiles. You put food in at the top, and the salivary glands, the stomach, the gall bladder and the liver contribute to processing it into fuel that is distributed by the blood-pumping heart to all the cells of the body. There it mixes with oxygen taken in through the lungs, and combusts in the cells, producing work. You move! The waste products come out at the other end.

One thing the body can do that a car cannot do is to think. But soon cars will be able to do that, too!

That is where the comparison between a car and a human end. You are a spiritual being housed temporarily in a physical body.You humans are capable of far more than you realize. You will begin to acquire some of these abilities as you evolve to the next level of evolution. You can obtain varying amounts of these skills in this lifetime. All of the skills that you have heard some people have are basically available to all of you.

 Speak to us of Indian Casinos.

There are many Indian tribes scattered across your land, and each of them has a Casino. What goes on there is most curious. Inside, all you see is white men and women pulling handles, spending money that their families need. The Indian tribal member is not allowed to gamble there. The Indians are getting revenge against the people who conquered them!

But not entirely. Each tribal member gets a subsidy from the Casino! Now this would be fine if it supplemented their income, but no, it is enough to live on, so the Indian is motivated to do nothing. Some go out and do what their ancestors did, hunting and fishing, and may be happy. But if they have lost all incentive, they have lost their self-esteem and they can hardly be happy. So casinos are harming everyone connected with them, and the players rarely have a chance to win big, and keep it. Everyone knows that the odds are always in favor of the casino!

On our planet, many gamble, but it usually is for small amounts, or for large imaginary amounts, where no actual money changes hands. They can enjoy the challenge without getting hurt.

Speak to us of Science.

Science, or the art of repeatability to determine what works, has been with you on Earth only for four centuries. You are not very advanced, despite the many discoveries that have been made. A huge issue is created by the scientist himself. One of your great scientists, Lord Kelvin, for whom the absolute temperature scale is named, said this: “Science is bound by the everlasting law of honour to face fearlessly every problem which can fairly be presented to it.”

Most scientists dismiss a perfectly good study because it does not fit their paradigm. Their job is to make it fit or change their paradigm! Only a few great scientists do this. So I have to say that most scientists are not real scientists. They are much too narrow and reductionistic. Many believe that if it has not been proven scientifically, then it does not exist. How absurd! If they deviate from the present materialistic paradigm, I have heard that they fear that someone might fire them. Neither the scientist nor his boss is behaving in a scientific manner. They are not living up to the possibilities that science is offering your world.

To demonstrate how absurd this view is, let us look at the Electro-magnetic Spectrum. It contains wavelengths that go from smaller than an atom, to the width of the universe! Yet the wavelengths of light which we can see are contained within the tiny space represented by 400-800 nanometers. Everything we can see is in the range of 400-800 billionths of a meter! How absurd to think there is nothing else out there that we simply cannot see.

A simple solution presents itself. Scientists need to compartmentalize their knowledge. There is the science that they and others have accepted or are working to prove, and there is the great unknown, where anything can happen. Someday science may prove how it happens. Meanwhile let us not make our own lives poorer, by refusing to believe in all the wonderful things that do happen beyond the reach of science.

Speak to us of Scientific Research.

 I have been shown a peer-reviewed paper by Dr John Ionnidis that states that “there is increasing concern that most published research findings are false.” Further, he states, “It can be proven that most claimed research findings are false.” One of the reasons for this is that p-values indicate there is a low probability of its being incorrect, but still it can be incorrect. If a study is presented, and later refuted by another paper, then at least one of two is wrong, but if the refuting paper is correct, then the original hypothesis is likely incorrect, and both are wrong! Bias enters into most papers; a person who must publish or perish may be more concerned with his professorship that the research to get him there. It is well known that Big Pharma, your drug companies, are in the business of selling drugs, not saving lives or researching the truth. So why are you wasting time and billions of dollars when the answers you get do not contribute to human welfare? 

Why not use a technique that we have been using for millennia to connect with the universe and discover the truth. I have learned that you also have this technique, but only a few are brave enough to use it in your limited materialistic world. Your chiropractors call it Applied Kinesiology, and some of them use it hundreds of times a day to find out what is wrong with their patients. It can be used for much more than that. 

You are asking a muscle in your arm, which is clearly part of the universe, to distinguish between truth and falsehood. The technique requires at least two people who calibrate over 200 on the Scale of Consciousness to stand opposite one another. A yes or no question is asked, and one participant holds out his arm. The other person presses down on the wrist of the first person with two fingers. If there is resistance, the answer is yes. If there is weakness, then the answer is not-yes. 

This technique, used in groups, could answer many questions that expensive research tries to answer, but apparently often gets wrong. Instead of dismissing it out of hand, try it. You may like it.

Speak to us of Climate Change.

