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There is Real Treatment For Symptom Reversal.

Get The Book: What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Fibromyalgia: The Revolutionary Treatment That Can Reverse the Disease By Dr. Paul R. St. Amand and Claudia Marek

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According to Professor St. Amand of UCLA-who is an authority on the disease: "Fibromyalgia is not autoimmune and it is not inflammatory. That is known for sure. Cells have been examined for inflammation and there is none. No trace of antibodies has been found and there has never been tissue destruction in fibromyalgia." Thus, any treatment based on the assumption that it's an inflammatory disease will be ineffective.

St. Amand postulates that fibromyalgia is a genetic disease. In some people it is active from childhood. In others it is triggered later by trauma or infection. Scottish researchers have recently reported distinctive genetic patterns in ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis) sufferers. There are many families where almost everyone has ME , fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. A lady has fibromyalgia and so do her four daughters. The odds that this is random are around 10,000,000,000 to 1!

Dr. St. Amand believes the disease is caused by a genetic kidney dysfunction that leads to a buildup of phosphates in tissue cells. To prevent cell death, the cells take in more water to dilute the phosphates. This causes the tissue to swell, pressing against nearby nerves. This is the best explanation for the presence of pain without inflammation-an unusual combination.

Scientific evidence for this theory is beginning to accumulate. But the main evidence is clinical: Dr. St. Amand has developed a protocol that reverses the disease using a safe and inexpensive over-the-counter drug called guaifenesin. In his own practice, well over 90 percent of his thousands of patients have regained their health. This is a far higher rate of recovery than any other protocol to date. The protocol can be self-administered.

St. Amand has discovered a pattern of tissue lesions distinctive to ME/FMS/CFS. These can be palpated by any experienced body worker after a little training. The presence of these lesions indicates strongly that the protocol will help. The breakup of these lesions while on the protocol indicates strongly that symptoms will shortly improve. If you look at Dr. St Amand's book (What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Fibromyalgia : The Revolutionary Treatment That Can Reverse the Disease) reviews on Amazon, you will find many hundreds of positive testimonials.

If St. Amand is correct, and many are increasingly confident that he is on the right track, pharmaceuticals, diet and supplements can only play a secondary role in health recovery. What is needed is a protocol to help the body rid itself of the excess phosphates.

Some time back the Centers for Disease Control did a major long-term study of recovery rates from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. The results were extremely pessimistic-only a very small percentage of long-term sufferers improved. Despite the claims of many doctors and complementary practitioners to be able to reverse the disease, they found no evidence for this. There was no evidence that pharmaceuticals, diet or naturopathic treatments were successful. Compare this to over 90% success rate of Dr. St. Amand's patients who achieve major long-term improvements."

successful patient 10/29/2019

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