La circoncision est nocive

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By George Denniston MD,  President, Doctors Opposing Circumcision

Over the past 30 years, fifteen International Symposia on Genital Autonomy, taking place at leading Universities around the world, have documented, in paper after scientific paper, the obvious harm of Partial Penile Amputation (Circumcision). Millions of citizens are horrified at the idea of a doctor, of all people, cutting normal body parts off another human being without their fully informed, written consent.

Now it is time to speak out. When you do speak out, you will encounter several groups of people who will not want to hear what you have to say. Parents of boys who did not stop their doctor from committing this atrocity will be in denial. The boys themselves, now men, will usually want to rationalize what has been done to them, because it is too painful to face the fact that they will never have full erections (that was what the foreskin was designed to cover), and they will never be able to have normal sexual relations, because they have lost the majority of sensitive nerve endings in their procreative organ.

This massive denial is what keeps the sick practice going. So if we are to end it, we must speak out. When you speak out, you may encounter "regret moms." In America, there are millions of them. Often they will agree with you, but sometimes they, too, find it too painful to admit that they wish they could have the choice again.

But whatever the response, we must speak out in order to protect the next generation of American men from having their growth stunted in so many ways by this one barbaric act. Many of these people who are in denial are really not responsible for what happened to them or their children. So they can be helped by suggesting that they could not help what happened, that it was not their fault, and that they can forgive themselves and others for this tragic behavior and move on.

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