EWOT System Combo A - 10LPM Machine, 900 Liter Bag, Mega Flow Mask

Combo A, the best-seller among our Turbo Oxygen (EWOT) combos, offers deep body conditioning and self-healing with its innovative technology. Combo A comes with a 10 LPM Oxygen machine, Turbo Mega-Flow Mask, and a 900L Reservoir bag. FREE Shipping for all 48 contiguous states in the US.

Get most out of your exercise with the help of Turbo Oxygen System, an epitome of physical endurance. Turbo Oxygen System is the EWOT system that can generate deep body conditioning and self-healing outcomes without any drugs, chemicals, surgeries, or invasive techniques. Improve your oxygen circulation, restoration of blood flow, fitness and health with the power of exercise-oxygen combo.

Included in the Package

  1. 10 LPM O2E2 Oxygen Concentrator
  2. 900 Liter Reservoir Bag
  3. Turbo Mega Flow Mask of choice (for size and options, please see below)
  4. 6-feet Bag-to-mask Connector Hoses (2 Nos.)
  5. 7 ft High Flow Nasal Cannula (1 No)
  6. Large Y Connector (allows Essential Oil feed to Mega Flow Mask)
  7. Small Y Connector (splits the Oxygen supply for two persons or feeding a bag and one person simultaneously)
  8. Humidifier Bottle (1 No)
  9. Bag-to-mask connector hose adaptors (2 Nos.)
  10. Corks for connector hose (2 Nos.)
  11. 14 ft oxygen supply hose (1 No)
  12. S-hooks (2 Nos.)
  13. Roof hanging screws (2 Nos.)
  14. Pressure Relief Valve: 1 No (attached to the Bag)
  15. White caps (to close off O2 inlet bag feeder nipples not being connected to oxygen machines): 5 Nos.
  16. Spare air filter for the Oxygen machine
  17. The stand is not included in the pack. This is for display purposes only. You may order the stand separately. 

Mask Size

  1. Medium = 5'4" to 6'4" (Fits 80% of adults)
  2. Small= 5'3 tall and below
  3. Large = 6'5" tall and up


    1. Machine - 3 Year Warranty
    2. Bag - 3 Year Warranty
    3. Mask - 3 Year Warranty

    Advantages Over Other Combos

    1. With a 10LPM Oxygen Machine, you can shorten your filling times. You'll need just 90 minutes for filling the 900L Oxygen Reservoir Bag with a 10LPM Oxygen Machine.
    2. It is the most cost-effective combo.
    3. Offers an EWOT session of 15-20 minutes duration.


    What are the benefits of EWOT?

    Exercise with Oxygen Therapy (EWOT) is the act of inhaling higher concentrations of Oxygen while exercising. EWOT is based on the concept that by increasing the amount of oxygen during exercise, you can increase the oxygen delivery to your body tissues and organs, resulting in improved cellular function and overall well-being.

    The EWOT Advantages

    1. Increased Energy
    2. Improved Endurance
    3. Better Immunity
    4. Rapid Recovery
    5. Improved Mental Wellness
    6. Better Sleep


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