Lavements au café : Gitter Done

Lavements au café : Gitter Done

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  1. When possible take an enema bag of clear plastic that you can see through. Otherwise, a douche/enema bag combo can suffice.
  2. Special soft French or plastic catheter to fit over the hard plastic tip of the enema bag.
  3. A large stainless steel cooking pot or a glass coffee maker.
  4. Organic, caffeinated, drip grind coffee.   
  5. A Pyrex one-quart measuring cup.
  6. Unsulphured molasses.
  7. 2 Quarts distilled, filtered water or any clean source other than tap water. 

Put a quart of water in a pan and bring it to a boil. Add 2-3 scoops of coffee, or the amount tested out for you.

Let it boil for five minutes. Add one teaspoon of unsulphured molasses. Allow cooling to slightly warm. Better too cool than too warm.

Now, it is best to clear the colon of as much fecal matter as possible so that the coffee makes maximum contact with the inner colon lining. As per inserting DIR instructions below use warm clean water and juice from a freshly squeezed lemon in a full enema bag and gently introduce the water to where you either empty the entire bag or it makes you want to void or both... No pain, preferably not even discomfort or fullness. Then void the water and repeat till the bag is empty.

Next strain the warm coffee into a measuring cup. Then pour all of the coffee liquid into enema bag allowing the tube to fill up with coffee and replace any air in the tube. Tighten the valve. 


Hang the filled bag with coffee, waist high. Higher may cause too much pressure. Lie down on one side on the floor on an old towel and gently insert the catheter. Use food-grade vegetable oil for any needed lubrication. Insert the catheter into the rectum a few inches. Release the clamp and let 1/2 of the quart liquid flow in. Clamp the tubing as soon as there is any discomfort. Some prefer to roll back and forth from side to side, staying a few minutes on each side to cause the coffee to make better contact with the inner linings of the colon. Finally, lie flat and gently massage the belly and lower sides.

Try to retain the liquid for 10 minutes. If you feel a strong urge to release it then do so. Then when the bowel is voided, add the remaining 1/2 quart, and if able, then void.

The goal is to have two enemas using the coffee for 10 minutes each. 

During that time you may feel or hear a gurgling or be squirting out of liquid under the right rib. This may be your gallbladder discharging into your bowel. 

more info on how to

Session done, then rinse out the bag and use boiling water to kill any bacteria, then hang to dry for no mold to collect. If you feel hyper then use less coffee grounds the next time. I recommend you also take Oxy-Cleanse to continue the small intestine cleansing and repeat the coffee enema in a week or two. A potato/vegetable broth or potassium supplement (to help tissue repair) may be helpful. 

Coffee enemas for detoxification

Any adverse side effects consult your physician, though there have been no reports of side effects in many years of this practice. Actually, this cleanse may be even more tolerable (and simpler) then the liver cleanse.

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