Optimal Breathing Seminar (Download)


The Secret of Life is Developing Energy and Managing it. Fun and informative. Anatomy, Science, Why learn to breathe better.

Bad breathing is like dragging a ball and chain while waiting for the raw to do its magic. The sad thing is that even after years of raw the bad breathing pattern can still exist. I've seen it MANY, MANY  times. This means that the person could have had it SO MUCH easier to transition and with a much higher degree of potential success. How many do you lose to the lifestyle that you never even knew about?  How much of their being distracted away from the movement  is occurring moment to moment due to a hidden breathing pattern disorder?  When you integrate the realities of the rebalanced breathing EVERYTHING gets more under natural hygienic balance and rational control.  There is NO rational alternative to living nutrition. Hidden breathing pattern disorders distort or confuse ALL biofeedback systems, regardless of what you eat.

Optimal breathing is part of natural hygiene. You can't separate breathing and nutrition any more than you can separate mind and spirit.