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   Feb 29 , 2020

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   michael white

Calme le plus profond, respirer plus facilement, se détendre, permettre et lâcher prise. défiler vers le bas

2 commentaires

  • 29 Feb 2020 braden miller

    Hi Mike.
    “I’ve made HUGE progress with your breathing kit. I’m able to remain calm and centered in most situations now and feel better than I ever have. There is however one thing that’s been bothering me. I know it shouldn’t matter, but I’ve been getting a lot of comments like “wow you’ve gained weight!” Or people will come up and poke my belly when I’m standing and it makes me want to suck it in, which is not good.
    I weigh about 180lbs and am 6 foot. My belly does protrude a lot compared to my chest and I feel like I have some anterior pelvic tilt going on. Are there any ab exercises that are safe for breathing? I notice for example my belly seems to stick out much further than yours in your videos.”’

    Yo Braden. We mostly first gain weight in our belly (viscera) but not due to breathing. So the more you properly breathe lower down the more your belly will want to stick out (let go) a bit. But when the viscera is not overly full of fat, it just looks that way as we are letting go in that area. You probably have some fat in that area and it is showing a bit more. Anterior pelvic tilt will add to that. Squats can help with that.
    The Greeks sold Western thinking on “small belly big chest” or you are just not a “real man or woman”. BALONEY! Last year (2019) ten major body builders died. Average age was 60. There is a message here IMO.
    Martial arts talks a lot about “soft belly”. Toned but still soft, aka allowing i to let go.
    You are letting go and that is a VERY good thing.
    Do C9 and 33 to tone abs (C33 on the cards for belly toning without hindering breathing – I can do over 50 knee raises if i use Altus Wrist Wraps as my grip is not strong enough for much more than 20)
    and C10 to add back breath; C15 for side breath.
    Maybe do a gentle hatha or iyengar yoga class for overall toning but stay away from any pranayama breathing. NONE. Just allow the breathing as with C21,22,23,24,25,

  • 29 Feb 2020 anna

    Hi…. Thanks, Mike.

    I think it’s just getting used to having your belly be relaxed. Once you develop the breathing more, I do think that the belly and chest fall into the proper position. Plus, I’d rather be relaxed and happy anyway over a cinched in waist line! I’m really working on this…I think a lot of exercise/lifestyle/yoga creates bad habits with tension which then lead to the dysfunctional breathing patterns.

    As for the yoga practice, I am finding new enjoyment in doing my yoga classes but withOUT the ujayyi pranayama. I just let my body breath me. I have spontaneous deep breaths and releases..sometimes the breathing is light. This feels way better on my body than all the constriction and overstimulation of the SNS with pranayama.

    I am still feeling a lot of my deep breaths in my chest, but as Mike said…for now, this is OK. IT’s about the letting go. I continue to do the C5 exercise usually laying down but always also incorporate C24 and ones like this that are about the natural breath and the reflex inhale. Sometimes, when laying in bed, I can just THINK of the exercises and a deeper breath comes. Usually if I focus on the back of my lungs/kidney area.


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