How should you tackle your excess weight


The #1 Technique That Can Help You Lose Weight & Stay That Way!

Americans are digging their own graves with their mouth!

Unhealthy weight is a massive factor in major health problems that are faced by individuals today. In 2016, obesity and overweight were linked to more than 3,80,000 deaths from cardiovascular, diabetes, urogenital, endocrine, cancer, and even Alzheimer's.

As shocked you may be seeing these numbers, you might feel like moving on and ignoring them because they don't affect your everyday lives in a meaningful way. Don’t they?

Did you know?

Costs of Obesity to USA

Let me sum that up for you: Its WE, the Americans - who are paying through the nose for our health care.

But what is the ROI we are getting on the amount that we are spending?

We must take charge of our health, NOW!

How Can We Get Healthier?

How can we get healthier?

Though Americans are focusing more on taking care of their health, its a fact that obesity and being overweight is one of the contributing factors to some of the most dangerous diseases killing Americans today.

What Causes Weight Gain?

In our lives, we are too stressed. There are many factors such as increasing workloads, unhealthy sedentary lifestyles. Body shaming through images of hard, flat, washboard bellies also puts stress on people to succumb to body image stereotypes.

The Result?

To look a particular way, we are trying a lot of painful, exhausting approaches, enrolling in latest weight loss methods, fads, and diet programs.

The result?

We are more confused and are on a roller coaster of weight loss leading us to even more frustration and fatigue.

But the truth is, being fat is a warning sign of poor health. There are very few, if any, obese or overweight 100-year-olds.

How Should You Tackle Your Excess Weight?

1. Tackle Stress

Tackle stress to avoid being obese or over weighted.

Reduce stress, because stress is fattening. Reduce stress, because it puts you in a vicious circle. Stress induces the overproduction of hormone cortisol, and humans tend to gravitate to their instinctive response to eating foods that comfort them. The result is they become overweight, stress more, and the cycle continues.

"The neural networks underlying the complex interactions among stressors, body, brain and food intake are now better understood. Stressors, by activating a neural stress-response network, bias cognition toward increased emotional activity and degraded executive function. This causes formed habits to be used rather than a cognitive appraisal of responses. Stress also induces secretion of glucocorticoids, which increases motivation for food, and insulin, which promotes food intake and obesity. Pleasurable feeding then reduces activity in the stress-response network, reinforcing the feeding habit. These effects of stressors emphasize the importance of teaching mental reappraisal techniques to restore responses from habitual to thoughtful, thus battling stress-induced obesity."

Dallman MF, Department of Physiology, University of California San Francisco, CA

In simple terms, you need to focus on your thoughts to battle stress, stress-induced binging and resultant obesity.

My approach to losing weight is straightforward:

It is easier and wiser to gradually shrink your stomach and appetite than to endlessly exercise to burn those 100 extra calories you gained from the food you should not have eaten in the first place.

2. Set Realistic Goals.

Learn where you are today and where you see yourself after some time. Know your Body Mass Index (BMI) and based on that set yourself up with short-term goals. They are more achievable and let you be on track towards the long-term goals.

3. Understand Your Food Intake

Track your food habits by writing or through a tracking app to understand what, why and how much you want to eat. Being careful of the eating habits and also being aware of the distractions and excuses which can help you get real about the goals.

4. Make Smart Choices

You don't necessarily have to give up your favorite food. Learn to make good food choices and simple alternative choices. Discover healthy snacks, fruits, and vegetables to help you feel fuller for the longer period.

5. Manage Your Portion Size

It's very easy to overeat when you get to eat the tasty meal. Small portions can help prevent overeating. Therefore, learn the difference between serving and a portion and to keep it reasonable.

6. Be Physically Active

Physical activity is something that gets your heart beat up like jogging and walking. Aim for minimum 150 minutes of easy physical activities every week that includes intensive breathing exercises, cycling, dance classes and play football.

7. Don’t Look for a Magic Potion- There isn’t any!

Looking for the magic bullet for weight loss is sucker's play.

Weight management and control have many necessary components- diet, health, exercise and complete lifestyle change. However, there is a catch; all the essential elements must ALL EXIST at the same time.

Most weight loss programs focus on immediate weight loss, and undeniably, they can achieve that as well. However, each one of us is different. What is missing in weight control/ permanent weight loss programs is breathing.

The way we breathe allows for calories to stay with us or get burned off every moment. Unfortunately, most programs, especially exercise programs do not focus on breathing at all, in fact, they promote incorrect breathing!

Weight control has several necessary components that must ALL exist at the same time. This program leaves weight loss hype behind and gives people the straightforward information that adult, parents, and children need to lose weight safely and keep it off to permanently increase their energy and dramatically improve their health.

What would you say if:

I gave you a program that will

  • Boost your metabolism, but lowers your appetite?
  • Reduces sleep problems like insomnia or snoring?
  • Increased energy levels?
  • Burns fat even when you are resting?
  • Reduces stress levels, gives you a heightened sense of self-awareness and well-being?

