Dépendance à l'alcool et remède Kudzu

Dépendance à l'alcool et remède Kudzu

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I would like to share with you some success in my family regarding addiction to alcohol, because I know that you reach a lot of people, and this could be helpful for those that struggle with alcohol themselves, or their loved ones.

My husband is a highly regarded professional in his field, but has been dependent on alcohol daily for about three decades. (he would come home from work and drink between 8 and 12 beer before going to bed). Because of his success at work, he felt he wasn't a 'real alcoholic'. Last year, things came to a head when he developed pain that brought him to the hospital emergency. The doctor told him his liver was enlarged, and that he should go into detox. This kind of woke him up, and he cut down long enough for the symptoms to go away, but then ended back where he started. In November, he decided to make a serious attempt to bring his drinking under control, by cutting back gradually each week. It took effort for him to cut his drinking from 12 to 8 beer a day, and couldn't seem to cut further without unpleasant symptoms...insomnia, restlessness, etc.. This is when I did a search on the internet for information to help him. I found an article posted online 'Harvard Gazette: Kudzu cuts alcohol consumption (issue May 19th,2005) The next day, I went to an alternative health pharmacy and bought a supply of kudzu capsules. Within an hour of taking the first dose, my husband said to me he could feel the urge to drink had diminished. Over the weeks since he started the kudzu, he has cut from 8 beer to 4... effortlessly, and he feels very confidant that over the coming weeks he will be able to cut to zero. He is sleeping great, and says he hasn't felt so wonderful in years. Yesterday, he went to our YMCA to take a membership so that he can start swimming again...something he took a lot of pleasure in when he was young. Before this, I can tell you that every activity he chose to do was determined by whether he could drink at the same time! He is very grateful to have found something that has truly made it easy for him to be free of alcohol.

I would recommend reading the article I mentioned, because it cautions people about the problem with a lot of the Kudzu products being sold. We were lucky to have started with a good product 'Nature's Way', which is available here in Canada. ( I don't know to recommend in the U.S.? )  

 - Christina G


Addiction Control

It is advisable for a recovering alcoholic to go to an addiction recovery center in order to complete his or her rehabilitation.


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