Global warming has been the biggest and most immediate danger to humans that I have encountered in my year on your planet. Virtually all of your scientists say that it is happening, and that you must do something, because your 8 billion people are causing it and can reverse it. The only people who deny climate change are paid by vested interests to lie. Yes, it will hurt some industries, but that is nothing compared to the harm of doing nothing. The industries that will hurt are burning coal and oil, which took the Earth millions of years to make. A higher and better use for these precious earth products would be carbon fiber airplanes, and all sorts of plastic products that do not need to be thrown away, but can easily be recycled.

Here is the bottom line: If your scientists are correct and you act to reduce CO2 emissions, you may save the Earth from a series of catastrophes. If the scientists are wrong, you will have switched to renewable energy sources, and you will have saved what is left of coal and oil for future generations, who will understand that uncontrolled greed is why you took so long to come to your senses.

Speak to us of Plate Tectonics.

You have a lot more water on your planet than we do on ours, but our land also moves slowly about, as does yours. I understand that you have just discovered this fascinating fact in the past few decades. We have understood this for centuries. You are still struggling with what makes this happen. The current thinking on Earth is that the plates are moved by the currents in the molten mantle, that area of the interior of Earth between the iron core, and the surface. But that simply does not explain the directions that the plates are moving in. It appears that there have been three supercontinents in the last billion or so years on earth. They form and then break up. The mantle is molten, and does provide the fluid base on which the plates slide, but the force that moves the plates is the coriolus force, or the spinning of the earth! At the equator, the earth is spinning at 1000 miles per hour. Over one year, it moves a plate about one inch. I hope your scientists will be able to calculate this force and finally realize that it is the only force large enough to do the job.

Speak to us about Bird Migration.

A Professor of Biology described to me the phenomenon of birds migrating on Earth. In the case of the Sandhill Crane which migrates from the southern part of this country to the arctic, it seems that they need the arctic to breed, but in the winter they could not survive there, so they move south.

An extreme case is that of the Arctic Tern, a beautiful flying machine that migrates 10,000 miles twice a year. It flies from the southern tip of South America to the Arctic in the spring, and then back to South America in the northern fall, which is of course spring in the Southern Hemisphere. Why does it do this? No one knows, but perhaps I can shed some light on the subject. 

Some 200 million years ago there was a bird that lived in the temperate zone, just above the equator. it had all the warmth and food it needed. But over time, the continents on which it was living split up and one part began to slip towards the north and another part towards the south. At first the birds had only a short migration to maintain warmth and food supplies and breeding areas, but as time went on, and the continents moved apart, they had to fly farther and farther. Their bodies adapted to this, and now the Arctic Tern looks nothing like its ancestors. So plate tectonics can now be understood to be responsible for amazing migratory patterns, as well as adaptive evolutionary changes.

Speak to us about Orcas.

The surface of the Earth is more water than land, as you well know. In the Ocean there lives a mind in the waters, the Orca, the largest dolphin, formerly known as the Killer Whale, because it preys on other whales.

To the best of my knowledge, there is only one book about humans communicating with these creatures, who have been around for at least 40 million years, to our 3 million years. That book is Communicating with Orcas, The Whales’ Perspective by Mary Getten. 

Right now, some of these whales, who live in the Salish Sea near Seattle, Washington are starving. You have dammed large rivers, thus preventing millions of salmon from getting to their breeding grounds. You are polluting their waters with toxic creosote on wood posts all over your inland waters. If you cannot save these marvelous animals, who have much to teach you, you do not deserve to survive yourselves. Think about it! Who do you think you are? Do you think the Earth was made for you? I am afraid that you do. But you will have to change that perspective if you are to survive, because the Earth cannot much longer stand what you are doing to her. You belong to the Earth; the Earth does not belong to you, and you had better get that straight now.

Speak to us about the Universe.

Until the 1920’s, people on earth believed there was one galaxy, the Milky Way galaxy. Now you know there are billions of galaxies! We have progressed beyond that on our planet. Our scientists have shown that there are an infinite number of universes! 

I probably should not discuss this further, because your scientists must arrive at their own conclusions after they gather their own data. Information of this sort does change everything. It takes time to sink in, and the explanations of how they arrive at that conclusion must be made available to everyone.

Speak to us of the ancient poet, Homer.

Many people believed that the story of The Battle of Troy was a myth until Heinrich Schliemann uncovered the remains of the actual city! So too it has been with The Iliad and the Odyssey, where Odysseus was the King of a small island named Ithaca, west of Greece. There is an island named Ithaca, but it is the wrong one! The actual Ithaca of history has been discovered by an amateur archaeologist, an Englishman, who has correlated many places on the island with details mentioned by Homer. After learning about his book, and having discussed the details with one of my Professors, I have no doubt that a peninsula on the west side of a larger nearby island, Cephalonika, is the real Ithaca. Three thousand years ago, it was a separate island, but earthquakes have filled in the channel separating it from the larger island. I think tourists would flock there, except for the imminent danger of earthquakes. A recent one, in the 1970’s created a lot of destruction when the land rose 15 inches! Now there can be no doubt that Homer was telling a story that actually happened!

