L-Arginine L-Citrulline Complex is an amino acid blend that offers the performance enhancement benefits and supports metabolism, protein synthesis, and liver detoxification.

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L-Arginine L-Citrulline Complex 






L-Arginine L-Citrulline Complex is a blend of Arginine and Citrulline, two key amino acids that act as precursors to nitric oxide. This powerful combination improves blood circulation with its vessel-widening capabilities. This effect on blood vessels helps individuals with heart diseases, clogged arteries, and erectile dysfunction.












Supports peak performance

It helps increase blood circulation through blood vessel relaxation

May help alleviate cardiovascular diseases and erectile dysfunction


L-Arginine: Plays an important role in muscle metabolism

L-Citrulline: Aids the body in the removal of ammonia, a byproduct of exercise

Supports metabolism, protein synthesis, and liver detoxification.

Contains no yeast, dairy, egg, gluten, soy or wheat. 

Contains no preservatives or artificial color, flavor, or fragrance.


Principal Ingredients & Amount per Serving 

L-Arginine (as L-Arginine HCl)- 750 mg

L-Citrulline- 250 mg

Vitamin B-6 (as pyridoxine HCI)- 2.5 mg

Folate (as folic acid & calcium folinate) (70 mcg folic acid)- 140 mcg DFE


Suggested Use


Serving Size: 1 tablet

Take 1 tablet four times daily, or as your healthcare practitioner recommends.

Available Quantities 

120 Capsules



1 bottle- 120 caps

3 bottles- 120 caps each



1 bottle- $24.95

3 bottles- $62.95

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