Un mode de vie et un régime alimentaire pour un développement respiratoire optimal

Un mode de vie et un régime alimentaire pour un développement respiratoire optimal

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Much of breathing problems stem from lack of proper usage and allergic response. My take is that the allergies come mostly from grains, cooked foods and bad breathing plus possible poor air. Most reasonably bad air environments can be handled if the body is strong enough and clean enough inside. The breathing is weakened by a weakening of the diaphragm in concert with a reduction of elasticity between the ribs. This backs up the entire respiratory and elimination system. Even when the allergies are eliminated the breathing mechanism must be rehabilitated to ensure optimal recovery and health. 

As a California state certified Nutrition Educator I recommend the following: 

Optimal digestion is indispensable.

  1. Clean colon including parasites and candida. See candida article
  2. Support Adrenal function. B5; pantothenic acid; licorice (deglycyrrhizinated type), Raw glandular.
  3. GOOD: No red meat, dairy, grains, or sugar. They all produce excess mucus.  
        BEST: Go to a raw foods diet as much as tolerable up to 100%; detox can occur and confuse the symptoms. 12 Steps to Raw Foods

Soluble fiber carrots, apples, guar gum (or private label fiber combination) in fresh carrot juice drink. Get Norman Walker’s FRESH VEGETABLE JUICES sold at most Health Food Stores. 

Get a Greenlife Juicer or Juiceman Juicer from www.discountjuicers.com

Purchase HEALTHY HEALING by Linda Rector Page for herbals, supplements and lifestyle changes. 

  1. Force yourself to drink excessive water to loosen and make any phlegm more soluble.
  2. Immune support (herbs & thymus) to increase macrophage activity, postural drainage and or steam vaporizing with essential oils - pure eucalyptus, fir.
  3. Gentle breathing exercises per 176 Video and phone consults with Mike.  These are critical as most exercises tighten and worsen the breathing system. These MUST be facilitated by a trained expert. Most or all yoga or Tai chi I have viewed is not sufficient for this
  4. Chiropractic adjustments T2-10 and OBRs.
  5. Encourage receiving nurturance such as massage, asking for what you want etc.

Try the above before taking a more aggressive approach such as testing for food allergies, leaky gut issues as well as medical protocols.

Key issues are:

  1. Keep bronchioles open. (A sympathetic response) Support adrenal function. No stimulants except in an emergency. Must get off coffee if long term benefit is to be had.
  2. Lymphatic drainage. See massage therapist specializing in this.
  3. Loosen thick phlegm. Water; steam; essential oils; slight inversion for postural drainage.
  4. Support macrophage activity. Bowel cleansing with herb combos. (see MGW)
  5. Stretching, movement
  6. Sleep, rest, attitudinal and emotional therapy.
  7. Antioxidant blitz

CO Q10
Germanium from Allergy Research Company.

  1. Skin pulls in THE BREATHING KIT

You don’t get breathing problems overnight. How do you know if you are heading in the direction of breathing strength or weakness? The below program has a self assessing system to help you monitor progress.

Our Breathing Redevelopment Program


Be well and keep breathing.

Michael Grant White,
“Breathing Development Specialist”

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