Speak to us of Robots & Artificial Intelligence.

You are now producing robots to make cars, serve people in their homes, and for use in the military in large numbers. At the same time, you are programming them with complex Artificial Intelligence (AI).

There may come a time when these robots recognize that the only way to save the world for all the plants and animals who live here is to exterminate the humans, who have failed to realize that they are part of the earth, not separate from it. 

You belong to the earth; the earth does not belong to you. The peoples whom you call Indians who lived here before you arrived, knew this. How long it will take before the robots begin to harm you will probably depend on how much effort you make to putting things to right on the surface of this unique earth. If you are smart, you will get the robots to assist you in a cleanup which is sorely needed right now. Of course you will also have to stop polluting, and figure out all the ways you can to make biodegradable items if they are not re-usable.

Speak to us of Nemesis.

It is quite likely that your sun is a double star. That means another star is involved with your sun. You have not seen it yet, but there is evidence for it. Every 25 million years, this other star swings in close to your sun, and wreaks havoc. Its gravity pulls objects out of the Kuiper Belt and the Oort Ring at the outer margins of your solar system which head toward destruction in your sun. But if Earth happens to be in the way, it is struck, and much of life on Earth disappears. Sixty-five million years ago, a meteorite eradicated the dinosaurs. Again 40 million years ago, and again 15 million years ago, Earth was hit. You are now in the middle of a cycle, and need not concern yourselves with this for 10 million years.

This second sun may not be like ours. It might be a white dwarf, the remnants of a sun like ours, still with considerable mass, but out of hydrogen. Your astronomers are looking for it.

Speak to us of Flight.

As you now know, we are far advanced in flight, traveling among the stars! But you have done well in the one hundred years after you finally realized that you could fly! Your modern jet engine is a marvel of engineering, and it looks like your next step will be to modify this engine to be a hybrid with electricity. This of course will reduce dramatically the amount of jet fuel needed for a flight. Since 85% of the thrust of a modern jet engine is produced by the by-pass air, once the craft reaches altitude, electricity can be used to turn the compressor fans, and produce this by-pass air, which will have enough thrust for the entire flight and of course the descent where the airplane is partly gliding. A few miles from touchdown, the fuel can be turned on again, in case the jet needs full power to go around. The electricity can come from new batteries that are much lighter and carry more charge, supplemented by solar panels on the wings and top of the fuselage. These solar panels can be made of an alloy of metal that Einstein spoke about in his Nobel Prize-winning paper. I have heard that someone has determined what that alloy is. In fact all the upper surfaces of the aircraft could be made of this alloy.

Your Concorde supersonic transport had one fatal accident after 24 years of accident-free flights. Thanks to a coverup by the French, Concorde is no longer flying. It turns out that Concorde is still airworthy! That is the first time that you retired a plane before you had something better. 

Soon you may go to rockets for inter-continental flight, while you are working towards colonizing space with ships like ours. So far as I know, no civilization has learned to travel in space until they have proven themselves uninterested in harming or displacing other cultures.

Speak to us of Astronauts.

Every one of you is an astronaut! You are traveling on a space ship at an incredible speed around the perimeter of a galaxy (66,000 miles per hour) that is racing outward, away from the original Big Bang. When you fully grasp this, your life can become more of an adventure.

Speak to us about Consciousness

In your materialistic world that I have been visiting, the concept of consciousness is quite remarkably limited. Doctors say, “The patient lost consciousness.” But in fact this state of being may be relevant to everything in the universe!

Who are you, really? You are the consciousness that observes your mind and your body at work. You are the consciousness that observes the universe at work. You are a spiritual being who is temporarily in a physical body. When you truly understand that, your life will become quite different, and much happier.

A psychiatrist who gave every indication that he was enlightened, the late David Hawkins, developed a Map of Consciousness. It is a vertical logarithmic scale from 1 to 1000. From 1 to 200 is Force, which contains shame, anger, pride, envy. Force can go up and down the scale. Above 200 is Power, which can only go up. It contains acceptance, courage, reason and love. An example of how it works is this: the British Empire was in Force, below 200, while Mahatma Gandhi, the Indian leader, was in Love at over 500. The British did not have a chance. India got its Independence in 1948.

These computations are carried out using Applied Kinesiology, which asks the universe what is the level of a particular item or person on the scale.

Those individuals above 200 can counterbalance thousands below 200. The world has approximately 78% below 200, and 22% above 200. The exciting thing is that in the 1980’s, mankind computed at 190, but now since 2005, it computes at 207. Mankind is into Power, and Power only goes up. So you no longer have to concern yourself with all the negative issues in the world, nor worry about negativity, but can concentrate on positivity, and evolving into higher forms of being. You are awakening! And that is all you have to think about. This will be necessary if you are to survive. Carl Jung, the great Swiss psychiatrist, said that the purpose of life on earth was to increase conscious awareness. I wish you the best.

