Thyroïde basse ? Comment savez-vous?

Thyroïde basse ? Comment savez-vous?

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Why is this on a website about breathing? Your oxygen is your gasoline. Your thyroid is your spark plug.

Low energy such as in chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia often means low thyroid gland sufficiency.  Many blood tests to not detect subtle or severe hypothyroidism.   

Low thyroid can be at the base of many illness symptoms, or it can accompany and "hide" behind other degenerative diseases. The list of health complaints consistently associated with an under-functioning thyroid is long and shocking. Conditions include memory loss, depression, infertility, rheumatic pain, repeated infections, skin problems, migraines, anemia, constipation, and poor vision. The routine thyroid tests used today often do not detect low thyroid function.

Low thyroid increases oxygen cost, hinders metabolism and forces us to breathe more which increases the oxygen cost of breathing.  We may get more energy immediately which is good but the oxygen cost is immense.  Our engine overworks to make up for the "dirty spark plugs" of our thyroid and parathyroid glands.  With proper nutrition to guide you, you can use Optimal Breathing techniques to help rebuild your thyroid.

Here’s an inexpensive, safe and easy test that can be better than a blood test for low functioning thyroid but it is not to replace the test.

Because the best time for this test is in the am immediately upon awakening (before rising), shake down (or have a digital) thermometer and place it beside your bed on a table or chair before going to bed. Immediately upon awakening, place the thermometer snugly in your armpit for ten minutes by the clock. The normal basal temp is between 97.8 and 98.1. A temperature below 97.8 often indicates the possibility of low thyroid activity; hypothyroidism. Women: As the temperature varies with phases of the menstrual cycle, the first test should be made on the second and third days of menstruation. CHILDREN: In young children, rectal temp can be taken: two minutes are adequate. Oral temperature is often misleading, because any respiratory infection, including sinusitis will elevate the mouth temp while the rest of the body may be normal. Track this for a month and you will probably spot a significant pattern before the month is up; sometimes in just a few days. It you normally have a low temp I am not sure of the significance.

Many will not register a lower temp with the above test and are still hypothroid. The suggestion is to try some iodine for a few days and see if you perk up.  We have recently added a great product that feeds the thyroid.  I would also watch the breath rate and pauses as well.

See also depression and posture.

E-mail to Mike from Dr. Douglas Graham. Basically, when grains ferment, (something that almost always happens when they are consumed, to some degree) acetic acid is formed. This stimulates the adrenals, and eventually the thyroid into hyperactivity. What goes up must come down, so the short term hyperthyroidism is followed by long term hypothyroidism, as per the Law of Dual Effect.

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