Turbo Oxygen Mega Flow Mask with Adjustable Strap (EWOT Mask)

Experience the transition from deeper to deepest breathing using our premier DUAL PORT Mega-Flow Mask for EWOT. Comes in 3 sizes with an adjustable head strap for a better fit.

The patented DUAL-PORT Mega-Flow Mask fed by our 500-900 liter Oxygen reservoir bag is a vital element of the practice of Optimal EWOT. The ease and volume offered by the Dual Port Mega-Flow Mask magnify every possible benefit of EWOT.


  • Made with 100% Silicone
  • Certified Medical Grade Material
  • 3 size variants are available
  • Supports multi-user environments
  • Valves in the mask only allow inhalation of clean dry O2 and exhalation of CO2 into the room; No need of cleaning the Hoses
  • Autoclave Compatibility: Can withstand all cleaning procedures (including autoclave and sterilization)



  • Offers 2.5 times more breathing volume
  • Dual port feature
  • Allows easy and effortless breathing
  • Accelerates the speed of recovery by allowing unrestricted and trouble-free breathing
  • Strengthened endurance
  • No dilution of O2
  • Zero chest tension

Available Sizes

  • Small- Suitable for persons who are 5’3” or below
  • Medium- Suitable for persons who are tall in the range 5’4” to 6’4”
  • Large- Suitable for persons who are 6’5” and up


Mask with adjustable head strap.