The MindFold Relaxation/Sleep Mask

The MindFold is a relaxation mask that is impervious to light even with open eyes. Order this mask to use while you sleep or meditate at

The MindFold Relaxation Mask has a flexible, matte finish, and black plastic face designed to block all external light. You can experience complete darkness even with your eyes open with the help of cutouts in the high-density soft foam padding. The mask is equipped with an adjustable hook and loop head strap for a comfortable fit. Memory foam earplugs are also included.

Features/ Benefits

  • Ideal for swing and night shift workers or anyone who wants to sleep during daytime
  • Comes in a single size that fits most faces.
  • Helps you meditate and focus your inner self with your eyes open and in complete darkness
  • Helps you discover and pursue your inner power
  • Helps you ease the travel stress
  • Aids n fighting headaches
  • Allows blind and visually challenged persons to train together