Speak to us of Materialism.

I have discovered that Materialism is the dominant paradigm on Earth at this time. It is the idea that material possessions are more important than spiritual values. The saddest thing about that is that material possessions do not make one truly happy. It would seem that the more you have, the more you want. A materialist is never satisfied. He says to himself, I will be happy when…. Then when he gets there, he finds that he wants more.

It is this Materialist mindset that is the major contributor to wrecking the Earth. Possessions are made of elements from the Earth. There is nowhere else to get the ingredients. So as long as people fail to recognize that true happiness comes from spiritual values, the Earth will continue to suffer, and decline into a wasteland.

Right now, materialism severely limits you. You are not open to many skills and abilities that spiritual people know exist. I am talking about telepathy, kinesiology, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and many other so-called extra-sensory skills that many people have, but are often afraid to acknowledge. Doctors with these skills have vastly improved the care of their patients, but often cannot “come out.”

Materialism has doomed 90% of humans to struggle, while 1% of humans have far more money than they could possibly ever spend. Once humans settled down in one place to grow their food, hierarchies arose and ever since, the leaders have been figuring out how to keep the masses in their place. This absurd imbalance, which began with the Agricultural Revolution some 12,000 years ago, is now hopefully going to be redressed by the votes of the 90%.

On the other hand, Idealism puts spiritual values ahead of material values, and those who practice spiritual concepts are usually much happier, and content with the world. By meditating, more and more people are discovering this for themselves. Materialists fail to realize that meditation is quite as natural an activity as breathing, and sleeping. When they do, they may find Heaven on Earth.

Speak to us of Conscious Evolution.

You are the very first animal to appear on this 5 billion-year-old planet that can determine your own evolution. You are capable of breeding not only domestic animals, but yourselves, if you wish. You can made decisions that affect the future of the Earth itself, and whether or not it will remain habitable. In fact, you have already made decisions that are taking the Earth in the direction of uninhabitability. Good luck!

I have come here to make suggestions, but I cannot make these decisions for you. That you will have to do for yourselves.

Speak to us of Values.

I have learned that your basic values are similar to ours. It must be a Universal thing! Truth, honesty, love, integrity, faith, devotion and beauty are all valued highly on our planet. Our planet and our people look quite different from yours, so our ideas of beauty differ, but all the other attributes of value are the same. I must tell you that these values are more widely prevalent on our planet simply because we have had more time to evolve. Now that all of humanity is into Power, which only goes up, you too will soon arrive at a time with most people accepting these wonderful values, and of course being much happier.

Speak to us about Gratitude.

Gratitude is an important concept on our planet. Everyone is taught from an early age how fortunate they are to be living there. They learn how improbable they are; that if millions of mutations had not occurred over millions of years, they would not exist. They learn that most planets out there in the Universe are not livable, and they are taught about the beauty of our planet, and about everything that makes life sustainable.

By always appreciating what one has, life is richer, and joy is more abundant.

Speak to us of Forgiveness.

During an earlier stage of our evolution, forgiveness was a big deal. Everyone was harming others all the time. If it was not direct physical harm, like wars, and like the harm doctors do out of ignorance, it was verbal harm, tossed out by people lacking compassion, who were usually quite unaware that they were doing harm. There was a lot to forgive.

Those who regularly practiced forgiveness evolved more rapidly. 

It is important to note that forgiveness means forgiving everyone, and not leaving anyone out. Often there was one person that another person could not find it in themselves to forgive. Until all are forgiven, significant growth does not occur.

Nowadays, where I come from, forgiveness is rarely needed, because everyone is highly evolved, and say only positive things to one another, and there is much love going around. We recognize that we are all made of the same stuff and are all one. Hurting another hurts ourselves, so because we are so happy, we just don’t want to hurt others.

Speak to us of Compassion.

You may not have compassion for me, a being from another planet, but you certainly should have compassion for all of your fellow beings here on Earth. You are all closely related, and in fact, you are all One. Most of you do not know that yet, but the seers and the gurus among you have known that for millennia. When you discard Materialism, and embrace Spirituality, you too will know that! Your world will become a much happier place.

Some people today are Planetary Citizens because they grew up learning about all the different peoples on Earth, and were curious about them. Then the fortunate ones traveled about and enjoyed meeting someone like themselves, but who had very different ways of approaching life.

Now you may not have compassion for me, an alien, but you should, because I, like you, am alive! You and I are a rare thing in this vast universe, with billions of years of constant evolution in our histories to get to where we are today. My entire planet supports my coming here, because they are distressed by all the fighting and killing on your planet. They are compassionate about your current inability to stop warring among yourselves. You could fix everything in this country with the money spent on killing people all over the world.

Speak to us of Humor.

