Overview of The Optimal Breathing School


For those considering becoming Optimal Breathing Development Specialist Practitioners. 

In person sessions include: 
Eliminating low back pain forever. 

How to take someone into deepest calm in a few seconds to minutes. 
How to develop abs without restricting breathing. 
Safely integrating vocal power for speaking, singing and breathing.
Breathing and sleeping or power napping.
Ways deeper breathing can restrict easy breathing.
The Optimal Breathing Window for measuring and preventing shallow breathing. 
Developing a rock solid parasympathetic breathing pattern and why.
Expanding the breathing volume in a few short sessions while simultaneously balancing the breathing patterns.
Example    https://video.turbooxygen.com/mr%20white/17%20percent%20increase.mp4
Strengthening the diaphragm without restricting the breathing.


A video for those considering becoming Optimal Breathing Development Specialist Practitioners. For actual training click here.

DVD Contents:
  • Interviews of private 1 hour Breathing Development Session recipients.
  • Severe sleep loss
  • LifeTime TV Show featuring Mike
  • Optimal Breathing School Student Interviews
  • Interview of 15 hour private intensive recipient
  • Interactive Breathing Seminar. Anatomy, Science, Why Learn to Breathe better. Working on a member of the audience. (approx 50 min)
  • Video x-ray of Mike's breathing diaphragm in action showing size and rise
  • Instant free download of 1-6 day curriculum