Réduire ou prévenir la dégénérescence maculaire naturellement

Réduire ou prévenir la dégénérescence maculaire naturellement

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You can't change your genes or your age but you can reduce the risk of MD, and you can slow it down if you have it, by making these positive changes - all doctors agree on these recommendations: 

*    Don't smoke. It's never too late to give up - smoking increases the risk up to 6 times, and may bring the disease on many years sooner
*    Eat fruit & vegetables - including spinach, capsicums, and other dark green or yellow vegetables
*    Eat fish - one serving of fish per week may reduce your chances of developing the disease by half
*    Eat nuts - one serving of nuts per week may halve the rate of progression of the disease. The best nuts are probably walnuts, brazil nuts, almonds and pine nuts.
*    Exercise regularly, and control weight & blood pressure
*    If you are over 50 or have a family history of MD, see an eye care professional at least every 2 years so that any early signs of disease can be detected.

The next two recommendations are supported by some eminent eye specialists but not all: 

*    If you have MD, supplement your diet with zinc and antioxidants. 
*    Cut down on animal and vegetable fats. Olive oil seems to be safe.

See Visions of Joy website. Joy is another one of my world class students.

Breathing properly is a large percentage of natural vision training.

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