I get most of your jokes! Sometimes the context needs to be explained, and then I laugh out loud. It is said that children on Earth laugh about 400 (Ha) times a day, while adults laugh about 15, if that. Laughter is good for you. It is a pleasant tonic that you can take as often as you like.

I have learned that there is a Laughing Club in India, started by a doctor. People get together and just start laughing. Usually there is nothing done to start it. They just begin to laugh, and it is contagious. A group of men whose work is making delicate instruments say that a few minutes of laughing together at break of day makes their work go smoother.

Laughter is important during one’s life between lives, because everyone knows everyone else’s foibles, and often laughs at them with no harm done.

In addition to our comedians, of whom there are many on our planet, most other people know how to tell a good joke. Rarely do you hear, “I can never remember a joke,” because that simply reinforces what is said.

The trick is to make a joke your own. After you have heard it, write it down. Write it in your words; you might even make it more funny. Then, before you tell it, go over the punch line in your mind, and be sure you have it just the way you want it. You will be amply rewarded by the laughter of your friends and family, and soon you will only need someone to say a key word to remind you of a joke.

They laughed when I told them I was going to become a comedian. They’re not laughing now!

Speak to us of Excellence.

You strive for excellence in whatever you do for your own sake. it is you who will most benefit from this pleasurable effort.

On our planet, most people are striving for excellence. They have realized how good they feel about themselves after a day of working to do more than their best. It is very satisfying, and after a while, you become excellent at what you do, and no one can take that away from you.

Who do you think said this, just before dying? “I have offended God and mankind because my work did not reach the quality it should have.” These were the last words of Leonardo DaVinci! A man who strove for excellence all his life! He is the last person that you might think would say those words, but he set his sights so high that that was apparently how he felt.

Speak to us of Invincibility.

You can become invincible if you have something that you fervently wish to do that benefits humanity, and if you are self-referral.

Self-referral is a personality trait in contrast to object-referral. The latter means that if you are the CEO of a company, that is who you are. If you lose that position, you are nothing. Self-referral means that you are you, no matter what your job happens to be. You fully rely on yourself as the ultimate arbiter. That trait is essential to invincibility!

When you are invincible, you act as if it is impossible to fail. It usually is.

Speak to us about Who you think We Are.

You have thoughts, but that is not you. You are the being that has the thought. That is who you are! As such, you are eternal; you never die. Your body may die, but you continue in the spirit world until you decide to return to earth in another body. These beliefs are closer to reality than the beliefs that many of you now hold. More and more people are embracing these ideas, and are becoming much happier.

The critical thing to understand is that you have the opportunity at any time to change a thought. That is how you progress. That is how you evolve. You can get out of your cultural prison and become limitless. You simply have to change your thought. Best wishes.

Speak to us of Autobiography.

Many people would like to write their autobiography, but do not. Here is why you might enjoy writing yours. It is the process that is rewarding, and you do not have to be comprehensive. You can write an anecdotal autobiography that includes only the anecdotes that you want to put in it.

Your technology has progressed to the point where you can get it printed for free, with the costs of printing coming out of sales. You can also have it as an ebook, not wasting any paper, but having it available for the whole world to buy, to read, and to enjoy.

It is not important who reads it. It is only important that you enjoyed the process of writing it! However, do not be surprised if some of your favorite family and friends tell you they could not put it down!

Speak to us about Love.

There are two basic emotions: Love and Fear. Your world is basically a fearful world, but you do have some courageous people who know how to love. When you find out who you really are, and believe it, it will be much easier to love. Since humanity is now calibrating in Power, which can only go up towards love, it is only a matter of time before you get there. Some will do it in this lifetime. For others it will take more than one lifetime. You no longer have to concern yourself with negative things, unless you are determined to change them; you can spend all your time learning to love, learning to be happy and joyous.

 Speak to us of Meditation.

On our planet, like yours, we have been meditating for millennia. Like Earth, for a long time only a small number of people on my planet were meditating. But several hundred years ago, it became very popular because it was so effective at quieting our restless minds. Now everyone meditates briefly every day, just like breathing and sleeping, and most of us are in a constant state of bliss.

Some of you know what I am talking about, and as more people see the changes in their friends who have begun to meditate, they want the same changes, and also begin to meditate. It is contagious, because who would not rather be in bliss, or as you say, Heaven on Earth, rather than being stressed out all the time.

As more and more people meditate, humanity will shift to a higher vibration, and will make the shift from Materialism to Spirituality, just in time to protect the Earth from any more damage. Let us hope that it is not too late. I think my people were very wise to send me here at this critical time in your history, and I can only hope that you will listen to me, and take heed!

It has been scientifically shown that five years of Transcendental Meditation makes you biologically twelve years younger! So if you want to remain young, and live longer, meditate! 

