Réchauffement climatique, changement climatique et oxygène respiratoire

Réchauffement climatique, changement climatique et oxygène respiratoire

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Ocean water temperature controls 90% of the Earth's air temperature.

Water temperature has been greatly rising almost straight line upward as measured since 1900. Think compounding. 

Compounding. Get it? Just like compound interest, only with ocean temperatures that get worse as time goes on. Like multiple coats of paint, each increase on top of an increase gets added to the total which continues to speed up/compound the increase.  

Equator is closest to the sun and highest heat then warmer water spreads North and South via surface and subsurface in sometimes spiraling currents.

The top +- 10% layer of ocean water holds most of the heat. Makes sense, water is much more dense than air and heat rises from depths to the top layer of the ocean.

The ocean's phytoplankton (algae, seaweed etc) produce at least 50% of all of Earth's breathable oxygen. The warmer the ocean water, the less oxygen is produced via the phytoplankton. Bad algae grows in warmer waters.

Read Warming Ocean Slows Phytoplankton Growth

The EXCESS warmth is released via hurricanes and typhoons. As the ocean gets warmer expect even more intense storms.

Stay calm, energized and prepare as best you can.

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