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"The biggest battle you and I will ever fight is the one in our mind. Our mindsets determine our future". Pastor Kirk Bowman  

But if your breathing is distorted or restricted your attitude will be inconsistent at best.

A changed attitude means little if it does not impact something that you are doing. To make it real in the outside world such as with your relationships, health or commitment to excellence REQUIRES the skills of implementation. You must participate and take action to create that which stems from your changed attitude. That energy requires well balanced and consistent breathing.

Handling change and staying focused and balanced is a skill. Optimal breathing is a skill and it is largely the vehicle for body/mind/spirit inter connectedness. Poor breathing causes thoughts to run amuck and attitudes to inappropriately change from moment to moment. Our thoughts guide and are mostly senior to our breathing but our breathing propels us forward either in direct or indirect, healthy or unhealthy ways.

Hidden agendas often stem from unresolved emotional issues/patterns that are locked up in the breathing body and restrict or distort the way we respond. Many of you can relate to this I am sure.

From sickness to good health, from good health to great health, from a thin, week restricted voice to peak performance on stage or in competition sports, once we learn to develop the optimal breath and integrate our thoughts with that or visa-versa we then have the mind/body/spirit integration that feels like wholeness, ease and flow. We can then manifest our vision with maximum focus and dependability.

We CAN create the life we wish to live. The powers of focus and persistence are senior to most others; even genius, talent and education. We still must enter the game, pay our dues and take our chances. If we do not dream big our big dreams cannot come true. Homework, hope, hard work and opening a space (via prayer, spirituals or chanting perhaps) for quantum progress are key ingredients.

Immediately following an Optimal Breathing Stress management workshop in a maximum security prison ward of a local county jail I was asked by one of the inmates "I feel really peaceful inside. More than I can ever recall being before. 

Could you tell me the significance of that"   I answered him "If you feel anxious and angry you will choose activities that stem more from that. If you feel calm, peaceful, warm and unafraid you will choose activities that stem more from and support that way of being.

You now have the choice of how you manage the way you think, act and feel. Which would you prefer?" He smiled broadly, seeming much relieved, warmly thanked me with a "got it", and sat down.

"Enthusiasm is contagious. It's difficult to remain neutral or indifferent in the presence of a positive thinker". Dennis Waitley

Develop your breathing on a daily basis and watch your attitude change as you get more in touch with your internal felt sense of power; your creativity and ability to stay in the "zone", regardless of the circumstances.

If you fail still again, know that THIS time you will recover quicker and try again and again until you succeed. The foundation of focus and persistence is in your attitude and the way you breathe. OR in the way you breathe, and your attitude.


Whatever your posture at any given moment in time, you can bet it is influencing your breathing and attitude AND breathing and attitude is affecting your posture. It is often easy to spot someone with a distorted or negative attitude by their slumped shouldered, bent over, weak kneed hang dog posture.

Posture often shapes and forms attitude. Attitude can help create good or bad posture. According to a recent study reported in The Economist, posture was directly connected to self-respect.

Peanuts and Depression

Attitude and learning from Khan Academy " As long as they embrace struggle and mistakes, they can learn anything."

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