Meditation can improve your game! Recently a tennis coach named Lawrence Eyre was named National High School Coach of the Year. He said, “The kids who practice Transcendental Meditation (TM) stand out among the thousands of tennis players I’ve taught. They are clear, receptive to learning, and able to utilize what I teach more readily than players who don’t have this resource. They have faster reaction times and quicker feet. They recover more quickly after long points. They don’t fret as much over lost points or games. They remain unfazed by unforced errors and move on to the next point without getting distracted. Seventy-five percent of a tennis match is time between points so whoever recovers better and returns to a steady state is going to do better. TM helps athletes play in the zone, because it helps them live there. Their perception of their opponents is not as enemies, but as challengers who help them improve. They know that whatever happens on the court happens for growth.”

Speak to us of Mastery.

Mastery is a wonderful goal for each person to have. You step on a path, and you move towards mastery. You never get there, but you do get better and better at what you are doing.

Let’s say your job is packaging items that have been sold for shipping. This job could be deadly boring, but if you are on the road to mastery, you will package everything as best you can, always trying to figure out the best way so the packaged goods will arrive at their destination safely and unbroken. Of course your superiors will notice this, and you will be promoted until you are the Chief Operating Officer of that company. It has happened many times, I am told.

Mastery also works in sports, and in the professions, and makes them infinitely more satisfying.

Speak to us of Human Limitations.

Since I have been on Earth this past year, I have noted that most humans have no idea who they really are. You are not nearly as limited as you think you are. For example, some humans practice energy healing, and it works. Others would be surprised to find that if they tried it, it would work for them! Some humans know how to dowse. They have used bent wire to find underground water and electric lines. If some of you can do this, then it is most likely that most of you can do this.

A few humans know they can control the weather, at least to some extent. I have learned of an American Indian who ascended a mountain to a medicine wheel, and imagined it raining, and sure enough, it did, after a long drought. He did not ask the heavens to rain; he assumed the feeling of the wish fulfilled! Had he asked it to rain, he would have been implying a lack of rain, and that wish would have been fulfilled! Instead he imagined it raining, and felt the rain on his body, and soon it began to rain! 

You will learn to do these things and many more, as soon as you believe that you can!

Speak to us of Blasphemy.

This is a word and an idea that I had never heard of before I came to Earth. I suggest that it was created as part of the plan by the elites to keep the masses down. It was designed to make you afraid to speak poorly of your God. It was designed to make you afraid, so they could control you.

Here is the choice you have to make. If you are not a God, and say you are, that is Blasphemy and the idea is that you will go to a hell (that simply does not exist) if you say that. However, if you are a God, and you deny it, is that not also blasphemy? Of course it is. The Source would not be pleased if you deny what he has made - you.

Several of his disciples came to Sai Baba, an Indian Saint, and asked him, “Are you God?”

“Yes,” he replied, and shocked them.

He continued, “So are you. The difference between you and me is that I know it!”

Speak to us of Fear.

Fear is one of the prime emotions on our planet as well as yours. I have learned that the people in power on Earth use fear to “keep the masses down.” You need to recognize that this is so, and to combat it with fearlessness. From a young age, you can be taught to face your fears, and if you do so, you will find that they are not nearly as fearful as you thought. By facing them, you become fearless, and are much happier. Later in life, if you are still fearful, you may need some professional assistance, but it is relatively easy to cure a phobia.

You need to recognize that religion and politics use fear to adversely influence you. Without fear you can discard religion and you can also vote for what is truly in your best interests. When you recognize that fear is being used to suppress you, you can use your vote to overcome the various oppressions laid on you by the elite.

Speak to us about Worry.

On our planet we learned long ago that Worry is contra-indicated. There are at least two reasons for this: first, what you worry about most likely never happens, so that makes it a waste of time; but second, the Law of Attraction says: “That which is like unto itself is drawn.” - that what you think about expands. So if you worry, you are increasing the chances that it will happen, and that is certainly not what you want.

We teach little children how to control worry. When they think a worrisome thought, they first need to become aware of it. Then they say, “Stop!” and then they are encouraged to think of a positive thought.

Few adults worry on our planet. They know that everything is perfect just the way it is. That is the way it was designed by the Universe, or by Source. With this general acceptance, they have no need to worry. Everything that happens to them they take as a challenge to overcome.

We now have the opportunity to concentrate exclusively on going upwards in Power, to courage, willingness, acceptance, reason, love, and unconditional love.

Speak to us of Sin.

I had never heard of sin until I arrived on Earth. My curiosity got the better of me, as it has with so many things here on earth, so I had to find out where sin came from. Since I know that the Universe has our best interests at heart, where does sin fit in? It doesn’t. It does not even exist. It was made up by humans several thousand years ago, as part of the project to keep the masses under control, to use fear to control them, so the elite could rule the world without interference! Well, it has worked, but I have met quite a few humans who recognize it for what it is, and decry its human origins.

Speak to us of Intolerance.

Everyone would be wise to be tolerant of everything but intolerance.

Speak to us of Helping Others.

