Turbo Oxygen (EWOT) System Buying Guide

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Oxygen and Human Body Metabolism

What is Exercise with Oxygen Therapy (EWOT)?

Exercise with Oxygen Therapy is the practice of breathing higher concentrations of oxygen while exercising. This approach is also known as Oxygen Enhanced Exercise. EWOT improves your energy and endurance, enhances your athletic performance, reduces inflammation, promotes detoxification, and offers anti-aging benefits.

It’s a no-brainer that oxygen is vital for our survival.

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Turbo Oxygen System in a Nutshell

Turbo Oxygen System is the best yet most affordable EWOT System and comprises of:

  • O2E2 Oxygen Machine, which takes the oxygen from the ambient air, purifies it, and delivers it with 93% purity.

  • Oxygen Reservoir Bag, which stores oxygen and makes it available for the user for the EWOT.

  • Dual-inlet Turbo Mega Flow Mask, which is connected to the Reservoir Bag and offers double the oxygen flow in half the time with its unique dual-inlet design.

Selecting the Right Turbo Oxygen (EWOT) System

Turbo Oxygen System is available in 8 variants.

Let's have a look at the factors that would be helpful for you to choose the right Turbo Oxygen System for you.

1.  Oxygen Flow Rate

Flow Rate is the amount of oxygen delivered by the Oxygen Machine in a minute. So, a 10LPM machine delivers 10 liters of oxygen in a minute, while a 5LPM machine delivers 5 liters per minute.

Now, you might be curious about the difference between the 10LPM and 5LPM Systems. The main difference lies in the filling time. 10LPM Machine fills the Oxygen Reservoir Bag quickly when compared to the 5LPM machine.

A 10LPM System is ideal for:

  • Multiple persons doing the EWOT session simultaneously as it reduces the wait time.

  • People who want to go beyond 15-minute sessions for improved athletic performance. In this case, you can run the 10LPM oxygen machine while exercising, offering 10 liters of oxygen per minute.

  • Higher Durability: As a 10LPM machine needs shorter operational time compared to 5 LPM, it significantly extends the system’s lifespan. In either case, with proper usage, all the Turbo Oxygen System combos are built to last for many years.

2.  Reservoir Bag Size

We offer two variants of Oxygen Reservoir Bag: 900 Liter O2 Reservoir Bag and 500 Liter O2 Reservoir Bag. As the name suggests, a 900-liter bag stores 900 liters of Oxygen and a 500-liter bag stores 500 liters of Oxygen.

A 10LPM O2E2 Machine will fill the 900 Liter Reservoir Bag in under 90 minutes, and 5 LPM will take 180 minutes (approx 3 hours).

10 LPM will take approximately nearly an hour to fill a 500-liter Reservoir Bag, and 5 LPM will take nearly 1.5 hours.

With a 900L Oxygen Reservoir Bag, you can get 15-20 minutes of EWOT, which is the recommended EWOT session duration.

With a 500L Oxygen Reservoir Bag, you can do a session of 8-10 minutes duration and you might need to run the oxygen machine while exercising to refill the Reservoir Bag.

Here’s how it works: 

An average person breathes around 40-60 breaths per minute during exercise. That would take 7-8 minutes to empty the 500L Bag and about 15-20 minutes to empty the 900L Bag.

So we recommend buying Combo A (New 10LPM-900L Bag Combo) for a 15-20 minute EWOT session.

If you're looking for a budget-friendly option with the same benefits, you can go for a refurbished machine combo-Combo G (Rebuilt 10 LPM-900L Bag Combo).

Turbo Oxygen System Combos-A Comparison

SpecificationCombo ACombo BCombo CCombo DCombo ECombo FCombo GCombo H
Flow Rate10 LPM5 LPM10 LPM5 LPM5 LPM5 LPM10 LPM10LPM
Bag Volume900 Liter900 Liter500 Liter500 Liter900 Liter500 Liter900 Liter500 Liter
Filling Time90 minutes180 minutes50 minutes100 minutes180 minutes100 minutes90 minutes50 minutes
Warranty3 years for Machine, Bag and Mask3 years for Machine, Bag and Mask3 years for Machine, Bag and Mask3 years for Machine, Bag and MaskMachine-1 Year /3 Years ($100 Extra)
Bag and Mask- 3Years
Machine-1 Year /3 Years ($100 Extra)

Bag and Mask- 3Years
3 years for Machine, Bag and Mask3 years for Machine, Bag and Mask

Additional Accessories

We also recommend that you also add the below additional accessories for better results. These additional accessories can be easily purchased directly from the Turbo Oxygen System product page.

When Can I Expect to See Results?

Each person experiences benefits and improvements at varying rates. Some notice immediate improvements in energy, mental clarity, and better sleep after the first EWOT session itself, while others may take more time to see the outcomes. Your initial health status prior to integrating EWOT into your routine is the primary factor that determines the results.

We recommend you do 3-5 EWOT sessions per week for a minimum of three months to observe significant benefits and improvements, though many experience them sooner.

Why is the Turbo Oxygen System Affordable?

Our goal is to make EWOT more accessible for individuals from all walks of life. Our Turbo Oxygen System is meticulously designed to offer enhanced EWOT experience to take your wellness journey to the next level. Despite our competitive pricing, we maintain a commitment to delivering superior-quality EWOT systems.

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