Augmentation de l'oxygène dans le sang

Augmentation de l'oxygène dans le sang

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There are several self help ways I use to increase my blood oxygen.

The hierarchy is from the most passive to the most active. 

What I mean by passive is to get as much oxygen in the body with the least amount of energy expended. After that the economic impact needs to be considered as well as the convenience. 

  1. O2E2: Home model oxygen bars combined with rest or exercise.
  2. The Optimal Breathing Kit
  3. Posture and ergonomics to support a passive "easiest" - we all have an easier way of breathing  
  4. Liver cleanse
  5. Dietary/supplementation considerations including oxylift
  6. Oxy-cleanse: Cleanses with oxygen. Energizing and internal cleansing functions in one veggie capsule.  
  7. E3live.
  8. Weight loss: I put weight loss later in the hierarchy as it often just happens by itself when the previous methods are implemented. The increased oxygen increases the metabolism - fire - and burns off extra calories. 

The above methods are implemented in the most practical or convenient order, even though some are clearly superior to others. Go with what makes you feel better, energetic, rested, clear headed, relaxed, sexual, etc. Start with developing your breathing.


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