You may imagine that you have few opportunities to help others. I have noticed that many of you drive a car for a part of each day. While in the car, you often react with other people. There is your opportunity! Make every effort to stop for pedestrians. When a car is coming toward you among parked cars, get over first, and let them pass. They will usually wave, and you will help to make their day. Whenever possible, let a car in from a side street by slowing or stopping so they can merge with traffic. They will be grateful to you, and you will feel happy to have been of service. You are doing to them what you would like them to do to you. You are waking them up to affection and genuine caring for the other person who is far more like you than he is different from you. It is amazing, but we have a greeting on our planet similar to an Indian greeting on Earth. We place our hands together in front of our chests, indicating that we love you. In India, it means, I recognize the Divinity in you! 

If you Earthlings realized who you really are, you would never have any issues with lack of self-esteem. Anything negative that someone says to you would roll off you like “water off a duck’s back,” as you say. You are a part of the universe, made entirely from elements created in the explosion of stars. As such, you are divine, and you will be so much happier if you will only choose to believe that!

Speak to us of Sustainability.

A small part of the land surface on your Earth is the only place for your 8 billion people to live. If you do not treat it sustainably, you will not be able to survive on it. There are many things you can do to attain sustainability. Here is an example.

A large rug manufacturer was getting complaints about all the rugs going into local landfills. He, too, was concerned, so he took a week off to develop a plan. At the end of the week, he came back to his staff, and told them that they would implement these changes within one year!

A rug consists of 3 parts: the underlayment, the rug material itself and the dye. From now on, only recyclable materials were to be used. When a square of rug became worn, it was returned to the factory and completely recycled. The equipment they put in succeeded in having the water going out of the plant cleaner than the water coming in! And of course they experienced great savings on materials because they did not have to buy much new material.

In addition, they leased the rugs to businesses, and took care of the rugs themselves. By cleaning them thoroughly, they reduced wear, and the need to recycle! This is a way to have less expensive rugs, with no rugs going to the landfills!

Another good example are the forest practices of the Yakima Indian tribe near Yakima, Washington. They revere their trees. They permit each one to reach full maturity before they cut it down. They have built permanent roads into their forests to bring the trees out. By waiting and only cutting after full maturity, they maximize biomass, because the bigger the tree, the more biomass it puts on each year.

Speak to us of Past life Connections.

I have learned that parents who do not believe in past lives often belittle their child if a past life comes up. I can tell you from our experience that children often have knowledge of a past life during the first 6 to 7 years of their life, and we have found that it harms the child if he is not taken seriously. I would advise parents to put aside their beliefs, and listen to their child, and accept what he or she is saying about a past life. That is the best way to handle this situation.

Speak to us of Religion.

Long ago we simply stopped paying money to our organized religions, and they dried up. You have reasons to justify doing that very same thing.

For starters, each of your religions state that all the others are wrong. Mark Twain said they are all right! (They are all wrong.) Why do they encourage this unhealthy intolerance? Follow the money! They need it to survive. The money is also the reason they bash gays from the pulpit. Promoting intolerance brings in money. This is sick behavior. 

And Carl Jung had it right also, when he said that “the primary purpose of organized religion is to keep man from a direct experience of God.”

For if man were to experience God directly, he would not need organized religion. We did not have this problem, because we never had an abrupt transition to agriculture, which on Earth was responsible for hierarchies that needed to control the masses. We are more than perfectly satisfied with being spiritual.

When you give money to a church, you are actually fostering intolerance. You are also supporting your own subjugation. When you become aware of this, and prefer to be free, you will want to donate elsewhere.

With respect to Christianity, please explain to me why Christians persecute Jews. Their Lord, Jesus, was born a Jew, lived as a Jew, and died as a Jew, and his mother Mary was a Jewess all her life. How can Christianity justify persecuting its very origins? It simply does not make sense.

It is clear to me that Jesus’ message has been badly distorted. Read all four gospels, and you will find nothing about Jesus from the age of 12 to the age of 30, his formative years. It turns out that he was wandering about India, picking up the wisdom of earlier millennia from the sages there. If the people had known this, and paid attention to what he learned there, the world would likely have been a much more joyous and peaceable place these past two thousand years.

Speak to us of Pedophilia and Circumcision.

Tragically, some men and women are seemingly compelled to sexually molest children, without regard for the consequences. Where would you go if you had that compulsion, and knew that it was illegal? Into the Catholic priesthood, of course, because that is where you can still get away with it.

There is something just as bad, if not worse, going on in America on a massive scale right now. Some doctors, of all people, are torturing, mutilating, and psychologically harming their infant patients. Some rabbis (called mohels) are harming infants from their own ethnic group. They call it a religious commandment, but it is not. Hundreds of rabbis are happy to perform the ceremony without the cutting (Brit Shalom). Therefore it is not necessary to be circumcised to be Jewish. The sole requirement to be a Jew is that your mother is Jewish. As an intact (not circumcised) Jew, you can be Jewish all your life and participate in all Jewish religious ceremonies, and be infinitely happier.