All this and a lot more- WITHOUT too much exercise, strenuous regimes, or diet regimen?

I don't have to tell you that by reducing excess fat you cut down the risks of significant lifestyle diseases and helps you live a better life!


Read on!

"When you breathe and take in oxygen, the fat molecules are combined with the additional oxygen atoms causing oxidation. The products are carbon dioxide and water."

A. Carlson, The Machinery of the Body, University of Chicago Press, p. 361

Inhale, Exhale & Burn Fat!

Breath is our primary source of energy. We all are aware that Oxygen burns fat. And better breathing ensures that you have better levels of oxygen.

After 15-20 minutes of intensive breathing exercises, you will receive more oxygen that will be used for bat burning and other bodily functions.

Most of us engaged in belly-based abdominal breathing as babies and young children. But over time, we become upper chest breathers. Most people’s diaphragms move very little, and we seldom allow our abdomen and bellies to let us breathe.

The Result?

Our poor breathing habits send not only insufficient oxygen to our brain and other cells of our body but also an inadequate movement to our internal organs and internal fluids upon which our health depends.

Without this movement and oxygen, our bodies become susceptible to illness and disease. In a few words, we can’t live without breathing.

Unfortunately, we often live oblivious to the importance of adequately balanced breathing. Most people have little or no understanding of either diaphragmatic breathing or deep, front, side and back abdominal breathing.

Without this movement and oxygen, we quickly become susceptible to illness and disease. In a few words, we cannot live without breath, but we are often living unconsciously of the importance of adequately balanced breathing.

Most of us not even know what proper breathing looks feels or performs like.

Therefore, we need a system that develops our breathing in a way that day-to-day breath will sustain us in a fully energetic and balanced way.

How about simple breathing techniques that can really help you lose body weight?

Yes, that’s right!

You heard it.

The secret of reducing that excess amount of fat through your nose. Deep breathing is one of the best exercises to reduce fat which helps in shaping up in a very relaxed manner.

Once can easily eliminate the fat with the help of breathing exercises. Breathing exercises have gained a lot of popularity in last few years and they have turned out to be really useful and effective. They widely help you gain longevity and health along with good digestion through muscle strengthening.

Benefits of Breathing Exercises

Breathing requires no extra effort as it is an involuntary process. But breathing alone is not enough to sustain a well-balanced life. It is important to breathe correctly to stay happy, live longer, and keep away the illnesses. Here are some of the benefits of breathing:

  • Releases Tension – Deep breathing helps in increasing the flow of oxygen supply to different parts of the body and also reduces the feelings of fear, stress, and anger.
  • Detoxifies Your Body – Your body releases almost 70% of the toxins from the nose in the form of breathing. So, if you do not breathe properly, then you are storing up the wastes and toxins which can lead to illnesses over time.
  • Relaxes Your Mind – The excessive stress level and anxiety can result in different health issues. Deep breathing supplies oxygen and reduces levels of anxiety and helps in relaxing the body which in turn improve insight and clarity.
  • Helps With Weight Loss – The extra supply of oxygen to the body through the deep breathing helps in reducing excess fat deposited and further helps with weight loss.

If you are suffering weight management issues and have had almost no success with the many fad diets, gym memberships and weight loss supplements that you have tried, this Weight Management Program is exactly what you need.

If you are looking for an easy but the best available option for your weight management, ALL-IN-ONE Optimal Breathing Mastery Kit™ offers you different types of breathing exercising course. To make it easier the course is available on disk which can be used on any Pc, laptop. For no disk devices, there are easy download options for IPod/Tablet and Smartphone.


How It Works?

This program includes specific breathing exercises and all natural products to effectively use proper breathing that can help you to not only lose weight but to assist you in maintaining a healthy weight and eliminating specific food cravings to restore a balanced body functioning.

Each aspect of this program can help you achieve the weight loss by itself. Combining all the elements into a holistic program, we have ensured that we leave little or nothing to chance when it comes to your success in losing weight!

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There is no secret that an unhealthy weight plays a huge factor in myriad health issues that are faced by the people today. If you have been suffering from weight management issues and got no success after trying many dietary plans, gym sessions and weight loss supplements, it’s time to understand the basics of weight issues first.

It is a long-term approach towards a healthy lifestyle. It involves the balance of physical exercise and healthy eating to equalize intake and expenditure. Weight management focuses on long-term effects that are obtained through a slow loss of weight, followed by maintenance of an ideal weight for sex, age and height.

Things to Keep in Mind

The breathing exercise should be practiced systematically. Breathing exercises show great results if they are practiced after a gentle form of exercises such as walking. Performing all these types of breathing exercises to reduce belly fat is the best alternative than another form of physical activities.

They are performed without equipment and are also accessible to everyone. You won’t need to go to the gym to sweat it all out. These breathing exercises are easily available the go.

This premier self-help weight management program has received great feedback with many success stories. Give yourself an excuse to look and feel better today. Order now!