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See the May, 2002 issue of Scientific American for the truth on heart disease. Everything has changed...

Forget what you have heard about good cholesterol / bad cholesterol.  It isn't much of the problem...if at all.

That should wake you up!

Cholesterol is a mid-arterial-wall patch!  That means the cholesterol is under the first thin layer of cells in the artery and does nothing to block the artery or hurt it. 

Not the problem!!

The real problem is the cracks and tears in the lining of the wall of your artery!!  When the tear gives way, the blood clots there and gives a sudden shut-off..."big heart attack"..."stroke"..."you die"..."game over"!


So here's what you do:

    --Load up with trout, salmon, sardines, and cold water fish 3-6 times a week.

    --Take generous amounts of flax oil and olive oil each day.

    --Take Vitamin C, going in 500 mg, 3x/day (if you don't get loose stools).     
    --Eat small berries frequently (blueberries are the best).

    --Get chelation therapy.

    --Stop sugar and foods that make sugar: all milled grains, rice, bananas, wheat, potatoes, limit carrots to 3/day...they turn you and your arteries to brittle plastic --sugar caramelization!!

    --Take Folic Acid, 1 mg/day

    --Take CoQ10, 10-200 mg/day

    --Exercise 30 min, 5x/week

    --Cut your food intake, Fast to live after age 45 (one day a week is good).

    --Take Carnitine, 500 mg/day.


Now here's what not to do:

    --Don't eat margarine or fried fats.

    --Don't take anti-cholesterol pills...they have killed many...they block your CoQ10.

    --Don't take Thiazide diuretics...they ruin your kidneys after 3 months.

    --Don't trust aspirin.

    --Don't trust any medications used over 2 weeks.

    --Don't have surgery...cutting the pipe out is not needed.

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