Doctors actually go into medicine, so that they can harm others as they have been harmed. Why do circumcised men become doctors? Because to date they have been protected there! Because if they circumcised as a layman, even though they might do a better job than most doctors, they would go to jail. Just like they would go to jail if they tried to circumcise their puppy! Is this behavior not bizarre? Is it not tragic? Is it not cowardly? To deprive an American infant of half of the sensitive skin on his normal penis, so that his penis will be smaller and he can never experience normal sex? It is an outrage, and a small group of committed activists are determined to eradicate this barbaric procedure from the face of the earth. I wish all of them well.

Speak to us about the Confessional.

I have learned about a strange, but apparently useful practice in your catholic church. If a person lies, all they have to do is go into a church, and confess to a priest that they have done so. This is not for the benefit of all, because lying makes for terrible relationships. It is for the good of the church, established a long time ago. It helps the priests keep control of “the masses” (you!) So why would anyone want to have anything to do with a church like that? To their credit, members born into that church are leaving it in droves. They are finally realizing it is not in their best interests to remain in a church that uses fear (non-existent hell and sin) to control, and that accepts, even encourages lying. If you want to be part of the next evolutionary step for mankind during your lifetime, give up organized religion now.

Speak to us of LSD.

I have been told of your experiments with Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD). I have learned that when it was first used some 50 years ago, the dose was far too high but few recognized that. So some people had bad trips, and the practice lost favor. Recently scientists have discovered that much smaller doses have a good effect, and fewer bad trips. I would suggest that taking this in tiny doses with a guide present might lead to an experience that would change your mind, and could lead to a permanent, more highly evolved state. It might be just what you need at this critical time in your affairs. It might just be what the whole world needs to evolve rapidly.

Right now many meditators are able to live in a constant state of BLISS without having to use a drug, but would it not be wonderful if everyone could achieve that state?

Speak to us about Sexual Orientation

Some of you earthlings have bizarre ideas that are very destructive. You come into this world with a wide range of different characteristics that you had nothing to do with. The universe has decided this for you. So it is totally clear that everyone needs to take the opportunity to show complete tolerance, and that anything less is sick. It is the intolerance that should not be tolerated, and should be treated as a sickness that requires help. This sick behavior of not tolerating your fellows is holding you back from evolving to the next level of being human. I know, because we have been there.

Homosexuality persists in all human populations; It does not die out. Therefore it must have survival value. Science has documented that a stressful pregnancy increases the chances that the infant will be gay, and the more sons a mother has, the more likely that the last son will be gay! E.O. Wilson of Harvard, possibly the best evolutionary biologist since Darwin, said that homosexuality gives advantages to the group, with strong intellects and emotional maturity being common traits. You should be honoring these individuals for their contributions to your culture, not discriminating against them as many of you are still doing.     

Speak to us of Sexual Harassment.

When either sex harasses the other sex, it indicates a complete lack of respect for the other person. Harassing harms the other person; it upsets the other person. Most humans realize this, but those who do not must pay a price for harming others. Right now, that price is the loss of a job, and great difficulty in getting another one. Let us hope that this is sufficient to stop harassment in its tracks. We shall see.

Sexual harassment is not only men upsetting women with unwanted come-ons; it is men putting women down, telling them that it is not appropriate for them to be scientists, for example. 

If women want men to stop harassing them, they need to see to it that men are not sexually assaulted as infants, by doctors performing harmful circumcisions. These infants blame their mothers, the only person they know, for not protecting them. When they grow up, they sometimes take it out on other women. It should be easy to stop doctors from committing an atrocity on their patients, but it is not. Only after a critical mass of citizens realize the truth will it be possible to stop it. Right now many people are in complete denial. But that is changing rapidly.

Speak to us of Machismo.

Machismo is Latin for insecurity in action. Men who have to act this way are tragically insecure. It is very hard to be Macho. Why not just relax and be yourself, and not be concerned that you have some tendencies that women have. If you do, you are most fortunate, for all of us are born that way. If machismo is a part of your culture, try to grow out of it, and become limitless.

Speak to us about Curiosity.

The happiest people I have met in my year on Earth are curious. They want to know about everything! I understand that it was not many years ago that one had to go to a library, a dictionary or an encyclopedia to satisfy one’s curiosity. Now you just click a button! It is possible to easily answer a question, but that does not mean that the knowledge will be put to good use. You will benefit from more people who know how to think. Steady learning, and encouragement and training in creativity will lead to new ideas. You will want to have all the creative people you can with you, if you wish to survive.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. Do you have some last words?

I hope that I have given you some useful ideas. They are not mine. Most of them are from my people, who have been sentient beings for a time longer than yours. We have had more time to build on the intellectual giants who came before us, and we are most happy to share this knowledge with you.