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This will be added to as time goes along as it is a HUGELY important issue.

How fast you metabolize what you eat is a major marker for your overall energy and rate of recovery and regeneration. Many believe they have a weak thyroid and may well have but the real culprit may often be how quickly they burn the fuel they ingest. 

The autonomic nervous system as driven by balanced or unbalanced breathing can fool the body temporarily and be a major cause of energy swings that confuse even the most astute health practitioner.

If you are a slow oxidizer you need to be very choosy when you eat high density proteins, if at all.  If you are a fast oxidizer you can overload your energy and become hyper, sleepless, hypoglycemic or all three just by eating the wrong foods at the wrong time of day. We include a metabolic questionnaire in many of our programs including the weight loss one.  

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