Many solutions in one bottle, a synergistic blend of powerful nutritional supplements designed to deliver additional oxygen, major and trace minerals, enzymes, and amino acids, which are all so very necessary for good health.

OxyLift – Daily oxygen & mineral booster. A super concentrate.

Many solutions in one bottle, a synergistic blend of powerful nutritional supplements designed to deliver additional oxygen, major and trace minerals, enzymes, and amino acids, which are all so very necessary for good health. All of these are greatly lacking due to our present-day polluted environments and over-farmed soils.

OxyLift™ is available in liquid concentrated, one-ounce form, at an affordable price. OxyLift is packaged in a convenient easy-to-carry, pocket-sized dispenser that is an approximately one-month supply.

Rebuilding Used properly, OxyLift™ is a gentle long-term daily nutritional supplement. As the body uses the OxyLift nutrients over a period, patience is required. For every seven years of life, one year of OxyLift™ supplementation is suggested to help the body counteract the built-up wastes and microbes and to help build up mineral and oxygen reserves deep within body cells. Individual results will always vary.

External Use - OxyLift™ can be diluted and used directly on the skin for slowly aiding and expediting healing. Try it on insect or jellyfish bites. Do not use in the eyes or undiluted in the nostrils. Keep off non-living organics.

OxyLift™ is a stable synergistic proprietary product. OxyLift™ is a blend of Nano-Ionic Pristine Sea-Source Major and Trace Minerals, Hydrogen Isotopes, Amino Acids, Enzymes, Fruit Acids, & Enhanced Ultra-Purified Structured Water & Subtle Energies.

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The Cause of Most Illnesses can be traced ultimately to diminished body intake of oxygen, minerals, nutrients, and a lack of internal cellular cleanliness. Without plentiful daily amounts of oxygen, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids, none of the body’s immune-system maintenance, waste elimination, and repair processes can function correctly. The body cannot eliminate its toxic waste without sufficient intake of oxygen, and experts teach that a chronic lack of oxygen ultimately leads to illness. Energy loss can usually be attributed to oxygen and mineral deprivation within the body.

The Present-Day Environment and Its Effect on Good Health

Our environment’s ability to produce oxygen is severely compromised due to the rapid destruction of the oxygen-producing rainforests, and the constant polluting of the air and water. In today’s environment, the breathing air and drinking water contain oxygen-consuming pollutants that rob the good health of every living thing. As a result, we do not get enough oxygen into our bodies. Chronic low-level body oxygen deprivation in the body is dangerous since the vast majority of disease-causing bacteria—viruses, fungi, and other harmful microbes that cause illness— can only thrive in low-oxygen conditions within the body. It is a fact of science that disease-causing microbes are anaerobic and cannot exist in active oxygen.

The body constantly uses oxygen to permanently oxidize and eliminate disease-causing microbes and to collect and oxidize the body’s waste. It is also scientific fact taught by naturopaths for over 100 years that an abundance of both microbes and non-eliminated waste within the body is the ultimate cause of almost all disease.


The reason we eat. The earth once had a plentiful supply of a variety of minerals naturally present in the ocean and topsoil, and our food once delivered all of them to us in abundance in our daily diets. As a result of pollution and present-day mineral depleting farming methods being used on long-ago played-out farm soils, naturally occurring soil minerals necessary for healthy plants and animals that once were found in our daily food are now critically low – or are missing entirely from our diets. Our good health and bodily functions directly depend upon our getting enough of these essential minerals daily. The only solution left is supplementation.

Enzymes digest food and cause most if not all cellular function to occur.

In today’s fast-paced society, we are eating a great deal of unnatural excessively altered food low in natural enzymes, and usually, we’re eating it in a rush—a recipe for poor digestion, and poor health. Habitual poor digestion leads first to loss of energy and ultimately to illness. As a result, health experts advocate that we often need supplemental enzymes to completely digest our food, especially the common processed, fast, or non-living foods. Proper food digestion is necessary to deter undigested food particles from entering the bloodstream where they will become a meal for infectious microbes and promote the growth of disease-causing anaerobes.

Amino Acids:

The body is repaired by amino acids, precursors which build new protein structures. Protein is what we’re made of. Experts teach that supplemental amino acids are essential today as they are also often missing in foods and they greatly assist our bodies with the necessary self-replacement and repair activities.

OxyLift™ Is a very viable option.  Especially needed in our in our high-paced society and altered environments is a solution to obtaining long-term proper key nutrient intake. OxyLift™ is a source of nutrients that help undo our chronic lack of key nutrients in our daily diets. When our bodies finally have proper nutrition, over time they accumulate the building blocks necessary to the maintenance of proper health and energy levels at deep levels. Of course, we are only discussing bringing ourselves back up to normal health and energy levels in a society conditioned to accept the unnatural need for daily drink stimulants and smoking as normal.

With daily OxyLift™ liquid supplement intake, in the same way, food keeps us alive, greatly depleted oxygen, minerals, enzymes and amino acids will be added safely and gradually to the body reserves. Unlike the single-objective over-sized molecules in pill supplements that are not absorbed well by the body, OxyLift™ provides a broad spectrum of basic, missing vital ingredients by a minute nano-ionic sized liquid delivery system that ensures maximum possible absorption within the body. The vital ingredients in OxyLift™ are needed by the body to naturally recharge its energy reservoirs, to store more oxygen within the fluids and cells, to cleanse itself of its toxic waste, to properly digest food, to rebuild and maintain the immune system, to repair tissues, and, most importantly, to overcome toxic low-oxygen pre-disease conditions. Through its super-absorbable liquid form, OxyLift™ provides a full range of missing essential oxygen and minerals, a blend of essential enzymes needed for thorough digestion, and a daily boost of essential amino acids necessary for body repair.

Daily Servings

OxyLift™ is unlike any other supplement. Begin taking OxyLift™ with one liquid drop three times per day between meals. The drops should be placed in a cool liquid, such as pure juice or water. As you get acclimated to having an increase of necessary nutrients that may have been missing for a long time, slowly and gradually increase the daily serving to 8 drops taken three times per day, or a total of 24 drops per day. On average it is best not to exceed a total of 50 drops per day long-term unless under the care of a therapist skilled in the oxidative modalities. Avoid taking late in the evening since wakefulness may result.


OxyLift™ ingredients are necessary for natural body detoxification and cleansing. When the serving sizes work up into the higher numbers, depending upon the beginning level of inner cleanliness, minor cleansing reactions such as temporary excretions, cold symptoms, or soreness are usually possible, and normal if they occur. Experts say these symptoms are the expected results of slow bodily detoxification processes. As the body finally gets the nutritional building blocks necessary to eliminate old internal wastes (that it always wanted to eliminate), the existing old waste residues may produce temporary discomfort on their way out. At any sign of discomfort, reduce the serving by half each day until symptoms disappear, and then resume slowly increasing the serving size again. Asthmatics or people with a problem of weak lungs and those who use bronchial dilators should remain at ONLY 3 drops per day for the first month with gradual increases after that only as tolerated. Asthmatics are detox-sensitive.

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