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Mr. White, thank you for your recommendations. I have reread your stuff on enzymes and your testimonial on the weight loss links. I assume you have used the Supreme Enzymes formulation of enzymes for yourself. I am wondering if you are taking them indefinitely (15 years), or if you used them until you had certain results. My concern is sustainability. I like the idea of learning how to breathe and use sounds for a regular practice, and adding enzymes to help me regain digestion health, but I am concerned about what it will mean in the long run. Later days, Shirley M

Dear Shirley: 
Enzymes are for a lifetime. They do not remain but are used in the process of daily cellular function.  In my opinion to the degree your diet is not 100% raw is the degree you should take the enzymes. And 100% raw would be better but that is rarely attained.

This is not like a vaccination. You must, like breathing, replenish the digestive enzyme supply either from raw living foods or a supplement. I need to ad that there is NO supplement that will entirely replace raw living foods.  On a day to day basis. I even take digestive enzymes with a protein drink as I want to add them into my body for digestion of other foods. They seem to build up a reserve. http://www.optimalbreathing.com/optimal-digestion.htm 

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